AAT’s scheme for members in practice
• We have been regulating members working for
themselves through the scheme since 1993.
• Today, we have over 3,400 licensed members in
practice on the scheme.
• You can register on the scheme and work your
way towards becoming fully licensed.
“The AAT package for members in
practice is comprehensive and a
real help to new businesses.”
Tom Wilcox FMAAT
Counterculture Partners
Why join the scheme?
• As a member in practice, you’ll have
access to a huge range of resources to
make your business a success.
• Including….
Free unlimited access to CCH Online
providing tax and accountancy
information 24 hours a day
Our practice management toolkit
that can advise you on everything
from marketing, your website and
regulatory guidance.
The MIP Zone where you will
find resources to promote your
business, technical help and
guidance and renew your
license online.
Inclusion in our online
directory of members in
practice, where the public can
find your business details and
contact you directly
You’ll also be able to use our logo to on your
business stationery
“Being a MIP gives me access to
help and support and enables me
to offer my clients expert advice
on various topics.”
Linda Fleet MAAT
Office Solutions
Ready to be self-employed?
We have two diagnostic tests online that will
give you some feedback on where your
strengths and weaknesses are in
– Professional ethics
– Anti money laundering
Go to for more information
You can also use our self-employment guide
that will give you tips and advice on becoming
self employed through our five easy steps.
“I always had passion to work for
myself – so becoming a member
in practice was a real boost to
my career.”
Waqas Sagar MAAT
Acco Tax Ltd

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