Launching Nissan Micra using Social Media
Award winning Campaign
Best use of Social Media in PR – 2011,
Indian PR & Corporate Communication Awards
The Task
Nissan was all set to launch its new mini hatchback car
‘’The New Nissan Micra’’ in India
The Brand was present in the Indian market with the Nissan
370z, Teana & X Trail
Pre Launch
Nissan, a world leader in Automobile was relatively unknown in India
The Hatchback Car Segment was highly competitive offering great sales, service
and multiple dealer support and above all deep price benefits to the consumer
– There was a need to Create Awareness and buzz around the launch of Nissan Micra as well
as meaningfully leverage the Nissan legacy and stature as a global auto maker
– Differentiated positioning in the minds of Indian hatchback buyers by highlighting
innovative features and aggressive pricing.
– Build a communication channel with auto enthusiasts and informal bloggers / microbloggers to create a halo of ‘brand fans’
– Create a Responsive, Welcoming and Fresh social media community
Post Launch – Insight
The Indian consumer is not just price sensitive but is also quality conscious. S/He’s
looking For a good deal at a great price. The Nissan Micra was widely received with
positive [if not glowing] reviews by the auto press and media.
– There was a strong need to highlight Nissan Micra value for money and innovative and class leading features
and bring across the positive endorsement from various reviewers and industry experts
– the social media pages also became a default ‘customer servicing’ channel as new buyers logged in. The
enthusiasm for the car was such that many of these buyers had booked the car in the pre-booking stage
without ever having seen the car or taking a test drive.
Post Initial Car Delivery Phase Need
The community swelled rapidly and some of the focus was needed to be
shifted to a ‘content’ centric approach. The brand needed a ‘STORY’
– Keep Nissan Micra Brand Fans and Nissan Micra owners updated about Nissan News and
– Respond ‘Fast and Sharp’ to Nissan Micra Owners and prospective customers queries and
mitigate minor issues
A strong 370z page facebook community
(370z) was created
We leveraged the popularity and cult figure
status of the 370z to create an affinity for
Micra on Facebook
These ‘brand fans’ helped launch an
involved Nissan Micra Community on
Fans were updated about Nissan Micra Car
Information and News
Several News/ Articles & Micra Content
added by third part platforms were reposted on Facebook community
Nissan Micra stylish design & unique
features were highlighted by posting Car
Reviews and Articles
The content approach tapped into current
conversations + brand content
Eg: Pictures, Videos, Humorous cartoons, Greetings
Topical content
Competitions based on highlighting Nissan
Facts, Tagging Nissan Product pictures and
Sharing images
• E Communities – Nissan Micra was discussed in e-communities like Carwale,
IndiaCar, Autocar India, Zigwheels, AutoIndia,, etc
Personalised response to queries
Social CRM strategy was put in place to
regularly respond to Nissan Micra Car
queries and take immediate action on
consumer feedback
10,000+ Fans on Nissan Micra Facebook Fanpage in 30 days
21,000+ Fans on Nissan 370Z Facebook Fanpage in 60 days
More than 16,000 Monthly Test Drive Interest leads generation
35+ New Organic Fans added on daily basis
• More than 30% Nissan Micra Owners on Facebook Fan Page
• More than 50% Monthly Active Users on Facebook Fan page
• High number of Interaction and Post Views

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