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Budget Revisions
• Using Journal Wizard
• Using an Excel template to create a Budget Revision to upload
into Oracle.
• Adding Attachments
• Submitting the Budget Revision for approval
• Approval Process
• How to Check Workflow status
• Deleting a Budget Revision
How to create a Budget Revision
• Responsibility needed:
– UTPA GL Budget Revision User
• Navigate to:
– Journals
• Launch Journal Wizard
This is a tool used to create the
Budget Revision with an Excel
How to create a Budget Revision
•Select Create Document
• Select Open in the File Download box. An Excel Template will open.
(Note Information provided.)
Budget Revision Template
• Select Options on Excel spreadsheet.
• In Security Alert Screen choose “Enable this content” and select OK.
Budget Revision Template
• The Wizard will create a document on which to create Budget Revision.
• Do NOT Click Cancel.
• A Confirmation screen will appear. Select Close.
Budget Revision Template
Journal Header fields to be entered and reviewed:
• Budget: Set to Revised Budget. If a Permanent Budget Revision is needed simply put
“Permanent Change” in your justification or comment field & budget office will do the
additional journal entry for you to affect Original Budget.
• Batch Name: Use your UserID. System will append Journal ID # when uploaded.
Journal lines detail needed:
• Period
• GL String: Account Combination
– Fund, Funding Source, Organization, Project, Object, and NACUBO
• Amount – Debit and Credit (both numbers should be positive)
Budget Revision Template
Entering Period:
Type directly in the cell or
Right click on cell and select “List of Values” or
Double Click on cell
Search for and Select period and then click on Select button.
Budget Revision Template
Entering GL Accounting String: You will now be able to setup new Objects.
Type directly in the cells or
Right click on any field of the accounting string and select List of Values or
Double click on any field of the accounting string to get following box. Enter
Project # to retrieve combinations that exist. Enter Object Code to narrow your
Click on Combination
Select the combination needed and
click on Select button. System
will present a series of screens
on which to review your selection.
Budget Revision Template
• Enter amount in relation to Funds Available on GL Inquiry Screen.
Impact to funds availability
To move funds from revenue to wages, credit 40001 and debit 51101.
To move funds from wages to operating, credit 51101 and debit 53001.
• Check Totals. The majority of Budget Revisions should have
balancing Debits/increase and Credit/decrease.
Budget Revision Template
After Revision is completed, upload to Oracle.
• Go to “Add-ins” in tool bar
• Select Upload.
Budget Revision Template
Verify that same lines on screenshot below are selected.
Select Upload. System will go through a series of screens and finally a
confirmation or error message will be displayed.
Budget Revision Template
Confirmation screen will show Group ID #, number of successfully upload rows,
and Journal Import Request ID which can be used to identify your revision in
Oracle. On your keyboard use Control and C keys to copy the ID.
Select Close. Excel sheet can also be closed at this time, unless the revision has to
be corrected. You will notice Happy Faces for error free revision and Sad Faces
when error exist in the Message column.
Budget Revision Template
• Error messages will appear if error exist. Close this screen.
• On Template error will be explained in Message column. Errors can be
corrected and revision uploaded. In this example wrong fund was used.
Submitting Budget Revision
Now that you have created and uploaded the Budget Revision, funds need to be
checked and revision needs to be sent through workflow for approvals.
In Oracle using your UTPA GL Budget Revision User Responsibility:
• Navigation to: Journals
– Select Enter on either of the following screens.
Submitting Budget Revision
Find the Budget Revision by querying the Batch Name (use % as wildcard)
• Recall you used your user name on Batch Name field. ie: %friv%
• Journal Import ID system provided when you uploaded. Ie: %6606105%
Sample Batch Name - frivera Budget Journal B 364122 66061050
If you do not have the above information query by typing “Budget” in
Category field and “unposted” in Posting field and click on Find.
Submitting Budget Revision
• On the Enter Journals screen select the Revision you wish to submit and
select Review Journal.
Submitting Budget Revision
• Selected Revision will appear along with a note stating that a justification
and/or Optional comments need to be entered. Click OK.
• Enter Justification and Comments. These fields are very important since
they appear on the notification sent to approver. There is a 150 character
limit on each including spaces. Click OK.
Submitting Budget Revision
• Save Revision using Disc icon in toolbar or select File and then Save.
• Click on Check Funds and system will provide the results. Results can be
viewed by clicking on View Results.
• Select Approve. This will start the workflow process.
• After message confirming that revision has been sent to approver is
displayed you may close this screen.
Submitting Budget Revision
• Attachments can be added at this point by
selecting the paper clip on the toolbar.
Submitting Budget Revision
• To attach support documentation
– After you click on the paper clip icon, the system will bring up the following
screen to be filled out.
– Enter other in the category field.
– Enter the title of your attachment in the Title field.
– Under description specify if your attachment is a file or an e-mail.
Submitting Budget Revision
Under Data type you need to select file for excel or word documents or Short or
Long text for e-mails.
When you select file as the data type, Oracle will open a new window where you
can search for and select the document you want to attach.
Approval Process
• Approver will received Notification through email and need to log into
Oracle to approve revision. Notice all detail provided.
• Click on Enter Journals Form to review details of Budget Revision if
Justification or Comments are not sufficient.
Approval Process
• Click on Journal to view the entire Budget Revision.
• Click on Check Funds to verify funds are available. If funds are not
available revision should be rejected on Notification.
• Notice that Approve Button is not available at this point because approval
needs to happen on Notification.
Approval Process
• Review Revision.
• Review Justification. If additional information is needed attachments can
be added at this point.
• Close out this and previous screen and then return to Notification.
Approval Process
• Approver must return to Notification to process Revision by selecting:
Approve – will send revision to next approver
Reject – sends revision back to initiator
Reassign – allows you to assign someone else to approve revision
Request Information – sends revision back to initiator with comments
Review Workflow Status
• UTPA GLBudget Revision User → Monitor Workflow
• Enter Revision ID with wildcard symbol (%) in front.
• Hit enter and then select Show Process.
Review Workflow Status
• Select Activity History
• Clear all the options under Search, Activity Type and leave only
Response and Notifications checked. Do not change any options under
Activity Status. Click GO
Review Workflow Status
• Under the Results Activities you will see each approval step in the process
and on the top the name of the person next to approve.
• (Alternatively, you may select to view the Status Diagram.)
Deleting a Budget Revision
• When to Delete Budget Revision.
– If revision is not needed
– If the revision is rejected and no longer needed
– If the revision is for an incorrect period; in this case, a new revision
is needed.
You can only delete revisions that are not in the workflow and are
coded as “Unposted”.
If a correction to the journal lines is needed do not delete your budget
journal simply correct it.
Deleting a Budget Revision
Find the Budget Revision by querying the Batch Name (use % as wildcard)
• Recall you used your user name on Batch Name field. ie: %friv%
• Journal Import ID system provided when you uploaded. Ie: %6606105%
Sample Batch Name - frivera Budget Journal B 364122 66061050
• On the Enter Journals screen select the Revision you wish delete and click
on the Delete icon.
List of valid object codes for Budget Revisions
Object code
Object code
Revenue Budget
Single Incumbent Staff Salaries
Indirect Cost Federal
Faculty Salaries
Indirect Cost Fed Pass Thru
Indirect Cost State
Pooled Salaries
Indirect Cost St Pass Thru
Indirect Cost Local
Employee Benefits
Indirect Cost Private
Operating Budget
Transfer In Intrafund
Transfer Out Intrafund
Transfer In Interfund*
Transfer Out Interfund*
Capital Outlay
Cost of Goods Sold
*Contact the budget office for object code if transferring between major fund groups.
Contact Information
UTPA Budget Office website:
Richard Wilson: [email protected]
Frances Rivera: [email protected]
Eduvina Rodriguez: [email protected]
Magda Rangel: [email protected]
[email protected]

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