Apprenticeships with Bucks Adult Learning for EATV meeting Oct 2013

Research from the National
Apprenticeship week has shown
of businesses employing apprentices agree that they
bring higher overall productivity
Research from the National
Apprenticeship week has shown
of employers who employ apprentices believe that
Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied
Research from the National
Apprenticeship week has shown
feel that Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover
Research from the National
Apprenticeship week has shown
1in 5 employers
are hiring more apprentices to help them
through the tough economic climate
Research from the National
Apprenticeship week has shown
of employers rely on their Apprenticeships programme
to provide the skilled workers that they need for the
Return on Investment
• Lower recruitment costs
• Recruit motivated, enthusiastic staff
• Grant to subsidise Apprenticeship wages
• Government funded training
• Flexible training in the workplace
• Greater productivity
• On-going support from Bucks Adult Learning
Apprenticeships – Key Facts
• 250 different types of Apprenticeships available offering over
1,400 job roles
Work-based training programmes
New and existing employees
Any age
Visited every month by an assessor
Typically take a year to complete
Lead to nationally recognised qualifications
Onward progression routes to Higher Education
Bucks Adult Learning
Apprenticeship offer includes:
• AAT (Accountancy)
• Business Administration
Some are offered at three
levels, Intermediate
• Customer Service
Apprenticeships (Level 2),
• Management
Advanced Apprenticeships
• Team Leading
(Level 3), Higher
• IT Application Specialist
Apprenticeships (Level 4)
Flexible delivery is key to us
• Technical Certificate and NVQ delivered in workplace – monthly visits
– Moodle resources
– Workbooks
• Functional Skills – Delivery at nearest Adult Learning Centre
• Added Value Learning
Away days
– Team building
– Equality and diversity
– Conflict resolution
– ‘Go Ape’ and ‘Green Park’
– BCC provide training for Apprentices – minute taking, presentation skills
Apprenticeship Eligibility
• Be employed within a relevant occupation
• Not hold a qualification at Degree level
• Be an EU citizen or resident within EU for last 3 years
• Be employed (with contract of employment) for a minimum of
30 hours per week
• Receive a minimum of £80.40 per week – based upon 30
hour week at £2.68
• National Average Apprenticeship Salary/Wage is £180 per
Steps to recruitment
Employment of Apprentices
Option 1
1. Apprentices are directly
employed by the company
2. Minimum weekly pay of £2.68
(<19 or 1st year of an
3. Company organises contract
of employment, pay etc
4. Bucks Adult Learning do the
training and manage
Option 2
1. Apprentice(s) are employed by an
external organisation (SEAC). That
removes all employment responsibility
from the company
2. SEAC manages performance,
contract of employment, pay etc.
3. Your company will pay an additional
20% of the weekly wage to SEAC for
them to manage the employment
4. Bucks Adult Learning do the training
Employer Incentive
(AGE 16 to 24)
• AGE grants are available for small to medium sized
employers recruiting 16 to 24 year olds as Apprentices
• The Apprenticeship framework training is fully government
funded for 16-18 year olds and partially funded for those
• The value of the grant is £1,500, which is aimed at assisting
eligible employers recruit their first Apprentice
Eligibility checklist for
AGE grant
Do you employ up to 1000 employees in the UK (including all
Are you an Employer who is interested in employing a young apprentice
but are not in a position to do so due to current financial constraints, or
need some financial help in taking on an apprentice?
You have not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months, whether as
a new recruit or through transferring an existing employee onto an
Apprenticeship programme?
Up to ten grants can be made to any one employer. However, the
employer must commit to the total number of apprentices they wish to
take on through the grant at the upfront agreement stage
Case Histories - Peros
Peter Goodey, Joint Managing
Director, Peros
Lauren Andrews, Customer
Relations Supervisor, Peros
‘Since the roll out of the
Apprenticeship program within our
customer service team, the benefit
has been felt two-fold. On a
personal level the individuals are
motivated about achieving their
own Apprenticeship targets and
have really enjoyed the challenge.
It has also had a positive effect on
the Peros business through more
confident, engaged and
knowledgeable staff. One of our
key aims at Peros is to offer the
scheme to a wider audience.’
‘My apprenticeship has helped me
with my confidence in progressing
as a Supervisor. It has opened up
opportunities for me to develop
my role and department. It also
gave me an insight as to why
things are done, such as job
appraisals, and has linked directly
to my new managerial roles and
Case Histories – Trinity
Nick Beevers, Practice
Jacob Webb, IT Systems
‘We considered taking an Apprentice
to provide support for my role as I
needed someone to share the IT
workload. We agreed the criteria and
Bucks Adult Learning did the rest in
promoting the role and selecting the
most suitable candidates for us to
interview. It has been a very positive
experience. We have a person who
has grown immensely over the 12
months of the Apprenticeship and has
made a positive difference in the
practice. I would definitely repeat the
process again in the future.’
‘My year as an Apprentice with
Trinity Health has been
extremely beneficial. I’ve
learned so much this year and
gained lots of really valuable
work experience that I will take
with me throughout my career. I
would definitely recommend
the Apprenticeship scheme to
any one thinking of applying as
it’s a really great way to work,
get educated and get your
career started.’
John Colet School
Coralie Perry - PA to Headteacher
‘Our Apprentice has become a valuable
member of our team in a very short period of
The recruiting process was simple and the
continuing support from the Bucks Adult
Learning assessor has been excellent.
I would like to encourage other employers to
offer apprenticeships as I feel they offer an
excellent education and provide valuable
experience for young people.’
Isabel Macbeth - Finance Apprentice
‘My Finance Apprenticeship has been very
beneficial. I now feel I have varied and
extensive accounts knowledge for someone
who has studied for just one year.
I feel it was a much better route into
accountancy as I gained experience in working
with accountants and different systems while
studying towards a respectable qualification.’
Employer Satisfaction Scores
2011/12 Bucks Adult Learning
Employer Satisfaction Survey
Bucks Adult Learning
Understanding your organisation’s training needs
Offering training and/or assessment in a flexible way to
meet your needs
Communicating clearly with you throughout the process
The professionalism of the staff delivering training and/or
How would you rate the benefits of the
training/assessment to your organisation?
 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the overall
quality of the training/assessment?
How likely would you be to recommend this training
provider to another employer seeking similar training
9.3 out
of 10
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