12/1/2014 - New Mexico State Agency on Aging

Barbara J. Romero, Capital Outlay Coordinator
Dolores Gonzales, Non-Metro AAA Special Projects Manager
2015 Proposed
Capital Outlay Requests
Code Compliance-Renovation
$ 1,151,007
Critical & High
$ 1,227,941
Critical & High
Meals Equipment
Critical & High
Other Renovation
$ 1,059,979
Critical & High
Other Equipment
Critical & High
New Construction /
Major Addition
Critical & High
$ 11,070,380
Upcoming 2015 Legislative
December 15, 2014 - January 16 Legislation may be pre-filed
January 20 Opening day (noon)
February 19 Deadline for introduction
March 21 Session ends (noon)
April 10 Legislation not acted upon by governor is pocket vetoed
June 19 Effective date of legislation not a general appropriation bill
or a bill carrying an emergency clause or other specified date
 2015 Requests for new construction/major renovation must be
supported by your local legislator and the request submitted by
General Obligation Bonds
Severance Tax Bonds
 Severance Tax Bond - A tax imposed by a state on the extraction of
natural resources, such as oil, coal, or gas, that will be used in other states.
(2015 request will be available 7/1/2015)
 Obligation bond – General obligation bonds are used by states and
local governments to raise money for community projects, such as schools,
roads and parks. Investors pay money to the government issuing the bonds,
who in turn agree to make interest payments and repay the principal
amount. Governments that issue general obligation bonds pledge to use all
their resources, including their taxing power to pay principal and interest
on the bonds. Investors who receive interest payments from general
obligation bonds and other municipals bonds aren't required to pay federal
income tax on that interest
(2016 request will be available after Spring 2017 Sale and pending EO
Revised Forms
 The revised application has been developed.
 New changes were incorporated after review of
the 2015 applications which identified some
weaknesses in the forms
 Forms will be released 12/1/2014 available at
 The process requires the involvement of the local
government, as fiscal agent, and the provider.
 Inclusion of an asset management tool for
vehicles, equipment and facility
Forms continued
 A transparent rating and ranking process
 Greater scrutiny by DFA and LFC
 Provide for better communication between
provider and local governments
 Fillable form
 User friendly
 Availability of the forms online
Training dates for
2016 Capital Outlay Application
 Release of Request Package
 ABQ / ANTS Training
 Las Vegas Senior Center
 Twin Lakes Senior Center
 Grant County Conference Ctr.
 DFA Red Room 2nd floor
 Artesia Senior center
12/3 – 12/4/2014
1/13 /2015
Preparation for Application
 2016 is an General Obligation Bond year
 Capital Outlay Request Package (new application)
 Note deadlines for submission of Capital Outlay
Request Packages
 Tools:
 Asset Management Planning
 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan
 On-going Facility, Equipment & Vehicle Assessments
 Training/Technical Assistance (regional) AAA’s &
 Application review team
2016 Capital Outlay Request
 Basic Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . 4-7
 A-1: New Construction/Major Renovation/Code Compliance/Other
Renovation Request Form . . .>>…………………………………… 8-10
 A-2: Meals Equipment/Other Equipment Request Form . . . . . . 11-12
 A-3: Vehicle Request Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . 13-15
Required Capital Outlay Forms & Attachments:
CO Form 1: Equipment Inventory Inspection Checklist
CO Form 2: Vehicle Inventory Inspection Checklist
CO Form 3: Facility & Equipment Inspection Checklist
Asset Management Training Documents
Basic Application Purpose
 Developed for the Department and the AAA to gather
important information about each facility, including;
ownership, condition of the facility, operation and
maintenance, types of services provided, capital assets,
funding sources, staff, documented repairs, uses, size and
location as well as any other impertinent information that
would provide insight as to the future capital outlay needs of
the facility.
** complete 1 basic application per facility
Application conditions
 The land or property for the facility should already
be acquired and owned by the local government to
be eligible to proceed with application for funding
 Copy of lease / operating agreement
 Plan and design ( although it is an eligible funding
category, it is recommended that the plan and design
be completed with other funds prior to submission
of application for new construction through Aging
and Long Term Services).
Application requirements
 Answer all questions no blanks give a n/a and provide
justification at a minimum
 Include any additional details if you feel that the yes or no
would not capture the need, or urgency of the project
 Include any details to document the efforts on the
applicant part towards the project
 If you cannot provide a detailed scope of work and the
justification then we cannot determine the need of the
 Can you provide supporting documentation (quotes,
bids, plans and specs, cost estimates, letters of support,
ownership, match or leverage documents etc,…..
Where do I start?
Have you received public input?
Do you have local support?
Have you or another source conducted an assessment?
Has this project been considered for inclusion on ICIP?
Do you have additional funding available?
Have you exhausted all other sources? (NMDOT 5310 program,
CDBG, NMFA planning)
 Have you completed the CO Forms?
 Do you have budget to support the project? (ie, utilities,
staffing, transition costs)
 Who should be involved in the preparation of the application?
 At what phase am I in the project?
Application Categories
A-1 New Construction/Major Renovation/Code
Compliance/Other Renovation Request Form
(application pages 8-10)
 New Construction – includes constructing a new facility, increasing the
size of a facility by more than 35% of its footprint, and demolishing or
reconstructing more than 35% of the exterior walls or structural
membrane of a facility; construction costs $200,000 or more.
 Code Compliance – complying with regulations regarding land use,
zoning ordinances, health and housing codes, uniform building and fire
codes, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
 Renovation Other – restoring a current facility to an earlier condition by
repairing or remodeling; renovation costs less than $200,000.
 Plan and Design – to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a
work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of a new
facility or major renovation
The 3 most important things
you must know!
 Facility Data
 Uses
 Operation & Maintenance
Things to consider
What is the need? Justify
Is the facility sufficient in size?
Is the facility code compliant?
Is the facility in disrepair?
Is the facility not functional for the needs of the seniors?
Is it an urgent issue?(risk to senior)
Is there a plan for operating and maintenance?
Support from the community and the governing body.
Able to provide a scope of work?
Application Categories
A-2 Meals Equipment/Other Equipment Request
Form (application pages 11-12)
Purchasing Meals Equipment: machinery,
apparatus, components and any other articles for
use in preparing, cooking and serving food
Purchasing Other Equipment: machinery,
apparatus, components and any other articles to
make an action, operation, or activity easier or to
serve a particular purpose
Things to consider
What is the need? Justify
Have you sought other funding sources first?
Can program $$ be used to purchase item?
Is the equipment sufficient for facility use?
Does the equipment meet safety standards?
Is the equipment in disrepair?
Is the facility conducting routine maintenance
Is it an urgent issue?(risk to senior)
Is there a plan for repair and maintenance?
Will this new item enhance the services provided
Able to provide a scope of work?
** $5K threshold**
Application Categories
A-3 Vehicle Request Form
(application pages 13-15)
Purchasing Vehicles: for transporting people or
goods (such as home-delivered meals).
 At least 50% of vehicles in a fleet must be
accessible for persons with disabilities.
 All applications must identify any requested
vehicle(s) that replace an existing vehicle(s) on the
inventory list
Things to consider
What is the need? Justify
Have you sought other funding sources first?
Is the vehicle non-operable or require extensive repair?
Is the vehicle past the useful life
Is the vehicle maintained properly according to warranty
Is it an urgent issue?(risk to senior)
Are there specific handicap requirements for the vehicle?
Is this a new vehicle? Justify need
Will this new item enhance the services provided
Able to provide a scope of work?
Project Prioritization
Project Prioritization System (possible 100 points)
 1
 2
 3
 4
 5
 6
 7
 8
Certification (5 points)
Compliance with Executive Order 2013-006 (10 or 0 points)
Description and Need-extent to which the project is needed. (up to 25
Planning applicant must provide schematic designs or plans for proposed
construction, renovation or improvement projects; applicant must
document quotes for equipment requests. (10 or 0 points)
Feasibility, Readiness to Proceed (up to 20 points)
Cost Benefit-number of direct beneficiaries (5 points)
applicant has adopted a local ICIP (published) prior to the application (10
Asset Management List (up to 15 points)
Capital Outlay Application
Rating and Ranking Process
April Deadline
ALTSD presents
Funding Documents to
Program Advisory
ALTSD submits final
request to DFA for
inclusion in the State
Agency ICIP
Project Review, Rate
and Rank Proposed
ALTSD prepares Capital
Recommendations for
Cabinet Secretary
AAA’s Project Review
Team submit
recommendations to
ALTSD finalizes

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