Susan Newman

Your missing piece
• Is your career missing something?
• Take this opportunity to become a fellow member and
benefit from our most senior membership status.
• Complete the step to FMAAT
• Illustrate that you have senior work experience,
advanced expertise and sustained professionalism.
• Fellow membership provides a visual mark of your
What is FMAAT?
Fellow membership is the highest level of AAT membership
FMAAT status
• Reflects your senior experience
• Increases recognition with employers
• Demonstrates your commitment to professional
• Instantly recognisable in the accountancy industry
“Being a fellow member confirms my
professionalism in the field of
accounting and recognises all that
I have achieved.”
Susan Newman FMAAT
Newman Accountancy Services Ltd
How to become a fellow
• Be an AAT full member for five years or more
• Have five year’s senior work experience since becoming
a member
• Nominate a professional reference
“FMAAT certainly helps when
being a member in practice.
Clients prefer to be serviced by
an accountant that is regulated
and FMAAT enables me to
promote this professionally.”
Paul Donno FMAAT
Donno & Co
• You’ll also be able to subscribe to FMAAT Plus to help
you with everyday management and leadership tasks
• FMAAT Plus is an online, content rich service offering
access to:
access to developing professional management
skills modules
the Chartered Management Institute’s resources and tools
AAT blogs
Next step
• You can complete an online application form or
download an application form at:
“Fellow membership is
recognised by various financial
institutions, supporting me in
my line of work.
It also demonstrates that I
have reached the highest level
within the association.”
Mark Nelson FMAAT
Blake and Co

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