Finally! The Invoice is in OnBase

A Simpler Approach to AP
Brent Kubik, Senior Account Executive
Paul Miller, ECM Services Senior Engineer
Goal: Move to Front-End Capture & Workflow
Keep it Simple – Automate Incrementally
AP Workflow Solution Overview
Customer Case Study Panel
Bradley Corporation – Existing OnBase User
Marion Plywood Corporation – New OnBase User
Audience Q&A
Post Process Capture (paper-based)
Print Electronic
Stamp Paper
Scan Check and
Invoice Together
AP Files Invoice
waiting for Check
Interoffice Mail
to Department
Retrieve Invoice
and Match to
Checks Printed
Department routes
to Approver
AP Creates
Voucher in ERP
Returned to AP via
Interoffice Mail
Approver Signs and
Codes Invoices
Directly import e-mail and faxes
> Accomplishes GOAL of no longer printing electronic documents
Scan paper invoices upon receipt
> Accomplishes GOAL of making invoices immediately available.
> Accomplishes GOAL of providing visibility into Unrecorded Liabilities.
Use Workflow to Route Invoices
> Accomplishes GOAL of automating invoice routing.
E-Forms for GL Coding & Check Requests
> Accomplishes GOAL of automating approvals & data entry.
Front-End Capture
Import E-mail and
Checks and
Invoices Linked
Voucher Created in
Scan Mailed
Classify & Index
Workflow Routes to
AP Queue
Checks Scanned
Into OnBase
Checks Printed
AP Determines
Invoice Routed
Back to AP
Approver Codes &
Approves Invoice
Approver Receives
E-mail Notification
Import from Email/VPD/Scanner
Document Separation (if needed)
AP Indexing/Review
AP Routes for Approval
Approver Receives E-mail Notification
GL Coding & Approval
Route to AP for Vouchering
Export to ERP from GL Coding Form
Pending Check Queue
The documents will remain in this queue
until they are paid.
Import file from ERP with the check &
invoice information.
OnBase will auto-process this file and
create the cross references.
The invoice will then be moved to the
matched queue.
Work In Process Monitoring
Customer Panel Q&A
Marion Plywood Corporation – Kelly Rottier, CFO
Bradley Corporation
John Zwicki, Division Controller
Betty Rogan, AP
Kurt Kaestner, IT Director
Toni Kreif, OnBase Administrator
Security MicroImaging – Paul Miller, ECM Services Engineer
Future Automation
Intelligent OCR
Automated Classification, Separation & Extraction
Basic: OnBase Intelligent Capture for AP
Advanced: Kofax Transformation Modules
Automated Approval Routing
OnBase Approval Management Module
Bi-directional ERP Integration
OnBase Enterprise Integration Server (EIS)
Future Automation
Mobile Access for iPad/iPhone/Android
Workflow Approvals
E-Form Submittals
Document Retrievals

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