City Hall

City Hall
Kovács Réka
• This strangely shapped glass
building is where the Mayor of
London works.
• It has ten floors of busy
offices, as well as a viewing
platform at the top that gves
you great views up and down
the River thames .
Kovács Réka
• City Hall’s round shape means it
loses heat less than rectangular
buildings, which makes it better
for environment.
Kovács Réka
Did you know ?
• The building was finished in 2002,
and cost 43million. Its made of over
4,000 tons of steel and glass.
Kovács Réka
Look out for ….
• … City Hall’s strange shape.
• Somepeople say it looks
like an onion.
• Others think it looks like a
motorcycle helmet.
• What do you think ?
Kovács Réka

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