Social network for elementary schools

Social network for elementary schools
Social network for elementary schools
What is NetoKids?
NetoKids is a social network for elementary schools
offering an ideal combination of an innovative educational
environment with a safe social space
Social network for elementary schools
Built For School, Designed For Kids
Innovative Educational Environment
Advanced, Effective & Collaborative learning tools
Up-To-Date solution for schools’ pedagogical needs
Educating kids to share, exchange ideas and teamwork
Fun & Secure Social Network
Direct & Instant communication for the school community
Kids create and deepen social connections
Encouraging kids to stand out, to lead and stay involved
Social network for elementary schools
The Ideal Combination
Social learning improves student achievements
Gamified environment increases the motivation to learn
Carry out all of the educational and learning activities
A single novel, up-to-date solution for schools & students
Social network for elementary schools
Pedagogy on NetoKids
NetoKids helps promote national and local programs for
incorporating state-of-the-art technology into the classroom to
help prepare students to thrive in a globally connected world
Meaningful Learning
21st-Century Skills
24x7 Learning
Improving School Climate
Life Skills
Using Social Networks
Social Skills
Digital Footprint Reduction
Social network for elementary schools
One-Stop-Shop for Schools
Anytime, Anywhere
Parental Involvement
Unique Cloud Solution
Educational Activities Pool
User-Friendly Interface
No Outsiders or Impersonators
Multilingual Support
Reliable, Fast, no Maintenance
Social network for elementary schools
Safe Place for Kids
At NetoKids, protecting children and keeping them safe is
our highest priority. Registration is only possible through the
school and all the activities are supervised by parents,
teachers and by additional safety measures
Social network for elementary schools
Knowledge Management
NetoKids is the perfect place for content creation & discovery.
Teachers can create, educational contents, share with their
network, discover and use other teachers content and
conduct collaborative learning
Social network for elementary schools
NetoKids intro
Social network for elementary schools
Full Support for Schools
NetoKids support and guide teachers during the sign up
process and the ongoing activities on the platform by:
Tech-Pedagogical Consultant
Online Walkthrough & Guidance
Intro tasks & Real time support
Social & Educational Activities pool
Social network for elementary schools
“Users Stories”
“We are very happy with the results since we started
using this protected social network. It has reduced
activity on Facebook and verbal violence in general.
The parents are very thankful”
Michal, School Principal
"Thanks for this network! It's one of the greatest
things that anyone has ever done for me!!"
Yuval, 5th Grade
"It's a lovely network that develops our children's
computer skills. The updates, the photos and even
the chatting create diverse social interactions"
Simone, mother of
a 4th grader

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