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SBIOI | North Charleston, SC
Corporate Overview
Founded in 1984
Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)
Hispanic-Owned and Operated
Virginia SWaM Certified Business
– Founder & Chairman – John A. McEwan
– President & CEO – James S. McEwan
– Headquarters in Dulles, VA
– Office in San Diego, CA
– Program Office at Scott AFB in Fairview Heights, IL
ISO 9001:2008 Certified, UL Registered Firm
Over 35,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Space
On-Site Environmental Testing Equipment
CAGE Code: 0XXY5
Corporate Divisions
TAG consists of the following
three business divisions:
• Technology Services Group®
– Staffing Solutions & IT Services
• Tactical Systems Group™
– Tactical & Rugged IT Hardware
• American Internet Exchange®
– Colocation & Data Center Operation Services
– Also known as Amerinex®
Technology Services Group
Relevant Program experience:
– DISN Global Solutions (DGS)
– Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC)
– WHCA Program Management Support Services
– I-ASSURE Task Orders for DISA
– Naval Research Lab (NRL) INFOSEC Division
– The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) CCF
– CBP Consolidated Services Desk Support
– USGS Security Services Support
– United States Secret Service
Technology Services Group
• Relevant Functional experience:
Information Assurance (IA) - INFOSEC
Data Migration
Database Management
Help Desk
Network Security
Software Support
System Administration
- Network Management
- Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
- Network Operations Support
- Configuration Management
- Automated Information Security (AIS)
- Training Support
- Troubleshooting
- Telecommunications Systems
• Additional Systems experience:
Manufacturing and Production
Rapid Prototyping
Lifecycle Management
Installation Support
- Configuration Management (CM)
- Supply Support
- Quality Assurance
- CCE Support
Technology Services Group
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
DISN Global Solutions (DGS) Support
• Period of Performance: August 2004 – Present
TAG performs multiple functions on several task orders supporting engineering, installation, transition, implementation, and network
monitoring at DISA CONUS Scott on the DISN-CORE (GIG-BE), ESONET, ATM, IP Core, Promina, and DRSN, DISN networks.
Tags Role: Providing engineering, site surveys, hardware and software installations, testing of new and existing system/circuit connectivity
providing a highly reliable and efficient wide area network infrastructure to DISA clients.
TAG employs Network Controller/Operators Level I, II, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Operational Engineers, Multi-Service Provisioning
Platform (MSPP) Operational Engineers, Optical Digital Cross-Connect (ODXC) Operational Engineers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to
complete these tasks. A majority of this work is performed at Scott Air Force Base.
On-site TAG employees have been cited by both the Government customer and our prime contractor for outstanding performance.
Additionally, TAG employees are responsible for identifying the requirement and the creation of training programs and manuals for new
employees at DISA.
NIPRNet help desk, & Defense Message System (DMS) Network Operations Center (NOC)
NIPRNet/SIPRNet Routing Performance Report
Network Operations Support
Network Maintenance/Technical Support
Configuration/Configuration Management
Applications/ Network Monitoring Tools
Operating Systems
Networking and Other Technologies
Network Security
Technology Services Group
White House Communications Agency (WHCA) Program Management Support Services
Period of performance : July 2003 – Present
Support and Continued Development, Configuration, Integration, Implementation, and Operational Maintenance
of the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) Circuit Management System (WHCA-CMS)
Perform and document any upgrades to the Visionael software and circuit management database on WHCA’s servers.
Training Support for WHCA’s Circuit Management System (CMS).
Troubleshooting of CMS.
Develop the necessary CM objects and data definitions to correctly define WHCA network and system infrastructure objects.
System integration support to enable exchange of data between the CMS Visionael system and other WHCA systems.
Circuit validation audit. to achieve a complete understanding and validation of all circuits deployed within WHCA.
Annual Maintenance Support and Upgrade of CMS Repository.
Technology Services Group
Systems Engineering and Technical Support (SETA) to the Joint Improvised Explosive Device
Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) Counter-IED Operations Integration Center (COIC)
• Period of Performance: April 2012 – Present
The Joint IED Defeat Organization was established as a Deputy Secretary of Defense (DEPSECDEF) initiative to rapidly provide solutions to
defeat the Enemy’s IED Campaign and save service members’ lives deployed fighting insurgent networks that employ IEDs as a strategic
weapon of choice. In support of all Unified Combatant Commands (UCCs), the JIEDDO-COIC harnesses, amasses, and fuses information,
analysis, technology, interagency collaboration, and training support to enable more precise attacks to defeat violent extremist
networks. COIC also provides analytical support and enemy network information to other U.S. Government organizations, and Coalition
TAG is providing management support of operations. This includes working in close coordination with division leadership and higher
headquarters to develop and implement plans to further strategic aims. TAG personnel provide: Operational and Logistics Planning, Joint
Logistic Planning Efforts, and Senior Operational Planning, including: leading operational military planning teams and producing final decision
briefs and planning products (OPORDs, WARNORDs, & FRAGOs), supporting Field Grade officer decisions, as well as Executive level decisions.
This involves:
Operational planning
Initiative development
Unit engagements and support planning
Interagency planning
Strategic development
Why TAG?
State-of-the-art System Solution Provider
Established Capability for Rapid Product Development
including CAD Modeling, Machining Parts, Sheet Metal
Prototyping, and Quality Manufacturing of Custom
Designed Systems
Experienced Government/Military Contractor
Low Power, Small Form Factor Systems
Experienced Level-2 SAASM (Selective Availability Antispoofing Module) Integrator
Battery Powered Handheld Design Experience
Secure Facility
Manufacturing and Integration
• State-of-the-Art Facilities
Over 35,000+ of manufacturing space
Assembly line, burn-in room, EMI compliant
• Manufacturing Process
Cellular and Flow Production for the lean
manufacturing floor
PM drives requirements and schedule
Production plans
Leverages full ERP for scheduling
Every stage of assembly tracked
Quality Assurance
Multiple inspection points
24 hour burn-in at temperature
Conduct full ATP to ensure compliance
• Integration
Component identification
Vendor selection, inventory management, thermal
optimization, weight and balancing, and power and cable
Engineering Services
Engineering Process
Proven engineering process
From concept to launch
Total consideration of customer requirements
• Cost
• Timeline
• Component selection
• Environmental conditions
• Power budgets
• Software applications
• Interface with current systems
Engineering Experience
Over 25 years of experience in designing unique IT
Thermal, mechanical, electrical, and systems
engineering expertise
Rapid Prototype
Able to quickly/efficiently develop prototype
HALT/HASS testing
Reliability analysis
Tactical Systems Group
• Relevant Program experience:
- Raytheon LPD - SWAN
- Virginia Class Upgrade
- Lockheed Martin Q-70
• Relevant Functional experience:
Manufacturing and Production
Rapid Prototyping
Lifecycle Management
Quality Assurance
Test and Evaluation
- Installation Support
- Common Computing
- Environment Support
- Supply Support
- Configuration Management (CM)
Tactical Systems Group
Program: USACE – PGSS
• DoD Program of Record
• Integration of High-Precision SAASM-Based GPS into
Handheld, Rugged Tablet PC for USACE Survey Applications
Providing Centimeter-Level, Real-Time Accuracy Through use
of Correction Data
• Demonstrated RTK Accuracy
– Successful Accuracy Demonstration (November 2011)
– Test Results Endorsed by Multiple Army Program
Directorates (March 2012)
• Final Delivery of Pre-Production Systems Within 21 Months
from Contract Award (December 2012)
-> original schedule was 24 months
Tactical Systems Group
Program: US Army
• Key Points at Project Kick-off
– Low SWaP, Small-Form-Factor (SFF) System Required
• “Chalkboard Eraser” Form Factor
• Battery Powered
– System Architecture Undefined
– Video Algorithms Undefined
• Processing Requirements in Development
– Near-Term System Demo Required
• Customer Required Hardware in 3-4 Months and
TAG Delivered
• Project was completed on time, and within budget.
Tactical Systems Group
Landing Platform Dock (LPD), Shipboard Wide Area Network (SWAN) Program
In support of LPD SWAN Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), TAG
provided server and RAID equipment for integration into the Shipboard
Wide Area Network (SWAN) onboard the new LPD fleet.
SWAN servers and RAID equipment provided key network services for
communications onboard the LPD vessels. Servers supported a variety of
network based COTS software applications and services, including missioncritical services integrated with various systems aboard the ship.
Supplied products to the LPD SWAN Program
Designed 4U servers and 4U RAIDs - complying with required MIL-STDs
Delivered over 150+ custom-tailored units
Follow-up assistance for installation of components.
Developed a comprehensive database to track the status of all parts
and components.
• Custom-tailored Quality Assurance Plan (QASP) developed under TAG’s
ISO operating procedures.
• Trend analysis, failure analysis with environmental testing & simulation,
• Risk mitigation to customer.
Tactical Systems Group
Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS)
• Period of Performance: May 2007 – Present
• ISNS is a hardware and software suite supporting the shipboard network as well as other Navy Programs of
Record (POR) on the ISNS backbone (i.e. GCCS-M; DGCS-N; NTCSS)
Tags Role:
• Supply SPAWAR with ISNS servers for shipboard network
• Rugged 2U AMD platform (SV-2000-A2) supporting SAS HDD, RAID and AIT3 tape backup unit.
• TAGS SV-2000-A2 servers were shock (barge) qualified in July 2007. The
servers passed all shots and were certified 901D Grade A
• Delivered over 300 servers to date
• In process of retrofitting SATA to SAS HDD’s. Completed over 150 to date.
• Provide complete Lifecycle Management including component EOL tracking
and reporting; supply support; 24x7 technical support; configuration
management; Unique Identification (UID); Test and Evaluation Support;
Quality assurance; Installation support; Materiel Control and Program
Management Support
Tactical Systems Group
SPAWAR Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS)
Period of performance : September 1998 – Present
In support of SPAWAR System Center Charleston:
• Delivered more than 500 4U, short-depth, rugged servers in support of this
• Systems fielded on over 46 submarines
• Supplied 85+ Rugged RAID Storage Sub-Systems
• Performed 20 Contract Refurbishment (s) of Legacy Systems.
• Products certified to required MIL-STDs
• Designed a solution providing integration with a legacy rack wiring
• ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System
• Cost savings to customer
Additional TAG contract duties:
• Program Management
• Security Management
• Risk and Logistics Management
• Engineering Requirements Management
• Design Analysis
Tactical Systems Group
Lockheed Martin Q-70
• Period of performance : November 2003 – Present
In support of Q70, TAG provides:
• 2U Intel and AMD servers for ISNS, CENTRIXS-M unit level
• 4U Xeon, hot swappable and SCI to SCI Raids.
• Rugged Systems for shipboard (Submarine 688 class)
environment: designed to meet required MIL-STDs
• TAG ISO 9001:2000 certification.
• Consolidating Q70 Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for
SPAWAR/Navy programs.
• Cost savings to customer
• Lifecycle management, end-of-life (EOL) issues, risk analysis
from both compatibility and cost bases.
• TAG internal help desk 24x7 support
Rugged Servers & Workstations
TAG’s Rugged Servers and Workstations include traditional 19" rackmount servers and ultra-compact, small form factor computers that
are configured and ruggedized to meet customer requirements.
SV-2000-IX: 2U Rack-Mount Server
Featuring Intel® Xeon® Processors
SV-4000-IX: 4U Rack-Mount Server
Featuring Intel® Xeon® Processors
Rugged Servers & Workstations
SV-10-IA Mini-Brick™: 5.25”W x 1.75"H x
3.75”D Small Form Factor (SSF) Computer
Featuring an Intel® Atom® Processor
SV-20 Field-Upgradable Brick™: 8.0”W x
3.1"H x 12.5”D Small Form Factor (SSF)
Computer Featuring Intel® Core® Processors
SV-200-IC Brick™: 11.5”W x 3.5"H x 13.4”D
Small Form Factor (SSF) Computer Featuring
Intel® Core® 2 Duo Processor Module
Rugged Displays & Keyboards
TAG’s rugged LCD displays and keyboards are a high-performance,
reliable solution to maximize visualization in harsh environments. Our
LCD display and keyboard solutions are perfect for a variety of
applications where space, weight, and the environment are critical.
Custom Display Sizes, Standard & Widescreen
Formats, Single & Multiple Display Designs
Ideal for Sunlight Readability and NVIS Compliant
Night Vision Operations
Optional Weather Proof Keyboards & Pointing
Devices for Rugged Environments
Made of Heavy-Duty Aluminum for Lightweight
Durability and Corrosion Resistance
Rugged Smart Displays
TAG’s Smart Display family of rugged all-in-one Panel PCs introduces
a new era of tactical computing. Utilizing the latest in COTS
technology, our Smart Displays deliver a reliable & cost effective
solution guaranteed to survive in the toughest environments.
Available with the latest Intel® Core ® or Atom™
Family of Processors
Robust Display Sizes & Mounting Options Fit Just
About any Space
Vibration Isolated Hot-Swappable Hard Drives
Protect Against Shock & Vibration
Lightweight & Thin Designs Take up Less Space and
Increase Portability
Sealed or Air Breathing Chassis Ready for the Most
Extreme Environments
Rugged Tablets & Handhelds
TAG’s Rugged Tablet PCs and Handhelds are custom designed
specifically for tactical military operations that require precise
GPS positioning accuracy with spoofing and jamming protection.
Featuring the Cutting-Edge Intel® Atom™ Processor
Integrated Wireless Technology (GPS, WiFi, UHF)
Tested and Certified to MIL-STD-810G & MIL-STD-461
Army Ground
Dual Hot-Swappable Batteries
Quick Release & Locking Mechanisms
Optimized for Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) & Cost
American Internet Exchange®
Wireless Internet Services Provider (WISP)
Colocation & Hosting Services
New 150 Ft. Wireless Telecommunications Tower
Internet Provisioning Up-To 10Gbps Bandwidth
Secured Fiber-Optic WAN/MAN & Private Cloud
Carrier Neutral Access Points
Advanced Multiple Tier-1 Backbone Topology
Full, Half, & Quarter Colocation Packages
Remote Access & Virtualization Technologies
Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions
Raised Floors & Redundant Climate Control
Waterless Halon Fire Protection System
Customer Highlights
MCNOSC (Marine Corps Network Operations & Security Center)
Booz Allen Hamilton - US Census Bureau
John Edwards for President Campaign
Contact TAG
Mark Hite
Business Development Manager
703-889-1669 Voice
703-409-3900 Mobile
Jerry Stangohr
Sr. Business Development Manager
703-889-1630 Voice
703-615-6965 Mobile

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