Payroll Staff EMIS 2013 Period N

Global view:
Tool for gathering data
Basis for distribution of funds to districts
Several components: Student & Staff
Tool for comparing effectiveness of district
to other districts
Tool for informing public about each district
(District and individual report cards)
Not just a dirty four letter word
Entire district is responsible for the
accuracy in EMIS reporting, inclusive
of payroll personnel.
If you remember the Global view you
then understand what an important
role payroll plays in EMIS reporting.
Data collection method has recently changed
Data for EMIS reporting is now pulled
DIRECTLY from USPS (state software)
Non-state software users have had to update
the file they submit to the state
How districts are being funded has
changed and increased the information that now
needs to be collected and reported
Can no longer ignore EMIS fields/elements to
be reported
Paychecks can be created without all the EMIS
information in, but eventually all Staff EMIS
information must be reported FROM the
payroll file……how does info get into the file?
Lack of EMIS knowledge/input of the payroll
personnel is no longer a good option for the
district – the payroll job is changing
Communication is the key
DO not make assumptions
◦ Replacement of personnel has same info as previous employee
◦ ASK questions and seek clarification
Now that you are aware of the importance of the
information – make a plan/procedure
Incorporate any viable tools available
Keep your superiors informed of missing data
EMIS manual Chapter 3 in your possession
Employee Information Sheet
District EMIS Responsibilities
Found at:
Which Staff Do I Report?
Individuals employed by the reporting entity
Individuals or companies contracted by the school district for duties
normally performed by school district personnel (e.g., bus drivers, food
service staff, and special education therapists).
Individuals who were employed during the current school year but who
left prior to June 30th.
Individuals who are on leaves of absence.
Substitutes who become the “teacher of record.”
Individuals employed during the previous reporting period (October –
Period K), who are no longer employed,
Found in ODE EMIS Manual 3-1
Staff Records Overview
Who is Not Reported?
Daily (as needed) substitutes
Student employees
Board of education members
Adult education teachers
Game officials, ticket takers
Part-time help
Volunteers serving in the district
Found in ODE EMIS Manual 3-1
Staff Records Overview
EMIS Staff Checklist – June Reporting
Use a checklist whenever possible
Completion Date
EMIS Staff Checklist - Yearend
Review Chapter 3 of the most recent EMIS Guide (FY13) to look for any
changes to reporting.
Enter separation reason and date for any staff you know will be leaving employment
even if it is for FY13
Continue to enter these dates as you are made aware of them.
Run the USPCHG routines options:
EMIS Reporting Period
Summer Separation
• Only separation dates after the last day of school will
be counted as summer separation.
•A separation date & separation reason must be
reported on ALL jobs for that staff member.
•There can be NO attendance days in the current year.
•Position status on POSSCN screen set to “U”.
•Leave “Report to EMIS” flag set to “Y”.
NOTE: For yearend (June N reporting), set the
EMIS flag on the BIOSCN & JOBSCN to “N”. Do
NOT do this until October reporting is complete.
“C”(Current) vs “U” (Summer Separation)
U - No longer employed by district in this position should only
be reported if a staff member has not been employed by the
district this year and will have no attendance information to be
reported during yearend reporting. If a staff member starts the
year and later leaves the district, leave the Position Status
element value set to the value that represents the last status in
the position and complete the Position Separation Reason and
Position Separation Date for this staff member.
C - Current position in the district.
*NOTE: If staff starts the year & leaves, report separation date &
reason AND report at Yearend. Do not change status & do not turn
off EMIS reportable flag.
Authorized Years vs Total Years
Authorized = total years of authorized teaching experience as
a regular or substitute in an elementary or secondary
instruction for at least 120 days in a regular school year
(ending June 30). Does not include teaching at a college,
university, or related institution.
Total = total number of years of ALL certificated educational
service (authorized & non-authorized). Maximum is 40
years. Must be greater than or equal to the authorized years
of experience.
data initially evaluated on its own merit
Validation is against student records
Certification to teach class assigned
 Assignment area in alignment with position
is the Key
ODE>DATA>EMIS>Certification & Licensure Search
Educator Search
ODE’s Main Page
Certificate # must match
between USPS & EMIS
Educator Credentials
Certification and Licensure Dictionary
Example of Dictionary
Validation Reports
ODE>Data>EMIS> FY12 EMIS Validation and Report Explanation Documentation
Plus ODE EMIS Reports on the Web
EMIS Reports on the Web
Our apologies to non-USPS users
2nd Time
1. Run report for
Employee Reportable
2. Exclude
Supplementals = Y
3. Check & Correct errors
1. Run report for
Employee Reportable to
2. Exclude Supplementals
3. Check & Correct errors
Check these lists for anyone who
should not be on the list.
Rerun until all errors are
USPS web
Employee Query
Employee Details
EMIS Entry Screen
Staff Demographic
**In Modify Mode, Read Only fields will
display, but cannot be changed.
use either
CJ Record
Contractor Staff Employment
A Contractor Staff Employment Record (CJ) is required to
be reported by each contractor for each staff member
providing services or teaching a course.
Districts which house an ESC Unit and use their staff to
teach ESC students should report a CJ record for that staff
Sending district would code course to reflect relationship.
The CJ record would be added in USPSWEB
Steps to add CJ Record in USPSweb
Input name into the employee query fields.
Hit Search.
Click on the blue link for the name to open
Employee Details Screen.
Click on EMIS>EMIS Entry Screen
Click on Contractor (CJ) – Add New CJ Record
Add details & Accept.
Contract Only Staff Record (CC)
This record is used to report contracted staff from
a non-EMIS reporting entity. These records are
reported by the employing entity.
Examples include:
-Transportation (Laidlaw, Community Busing, etc)
-Food Services (Nutrition)
-Custodial Services
Steps to add Contract Only Staff Record
1. Click on EMIS>Contracts (CC).
2. Click on ADD.
3. Add details & click “Accept”.
If your district is reporting a CJ or CC record,
USPEMX must be run to create the file that pulls
the information together for SIF (EMISr) Data
That file will need to be transferred into SIF
(EMISr) as a flat file for proper reporting.

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