Building PKG binaries for
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• Using FreeBSD from 2.1.5
• Using FreeBSD current
– Not using RELEASE
– Don’t ask me how to use release verson 
• Doing “make buildworld” and “make
buildkernel” everyday
#FreeBSD/#RaspberryPi SD Image
• Building private SD Image
– Building as EABI
– Installing ports/ports-mgmt/pkg at first root login
• Use my private PKG repository
IPv6 enabled
sshd enabled
Watchdog enabled
Showing ‘/’ is mounted/unmounted by LED
Change ELF info:
• “ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (FreeBSD)”
PKG binaries for
• Building PKG binaries for #FreeBSD/#RaspberryPi
on its self
– Not building at cross-compiling environemt
– Order of build is “it is need for me or not” 
– Fix local, currently not opened
– Now available about 400 packages
– Exporting /var/db/ports/
• Using crochet to build SD image
– It is merged to current
• Build more, more, more packages
• Try to create signed PKG repository
– currently, no signed, ignore cheking sign
• Open local fixes
– Send PR
• Any questions?
• Need DEMO?

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