GP2013 R2

GP2013 (R2)
New features in GP2013 (R2)
New Ribbon for windows
• Edit List is the Print button on the
right without the paper background
• Action pane can be changed in
User Preferences
• The User and Company show on
the window
Same functions as before
‘Add Note’ is for the window not the
<Right Click> instead of Edit from menu
Financial module
Copy and Paste from Excel to a general journal entry
Excel format
Acct Description
Not required, can be blank
GL Account
“0” or blank
GL Account
“0” or blank
1. Your Excel file must have 4 columns but the first is not
required to contain data.
2. Do not copy the header row (title is not important) but do copy
all 4 columns even if the first column is blank
3. Place your cursor in the Account field before clicking Paste
GL Transaction Paste Validation Report
Option to open a closed fiscal year
• Dynamics GP has always allowed posting to the most recently
closed year if fiscal period open.
• Ex. Could open 2013 and make a posting to 2012
• The year end closing journal entry will be deleted not voided
• Please contact EWS as all users are required to be out of Dynamics
GP, backups are required and a system reconciliation completed
Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report
Reconcile bank statement with no transactions
• You can now reconcile a bank statement without marking off
any transactions as long as it still shows a zero difference
• Updates the Last Reconciled Date in the checkbook window
• For checkbooks that are rarely used but want to reconcile so
the last reconciled date is current
• Set default sort for check printing
• GP>Tools>Setup>Purchasing>Payables
Payment number
Zip Code
Void a range of checks
Vendor ID is not required to void a check,
similar to the functionality before GP2013
Not required but
still bold/red
Document Attach
Document Attachment Setup
• Stores the attachments in the company database (unlimited
• Microsoft Dynamics GP OLE Object Migration utility
• Ability to delete attachments based on a date range
• Security needs to be added to the windows
Available on multiple windows
The Note window will open and the paperclip button opens the
Document Attachment Management window
Attach button in GP ribbon
Active Tab
• Preview button-Will open the document for the user to preview
• Scan button-Able to scan the document directly into DGP
• Attach button-Browse to a document and attach it to the window
Deleted tab
Tracking of document
with expansion arrow
Take Company Offline
• Individual companies can be
taken offline
• Users already logged in are
NOT removed by taking
company offline
• The Current Users link will
show total logins, which users
are in, and allow removal of
those logins
• A custom message can be
typed for users attempting to
access an offline company
Send Message
Popup when close company
Choose users to receive message
User Activity window
Users can be removed from the company by highlighting them
and clicking Delete
Set single user with offline access
Login dropdown shows “Offline”
Message if attempt to login
Users with access to offline company
Users with security and permissions (User setup for access,
powerusers, sysadmin SQL server role) can still access
Fixed Assets
• Default the Asset ID from the Asset Class
Smartlist Designer
• Able to copy existing SmartList
• Add Movers Suite fields to SmartLists (Order number, branch,
salesperson etc…)
• Connect SmartList to a view (Auto Link doesn’t work because
no PriKey on a view)
• Create relationships between
tables and views
• Add Filters to restrict the data
• Preview pane to see results
• SQL Query tab to show script
<New> to copy existing
<Go To> Allows shortcut to windows
Existing Go To windows default when build
from existing SmartList
<Create Go To>
Add your own Go To and set a Default
Add Navigation list
Give it a name and select item
GP will switch to the Navigation item,
Internet will open to web page, etc…
• User Type ‘Full’ or ‘Limited’
Limited Users
• Inquiry
• Reports
• SmartList
• Navigation lists
• Not able to access windows that update data
Limited Users cannot have Poweruser role
Warning will come up when trying to
change their User Type
Security Task window
Users can send reports as Word doc
• If not using Web client will need to create a template and
contact EWS to activate
• Once report is printed using the template option once it is then
available to be Emailed as .docx
• Change the Report Type to Template to create a template
<Email Options> button
File format radio button to DOCX and enter
Email addresses (connected to Outlook)
Word document sample
• Thank you for attending!

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