FYP Student Briefing slides (Trimester 58)

Trimester 58
12 November 2014 (Wed)
8.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
MBMX 2001 (CLCR 2001)
• Computing Project (DCS5098) also known as
Final Year Project (FYP) which is an important
course in your programme.
o It is a C-List subject (min C grade to PASS).
o It is divided into Interim (Part 1) and Final (Part 2) in
TWO trimesters.
• There are two categories:
• Web-based or standalone project.
• Multimedia project.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
• When you register the subject (Trimester 60), the
Total Credit Hours including all subjects that you
had PASSED must be minimum of 50 Hours.
o Calculation of credit hours:
 NOT inclusive of “F”, “D”, “D+”, “C-” grade subjects.
 NOT inclusive of the withdrawn or barred subjects.
 NOT inclusive of MPU subjects:
Academic Writing/ Bahasa Kebangsaan
Fundamental of Islamic Leadership in Malaysia
Family Society in Malaysia
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Recommended subjects
• Highly recommended to have knowledge or have
taken these subjects:
 Web programming (IWP)
 Desktop programming (Visual Basic)
 Database (Database Systems)
 Multimedia tools (Intro. to Multimedia)
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Confirm group members, titles and
Supervisor (SV)
Week 5
Start FYP Part 1 (Interim)
Week 6 - 12
Tri 2 (2014/2015) SV checks report/prototype
Week 12
SV confirms and submits list for
End of Week 12
Interim Presentation
Week 14 (26-30 Jan)
Tri 3 (2014/2015) Industrial Training
Tri 1 (2015/2016)
Register FYP
Week 1 - 2
Continue FYP Part 2 (Final)
Week 1 - 12
Demo project to SV
Week 11/12
SV confirms and submits list for
Week 12
Final presentation
Week 14
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
• Minimum requirements are the indicator for the
supervisor (SV), panels and students to determine
o Your project is
eligible to be presented in the Final
presentation and;
o Your project is eligible to be graded as Pass.
• You are RESPONSIBLE to make sure that your
project fulfills the minimum requirements.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Web based and Standalone
• Minimum of THREE tables in the database.
• Minimum of TWO types of users.
FEATURES/USER E.g.: Customer
E.g.: Staff
1. Login
1. Login
2. Register
2. Add item ( e.g.: product,
movie, room, staff, subject, etc)
3. Edit & View profile
4) Add the important data/info for
one of the core features. Example:
3. View the important info from
one of the core features.
• View the transaction
• View order list
• View reservation/booking
Add to cart
Add booking (can book, reserve,
Add order (can order, request,
can apply leave, etc)
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Web based and Standalone
• Requirements for Interim Presentation:
o MUST have TEN prototype design/pages (NOT including front
page, feedback, contact us page)
 FIVE designs of user/customer module
• E.g.: Registration, Login, Booking/Ordering form, View menu, etc.
 FIVE designs of admin module
• E.g.: Add product, View booking, edit booking status, etc.
o This prototype should be in HTML format and preferably
connected to each other.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Web based and Standalone
• Web Development
o Software bundles: e.g.: XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP, EasyPhp,
o Server-side: E.g.: ASP, PHP, JSP and etc.
o Client-side: E.g.: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Ajax and
o Adobe Dreamweaver
 Can be used as HTML editor only
• Standalone Application
o E.g.: Visual Basic, Java, C, C++
o E.g.: (software) MS VB, JDK, Borland,
• Database
o E.g.: MS Access, MySQL (software: phpMyAdmin)
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Web based and Standalone
• NOT ALLOWED to use any code generator,
application or framework that have user interface
for user management and access level
o Eg:
ASPMaker, PHPMaker,
WordPress and etc.
• NOT ALLOWED to use any free Web templates.
• NOT ALLOWED to use:
o Adobe Dreamweaver
 Use behaviours for validate forms.
 Use code (PHP/ASP) extensions for database related
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
• Must have at least ONE PRIMARY module and THREE
SECONDARY modules excluding Splash screen, Homepage
& Contact Us/Credit page.
Primary module must have MINIMUM 15 scenes.
o Secondary module must have MINIMUM 5 scenes.
• Must have a theme or unique identity
o Standardized layout design/screen design
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
• Must have the combination of PRIMARY media elements, e.g.
animation and minimum THREE secondary media elements.
o Primary media: Animation
o Secondary media: Text, graphics, audio/ sound
• Must have at least TWO INTERACTIVITY between user and
o Gallery: images can be enlarged, zoom in and zoom out.
• Must include simple Action Scripting.
• Must publish as application format (.exe).
• Should bring all the raw materials during presentation (.fla
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
Other important notes:
• Multimedia elements (Graphics, Animations, Videos) need to
be created / edited using Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe
Premiere/Adobe After Effects or any other permitted tools
o You CANNOT directly download from the website (copyright
• For animation, you CANNOT use .gif format.
• Audio can be edited/recorded using Sony Sound Forge, MP3
Cutter, or any other permitted tools.
• Video can be edited using Adobe Premiere/Adobe After
• Originality : 70% of the multimedia elements are fresh,
original and inventive.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
Requirements for Interim Presentation:
• Must have prototype design of splash screen, homepage and
ALL topics/titles/categories.
o Must present the screenshots of each interface either by:
 Design in Photoshop for each screen OR
 Design prototype of interface for each screen in Flash.
• These screenshots should be included in the PowerPoint
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
• Storyboard
o The template is available at the FYP website.
o Storyboard can be hand drawn or digitally created using
the computer BUT must follow the storyboard template
given in the FYP website.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
• Main development platform:
o Adobe Flash
• Picture/Image editing software:
o Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
o Paint
• Other editing tools:
o Adobe After Effect (video)
o Adobe Premiere (video)
o MP3 Cutter (Sound)
o Sony Sound Forge, Audacity (Sound)
o Crazy talk (for creating avatar only)
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Project Minimum Requirements
Multimedia Project
• CANNOT use software that could generate the
application (multimedia elements) automatically.
o E.g.: Swift software, Rapid Gallery Creator
• DO NOT use any programming language to create
the core of the multimedia application
o E.g.: HTML scripts, Java, VB
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Rules and Warnings
• Each member must be involved in ALL aspects of the Project.
• It is COMPULSORY to meet/ consult Supervisor on Project
progress. This should be done on a weekly basis until the date
of your presentation.
o Show the progress of the project AND demonstrate the
prototype/final product.
o Allowed to present only if satisfy the minimum
requirements but NO guarantees to PASS.
• If Fail FYP and need to Repeat (*T&C apply) – maximum grade
is C.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Rules and Warnings
• DO BACKUP FREQUENTLY– upload, keep in your email, etc.
Any excuses such as hard disk crash, laptop was stolen,
accidentally format hard disk --- NOT ACCEPTABLE!
• You are NOT ALLOWED to change topic, change supervisor,
join another group in Trimester 1, 2015/ 2016.
• CANNOT combine Industrial Training & FYP (Part 2) in one
o This is based on Industrial Training’s rules.
• (NEW) MUST REGISTER FYP – Tri 1 2015/2016 (Final Part 2)
o If not, your name will be removed from the group.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Grading and Assessment
• FYP carries a total of 100 marks.
• Each member of the group will be graded individually.
Interim (30%)
Final (70%)
: 10%
General effort
: 10%
: 10%
: 10%
: 10%
: 10%
: 40%
FYP Briefing Tri 58
What to do? – 1st Step
• Form a group of MAXIMUM of THREE students.
• Minimum number of students per group is TWO (Not
• No individual projects is allowed.
• Please choose the right person as your members.
o Find members who can and will contribute in the overall project.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
What to do? – 2nd Step
• Choose a title and get an IT lecturer to be your
• The list of titles will be available at the CDP FYP
• Each SV will supervise between 3 and 4 groups only.
• Do not be too ambitious when choosing project titles.
• Choose a topic that you can do.
o Ask the SV what is the project about to get a better understanding
of what is required.
• The SVs will also paste the titles on their door.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
What to do? – 3rd Step
• Once you get a topic, start doing research on the
• Search similar project online to get an idea of the
project. This is done to get ideas, not to COPY.
• Start designing and developing the project.
• Start work early.
• Meet your SV on a weekly basis.
o Set a time (maybe an hour) to discuss project issues with your SV.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Industrial Linked FYP
• It is also known as partnership in industrial linked
final year project (FYP).
• Your FYP will be jointly supervised by industry
supervisor and CDP supervisor.
o Industry supervisor will identify potential projects.
o CDP supervisor to identify students for such projects.
• Students
and industry supervisor to sign an
agreement, if needed.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Industrial Linked FYP
• Industry / company supervisor:
o To monitor the progress of FYP students in Interim
AND/OR Final stage.
o To evaluate the FYP upon the accomplishment of
project development.
• Students are reminded that your project must fulfill
the minimum requirements.
o Industry supervisor’s roles and responsibilities are to
provide comments, suggestions and guidance.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
• http://cdp.mmu.edu.my/FYP/index.html
o Briefing slides (READ again)
o FYP Guidelines (IMPORTANT)
o Interim Report template
o Final Report template
o Report cover page
o Meeting Minutes template, etc.
FYP Briefing Tri 58
• If you need to clarify things related to FYP, you can
meet Ms Lim Liyen:
o Office location: FSER 3001
o Office contact number: 06-252 3218
o Email: [email protected]
FYP Briefing Tri 58
Thank You
FYP Briefing Tri 58

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