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Browser Client
Solutions Summit 2014
Kaki Wynn
Browser Client Enhancements
• Reconciliations
• Risk Assessment
• Process Manager
• Journal Entries on non-transactional data
• Amortization/Depreciation
• Linking Transactions
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Reconcile your Entire Balance Sheet with an
Array of Customizable Templates
• In addition to GL / Independent Source, Balance Comparison and Balance Verification Templates, the
Web Client offers these enhanced Templates:
• Balance to Detail Comparison - This template is intended for same sign reconciliations where the balances
from both sources are compared. Balances can be imported or calculated. This template is useful for
accounts like GL to Subledger or accounts that have the sub as a spreadsheet.
• Roll Forward - This template verifies that an opening account balance, plus and minus the activity for a
fiscal period equals a closing account balance. This template is commonly used for fixed assets, equity,
investments, and accounts receivable.
• Roll Forward with Independent Source
• GL to Independent Source/Balance Progression - Similar to the GL/Independent Source Template, this
template is intended for reconciliations that involve reconciling two or more sources of data, and bringing
the balances into balance.
• Balance Change Analysis - This template is used to analyze and substantiate the change in the GL account
balance from the beginning to the end of the fiscal period. The common uses for this template are fixed
assets, equity, investments and accounts receivable.
• Budget - This template is used to calculate and reconcile budgetary numbers, with a review and approval
process similar to other GL reconciliations.
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Who Doesn’t need Options when it comes to
Automated Account Assignment
Alignment of Linked Transactions
Alignment of Transactions Under
Like Balances
• Carry Forward of Attachments and
• Variable Due Dates
• Balance Update Security
Interactive Comments
Time Tracking
Title Templates
Entry of Account Description
Directly on Recon
• Retention of User Reference Fields
as of Recon Date
• Purge Workflow Generated Recons
• Override Recon Completion Status
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Risk Assessment
Don’t Roll the Dice with your Financial Health
• The T-Recs Enterprise Risk Assessment feature allows organizations
to manage and monitor high-risk accounts throughout their
organization. Account assessments automatically are made based on
organizational policies. Flexible rules allow the solution to be
configured to address unique organizational risk management
methodologies and compliance regulations. Escalation alerts provide
the timely information required in order to respond quickly. This
feature provides powerful support that managers and auditors need
in today’s complex business environment.
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Process Manager
Expedites the close
process or business
Increases efficiency and
identifies bottlenecks
Ensures procedure
Management oversight
and accountability
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Journal Entry Creation
Not Just for T-Recs Transactions Anymore
• The T-Recs Enterprise Journal Entry feature allows a company to manage
the journal entry process while enforcing internal control policies and
procedures. The following types of entries are supported:
• The system enforces internal control and minimizes errors by providing
flexible workflow approval and configurable templates.
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• Importing Feature for Schedules
• Automated Journal Entry Creation
• Automated Reconciliation Approval
• Methods
• Annuity
• Straight-Line
• Double Declining Balance
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Linking Transactions
• Transactions can be linked to each other without actually Matching
• Link Transactions with Configurable Link Types for ease in manual
matching once research is complete
• For those transactions that are ready to change their Relationship
Status, but not quite ready to Tie the Knot
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