Pre-Airshow Powerpoint -

The North Fraser Airshow Society is providing the Airshow at the
Pitt Meadows Airport from 11am to 2pm
(in conjunction with airport day which runs from 10am-4pm)
Mission Statement:
To promote airshows for the purpose of
entertainment and education, while energizing
the local economy and tourism;
To support local organizations in their
To promote general aviation interests in the
community; and
To provide scholarships to deserving individuals
in their quest to have a career in aviation and
related industries.
Erissa Yong – Pilot, Re/Max Real Estate Agent
Teena Della – Pilot, Secondary School Teacher
Kris Grasty – Air Cadet SSC, CME Mortgage Expert
Jeremiah Tiu Lim – Barnet Lions, Sales
Trevor Sandwell – Airport Society, Expedia Travel Agent
Highlight our local airport
Promote economic growth in our community
With growth comes career potential and
opportunities for our youth
Also a Gold Donor, in kind, with the donation of our wing walker, Carol Pilon!
Mark Miller
Teena Della, Erissa Yong, Sharon Janson, Nick Johnsson, Dave Wilson
Barnet Lions Club
Colin Bailey; Peter Hughes; George Erschbaumer; Neil Iven; Steven Wong;
David Kruse; Jeremiah Tiu Lim; W&S Davies; E&P Hayward; Martin Abresch;
Barry Murphy
Air Cadets: tent, meet and greet with aerobatic
Aerobatic ride for a lucky cadet
Youth Scholarships (next slide)
For more information, go to our
or like us on Facebook. 
Feel free to join us on this worthwhile

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