AAA New Brand Identity - Ateneo Alumni Association

AAA New Brand Identity
2010 & Beyond
A brand is a person’s GUT feeling
about a product or service
or company. It is not what YOU say
it is. It is what THEY say it is.
• The AAA is 100 years old, never formally launched
• Per Research, AAA has image problems (perceived as being
“all over the place”)
• Finally getting its act together (easier said than done, given
other similar groups on campus that complicates the picture)
• Too many logos through the years – too confusing
• Dire need for a clear strategic direction to define and clearly
communicate AAA’s reason for being and its new, improved
brand character, which should eventually result in
continuously attracting more members
The AAA’s Reason for Being:
• To be of service to the Ateneo alumni
(regardless of age, sex, calling or creed,
wherever they may be) for the purpose of
uplifting their personal and professional lives.
The Challenge:
Creating the new brand identity for the AAA that
should be:
• meaningful and relevant
• contemporary but timeless
• distinctive and highly innovative,
reflecting the big change of the
Presenting the new AAA Brand ID…
Here’s how it translates in living color…
a) Eagle – the officers and committee members
unanimously opted for the Philippine Eagle so it’s
slightly distinct from the school’s traditional
American Eagle yet related to it
b) The color Blue – while the eagle is predominantly
blue, the treatment features other shades of blue
which should subliminally represent the school’s
female target audience
c) AAA – typeface shows the association solidly
standing on its feet, the letters laid out to give an
illusion of oneness through time. It works in perfect
synergy with the Ateneo official typeface.
One short, meaningful and memorable phrase as
inspired by our song. A promise of loyalty and
service to fellow Ateneans, guided by our
faithfulness to Mary. Every Atenean knows these
words by heart. Like Win or lose it’s the school
we choose, This is the place where we belong.
Words that never fail to evoke rich visual mental
images linked with the Ateneo spirit, timeless and
Brand ID – Logo & Tagline as one:
As powerful and attractive as a royal crest or coat of arms, the
new AAA brand ID carries with it a distinctiveness that goes
with the premium image of the Ateneo.
The Brand ID application on stationery and other applications
has to be as distinctive, innovative and unexpected, not runof-the-mill.
After all, the Ateneo name, rich with brand equity, is one of a
Brand ID Applications - Stationery
Name Card & Envelope
Now imagine how the new AAA
Brand ID will look like on
collaterals like t-shirts, jackets,
caps, visors, umbrellas, mugs, key
chains, the possibilities are endless,
the excitement will go on and on…
rekindling, for always, the Ateneo
Collaterals with new logo
Collaterals with new logo
Collaterals with new logo
Collaterals with new logo
Collaterals with new logo
Now let’s fly!
And fly high!!!
Thank you.

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