Q3, 2013
Faculty In-Service
David Taylor
Best Practices - Overview
• Who came up with these “best practices”?
– AIU online faculty from English, Math, UNIV, IT, CJ, etc.
– Research studies on adaptive learning, e.g.,
• “New Research Validates Effectiveness of Adaptive
Learning,” EmergingEdTech, August 2013.
• What should you do with this information?
– Implement those in the “required” category
– Try out the others, develop your own, stay in the
feedback loop as you are today
Best Practices - Preparation
• Faculty Training: YouTube Videos
– Phase 1 (student interface)
– Phase 2 (faculty interface)
• Faculty Training: Adobe Chat Archives
– All training sessions, all archives download from file
share pod
• Faculty Training: Sandbox
– Download from file share pod
Best Practices - Orientation
• Pre-Session Announcement
– Download from file share pod
• Student Orientation Videos
– Linked in pre-session announcement
– Step-by-Step Guide:
– Student FAQs:
• Adobe Chat PPT Orientation
– Download from file share pod
Best Practices – Repeat Messaging
• Advertising’s “Rule of 7”
– How many impressions do our online students need?
• What should I repeat?
– Daily reminder set (file share pod)
• Completion = Knowledge
– “5 Secrets to intelliPath Success” (file share pod)
• Role of Determine Knowledge
• Mastery Learning Techniques
– repeat testing
– unlimited time
– open-book, “cheat sheets”
Best Practices – Social Collaboration
• Why this social aspect?
Rather than the instructor simply disseminating information
one-way, students can interact with each other through pairing
and online study boards. Most of all, these isolated online
students can receive support & encouragement from each other.
• What is the Achilles Heel of online education?
“The single most important barrier to students learning online is
the lack of social interaction.” Muilenburg & Berge (2005). Journal
of Distance Education.
Best Practices – Social Collaboration
• How to set up a voluntary intelliPath support
topic for each week’s DB.

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