PowerPoint - Health PAC

September 22nd Pre-Dental Club
Featured Topic- Pre-Dental Student Panel
Pre-Dental Club Officers
Co-Presidents- Bailey Fountain- [email protected]
David Morrison- [email protected]
Vice-President- Julia Khatibzadeh- [email protected]
Website Coordinator- Julia Khatibzadeh- [email protected]
PACK Smiles Coordinator- Mark Russell- [email protected]
Serive Coordinator- Emma Johnson- [email protected]
Donations Coordinator- Leah Anderson- [email protected]
Reporter- Emily Nabut- [email protected]
Recorder- Jenna Freda- [email protected]
Pre-Dental Club Advisor
Dr. Miriam Ferzli- [email protected]
Dr. Charles Ferzli
Address: 1150 NW Maynard Rd. #120
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 919-462-3350
Pre-Health Club and Health PAC
Pre-Health Club Registration
● https://docs.google.com/a/ncsu.edu/forms/d/1loOfvLrMFpLtsS2QS8419gru_1CL
● $15.00 fee
o Cash- envelope with labeled with Pre-Health Club Dues, Name, Student
ID Number and Interest Group
o Check- Make out to NC State Pre-Health Club
Name, Student ID Number and Interest Group on memo line
Health PAC
● https://foliofiler.dasa.ncsu.edu/login
● Fill out the “Data Sheet”
● Utilize the “Portfolio” to document your accomplisments and experiences as you
progress through your college career
● The Health PAC Review Committee is one of the Most Respected pre-health
review committess in the Nation (Make The Most of It!!!)
NCSU Volunteer
● PACK Smiles- February 2015
● Nutrition NUTS- Spring 2015
● NCMOM Clinics
● Kill Devil Hills- October 24-25
o Dare County Parks and Recreation Center 602 Mustian Street
● Winston Salem- November 14-15
o The Education Building at the Fairgrounds 421 W 27th Street
● Jake Laxer will send out a sign up email a few weeks before both each
clinic. Sign up is on a first come first serve basis (spots are limited). Do
Not Sign Up Unless you know that you can volunteer for the Entire Day!
UNC Chapel Hill- SNDA CAARE Clinic
Hello all! The SNDA CAARE Clinic schedule and volunteer sign-ups are now available for you. Please visit the
website http://www.uncsnda.com/caare-clinic/ , go to the volunteer tab, and log-in with password
“earlybird2014”. Once logged in please sign up for only ONE date until further notice. Eventually you will be
able to sign up to volunteer on other dates, but please wait until we open the schedule for that. If you sign-up
for a particular date you are expected to be in attendance, and if for some reason you are unable to volunteer in
the clinic for that night, you must notify us and find someone to replace you. There will be a power point
presentation online at this website and you are expected to review that powerpoint to allow you to familiarize
yourself with the clinic prior to arriving on your scheduled date. Please only sign up in the "Pre-Dental" section
beside your respective school. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Tayla Cunningham
UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry
D.D.S. c/o 2016
SNDA Vice President
SNDA CAARE Clinic Site Coordinator
[email protected]
UNC SNDA Impressions Program
• Interested in dentistry? Want to know more about the UNC School of Dentistry? How to strengthen
your application? How to strengthen your personal statement? Come out to the Impressions
Program Saturday, October 25th!
• Each semester, the UNC Chapter of the Student National Dental Association holds its key event, the
Impression Program. Pre-dental students from across the state and out of state are invited for a full
day of hearing from admissions at the UNC School of Dentistry, a DAT prep session presented by
Kaplan, a lab activity, mock interviews, and a chance to hear current dental student’s perspective
about their experiences. You can register online and get more information
at www.uncsnda.com/impressions. Please see the attached flyer for more detailed information. We
hope to see you there!
• If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
Global Dental Brigades
The purpose of this organization is to mobilize Pre-dental university
and dental professionals through the skill-based service program in
resourced communities.
Dental Service Trip to Panama: May 9th,2015 to May 15th, 2015
First Interest Meeting: Monday September 29th, 2015 (the location TBA)
Please contact [email protected] for further questions or
Dental School Tours
● UNC Chapel Hill- Fall 2014
o Friday, October 3rd- Thank you to everyone who signed up for the tour!
o The deadline to sign up has been extended to MONDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd
@ MIDNIGHT (See link below)
o Be on the lookout for an email regarding carpool arrangements for the tour
● East Carolina- Spring 2015
o The tour will be held on January 9th (Time TBD)
o The tour signup will take place in November after registration for Spring 2015
classes has taken place
UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry Survey
“Survey Regarding Pre-Dental Student’s Knowledge of
Specialty Training in Dentistry (Prosthodontics)”
● Easy PHC Point Opportunity!
● Survey takes only 10 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous
● Email screenshot of survey confirmation after completing survey to CJ
Tikvart ([email protected]) to receive PHC point
● Be on the lookout for an email with the survery link
Delta Delta Sigma Pre-Dental Honor Society
In Order to Apply
● Must have sophomore status (30 credits)
● Have at least a 3.5 GPA
During Pledge Semester
● Accumulate 12 PHC points
● Submit an application for review (due at the October 20th DDS Meeting
[Bostian 2722 5:45-6:45 pm])
● Participate in at least one of two service projects
● Participate in at least two of three social events
● Attend and stay for the duration of all DDS and Pre-Dental Club meetings
Weekly Dental News!
Why Bother?
-Staying updated on research and current debates in your dental community not only
gives you an edge when networking, it allows you to broaden your interests and get a full
perspective on the dental industry as a whole.
-Research is changing daily; in a competitive dental school setting, those who are
involved, knowledgeable, and opinionated may appear as a stronger applicant.
-“Hot Topics on the Press” includes new research findings, proposals, and
- “In Our Community” includes upcoming free clinics needing volunteers, events
scheduled with or BTG chapter of ASDA, and Health PAC related opportunities.
Curious or Have Suggestions?
-This is the first year we have this position so if there are any suggestions for
content please let me know! I will be happy to research a topic of interest and include it
in the next weeks email. [email protected]
Words To Live By
“If Your Dreams Do Not
Scare You, Then They Are
Not Big Enough!”
Date- Monday, October 20th
Location- Bostian 2722
Time- 7:00-8:00 pm
Everyone is also invited to attend the next DDS Honor Society meeting (topic- Tackling
The DAT) which is held right before Pre-Dental Club meeting s in Bostian 2722 (5:45
6:45 pm)
Pre-Dental Student Panel
Sophomore- Julia Khatibzadeh
Junior- Jake Laxer
Senior who is applying- Mark Russell
Senior who is taking a glide year- Emily

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