Market Studies Roadmap

Overview of EM&V Plans
The Roadmap Team
 CPUC – Energy Division
 Cathy Fogel – Market Studies lead
 Dan Buch – Spillover lead
 Fred Coito – Contract lead
 Other staff may be involved with studies
 Opinion Dynamics
 Mary Sutter – Roadmap lead
 Tami Buhr – Residential Spillover lead
 Itron – Nonresidential spillover lead
 NMR may be involved with later efforts as well
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Overview of the Market Studies EM&V Roadmap
 Roadmap has an estimated budget of $4 million
 No change expected to this budget
 All studies within this roadmap are managed by the CPUC ED
 EM&V Plan shows that the roadmap includes PCG Coordination and five
distinct studies
 Began regular PCG meetings
 First meeting occurred 1/8/14
 Regular meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month; 1:30 – 3 PM Pacific
 Added a small study (Market Studies Needs Assessment)
 Kept all five other studies for now, but subject to change
 Prioritizing spillover studies
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Study Budgets
 Studies we are currently moving forward with
 1. Market Studies Needs Assessment ($74 K budget)
 2. Residential Spillover ($1.1 million budget - $98K currently allocated)
 Studies we plan to start moving forward within the next month
 3. Nonresidential Spillover ($1.1 million budget)
 Studies currently on hold, but possible for later in the cycle
 4. Sector-Specific Market Effects Studies ($1 million budget)
 5. Sector-Specific Tracking of Market Transformation Indicators ($456K
 6. Market Transformation Assessment ($270K budget)
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Market Studies Needs Assessment (1)
 Objective
 To allow Commission Staff to collect data on key markets at regular intervals,
identify and field high-priority market research within the 2013-2014 cycle,
and track market research across contracts groups and evaluation efforts.
 Research Questions
 Within which markets do the CPUC /IOUs already have good data?
 Which market studies are worthwhile for the CPUC /IOUs to undertake and
what is their relative priority?
 What is an appropriate framework for conducting market study research and
what are the structural and communication requirements of such a
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Market Studies Needs Assessment (2)
 Data Collection Activities
 Literature Review
 Depth Interviews with 20 stakeholders
 Secondary review
 Stakeholder Meetings / Webinars
 Timeline
 Memo for public review by end of April
 Stakeholder meetings currently planned for May and June (dates not yet
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Residential Spillover
 Objective
 To produce spillover estimates for the residential sector and to verify CPUC
assumption of a 5% spillover value
 Research Questions
 What energy efficient measures are being installed without use of program
incentives or as a direct result of program intervention?
 Why did customers install/purchase these measures without program
 What savings result from participant and non-participant spillover?
 What percent of those savings are attributable to program interventions?
 Current Status – budget allocated for the following tasks:
 Write full EM&V plan
 Create participant self-report survey battery
 Work with other EM&V consultants to include battery in planned surveys
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Next Steps – Within 2014
 Market Studies
 Use results from the Market Studies Needs Assessment to prioritize next set
of market studies
 Flesh out plans for designated studies and obtain stakeholder comment
 Possibly begin newly designated market studies
 Spillover
 Residential
 Complete current tasks
 Begin to implement evaluation plan
 Nonresidential
 Write EM&V plan
 Begin to implement evaluation plan
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14
Public Comments Welcome!
 Visit; select “20132014” program cycle and search “Market”. Public comment may be
posted to the Public Document Area through February 20, 2014.
Market Studies EM&V Roadmap - Stakeholder
Presentation - 2/12/14

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