GHD Nerriga Study

Beyond Nerriga Route Options Study
SEATS Meeting 7 November 2013 at Queanbeyan
Presentation overview
Study purpose / background
Study area
Project objectives
Route options
Progress to date
Preferred route selection
Traffic model
Next steps
Study purpose / background
Study’s prime aim is to identify a preferred route(s) for HML BDoubles across the escarpment from the NSW South Coast to the
Monaro, Federal, Kings and/or Hume Hwy’s
Total funding commitment of $300k - $200k from NSW Gov’t and
$100k from five local councils (Goulburn-Mulwaree, Palerang,
Shoalhaven City, Upper Lachlan Shire and Yass Valley)
Managed by a Technical Committee - representatives RMS, TfNSW
and the five local councils
Project managed on behalf of SEATS by Steve Warrell
Study programmed to be completed in 36 weeks – mid Nov 2013
RMS – 26.5m B-Double access
Study area
Generally, bounded by Hume Hwy to the west, Goulburn, MR92 Nerriga
to Braidwood, Kings Hwy, Canberra and the Barton Hwy
Note - traffic network modelling is beyond the study area
Project Objectives
Determine a preferred route that, as a minimum:
• Improves freight productivity, efficiency and reliability of travel;
• Improves road safety;
• Can meet required design standards;
• Minimises the impact on the natural, cultural and built
• Maximises the use of existing assets;
• Has the ability to be staged; and
• Provides value for money.
• Project Review – previous studies
• Workshops with key stakeholders – heavy vehicle traffic demands
(existing/future) within study area and beyond
• Request and receipt all traffic and crash data from Councils and Gov’t
• Build GIS mapping to assist understanding of constraints and route
• Heritage (AHIMS, Non-Indigenous)
• State Forest / National Parks
• Crash data
• Topography
• Other miscellaneous data
• Build a network traffic model – base model (calibrated) and predictive
modelling for option assessment
• Develop and confirm project objectives with TC
• Develop and confirm assessment criteria with TC (in line with project
• Build cost estimates for the 3 route options and staging options
• Selection of a preferred route with TC
• Draft Route Options Report
• Meet and present Draft Route Options Report
• Finalise Route Options Report
Route options
ARUP Study 1999 identified 5 key route options –
• Nowra – Nerriga – Tarago – Collector – Gunning
• Nowra – Nerriga – Tarago – ACT
• Nowra – Nerriga – Goulburn
• Nowra – Nerriga – Braidwood – Cooma
• Nowra – Nerriga – Braidwood - Bungendore - ACT
Route options
Current study considering 3 route options only –
1. Nerriga – Tarago – Collector – Gunning - Yass (green)
2. Nerriga – Braidwood – Bungendore – Murrumbateman – Yass (red)
and a combination of the above
3. Nerriga – Tarago – Bungendore - Murrumbateman – Yass (red/green)
Projective objective – ‘ability to be staged’
Progress to date
• Desktop review of previous studies completed
• Meetings with Councils and key stakeholders completed
• Undertake various reviews –
alignment, drainage completed
• GIS model completed
• Cost estimates for route options and staging – near completion
• Network traffic model – near completion
• Meetings with TC in May, June and Sept
• Assessment of route options and selection of a preferred route –
near completion
• Commenced draft route options report
Preferred route selection
Assessment of the 3 route options and selection of preferred route
has commenced and near completion.
3 meetings with TC throughout this process • Project objectives confirmed
• Assessment criteria agreed and supporting data considered
• Ranking/weighting and scoring methodology agreed
• Staging of options considered
• Traffic network modelling presented and challenged
• Cost estimates presented and challenged
• Selection of a preferred route – subject to further investigation
Traffic Model
Links based on GIS
Speeds based on Google
Route choice checked
Demands from Matrix Estimation
Matrix Estimation
Calibrated Network - 2012
Prior demand matrix
Matrix altered to match observed flows
Separate matrices for light and heavy
Model Validation
Model Validation
Future demands
Freight Study
Population Growth
Updated trip ends
New demand matrices
Change in OD pairs
Change in Flows – Green Route
2036 – increase / decrease light/heavy
2036 – increase / decrease heavy
Change in Flows – Red Route
Change in Flows – Red / Green Route
Next steps and timing
• Finalise network modelling – 15 Nov
• Finalise cost estimates – 15 Nov
• Finalise scoring of assessment criteria and
selection of preferred route – 22 Nov
• Complete draft report – submit to TC - 11 Dec

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