Presented at the Intelligent Systems Roadmap Workshop

Intelligent Systems TC
Background on the
“Roadmap for Intelligent
Systems in Aerospace”
Presented at the Intelligent
Systems Roadmap Workshop
Chris Tschan
Elad Kivelevitch
Adnan Yucel
August 8, 2014
Intelligent Systems TC
The Good – Improving Library of Intellectual and Guidance Docs
Intelligent Systems TC
The Bad & the Ugly – Mass Media Spin on Automation/Autonomy
Intelligent Systems TC
Who’s Heard of the DARPA Robotics Challenge?
After two days of competition, DARPA selected eight teams to receive up to $1 million in
funding to continue their work. The scores, out of a total of 32 points, were:
1. 27 points: SCHAFT (SCHAFT, Inc., Tokyo, Japan)
2. 20 points: IHMC Robotics (Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition,
Pensacola, Fla.)
3. 18 points: Tartan Rescue (Carnegie Mellon University, National Robotics Engineering
Center, Pittsburgh, Pa.)
4. 16 points: Team MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science and
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Boston, Mass.)
5. 14 points: RoboSimian (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Los Angeles, Calif.)
6. 11 points: Team TRACLabs (TRACLabs, Inc., Webster, Tex.)
7. 11 points: WPI Robotics Engineering C-Squad (Worcester Polytechnic Institute,
Worcester, Mass.)
8. 9 points: Team Trooper (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, Cherry
Hill, N.J.)
Intelligent Systems TC
What Happened to the DARPA Robotics Challenge Winner?
Who Is SCHAFT, the Robot Company Bought by Google and Winner of the DRC?
By Erico Guizzo and Evan Ackerman Posted 6 Feb 2014 | 17:22 GMT
The DARPA Robotics Challenge held its inaugural competition last December, and by
most accounts (including ours), it was a success. … Overall, it was a big win for DARPA
and for robotics as a whole, but without question, the biggest winner of all was SCHAFT,
the Japanese company that utterly dominated the competition and that had been
acquired by Google just months earlier. SCHAFT put on a nearly flawless performance,
ending at the top spot with the most points and, we guess, leaving Andy Rubin (the
Google executive leading its robotics program) with a big smile on his face. It also left
many observers curious to learn more about the company, its origins, and its robot. So
who is SCHAFT?
According to a story in Popular Science, Google is supposedly planning to withdraw
SCHAFT from the DRC Finals. The reasons were unclear, but apparently Google wants
to avoid financial ties to DARPA and the U.S. military
Intelligent Systems TC
Is the DARPA Robotics Challenge Related to Intelligent Systems?
1. Why shouldn’t there be a corresponding DARPA
Intelligent Systems Challenge?
2. Once you move into the realm of an event like a
DARPA challenge, interest and support open up
3. Perhaps we want a diverse technology base for
intelligent systems, with not all the winners being
bought by Google
4. Where do ideas like having a DARPA Intelligent
Systems Challenge come from?
Intelligent Systems TC
Background on the Roadmap
Roadmap Committee established about a year ago
• At [email protected] 2013
Roadmap Committee Membership
Ella Atkins
Christine Belcastro
David Casbeer
Kelly Cohen
Elad Kivelevitch
Nhan Nguyen
Corey Schumacher
Chris Tschan
Paul Zetocha
Adnan Yucel
Intelligent Systems TC
Motivation for a Roadmap
Need to move the ball down the field
• The time is right for a breakthrough in intelligent systems
• Focuses ISTC on a central product that represents where we
believe Intelligent Systems should/could be going
• Helps ISTC members understand and collaborate
• Gets AIAA leadership’s attention
• Help larger AIAA membership understand what intelligent
systems contribute
• Get attention outside of AIAA
• Focus resources for intelligent system development
Intelligent Systems TC
Roadmap Committee Activities
Discuss technology, formulate ideas
Collaborate via technical backplane
Organize thoughts
Write vignettes
Draft the roadmap
Updates TC members at ISTC meetings
Hold Intelligent Systems Roadmap Workshop
About 4 months ago, shifted attention primarily to this
Intelligent Systems TC
Vision Areas to Covered in the Intelligent Systems Roadmap
Reduction of aerospace system platform costs
Reduction of aerospace system operating costs
Air traffic control and airspace management
Unmanned aerial vehicles uses in civilian applications
Space exploration, exploitation and colonization
Academic research
Intelligent Systems TC
Breakout Sessions
• Autonomy
• Adaptive and Non-Deterministic Systems
• Applications - Air Traffic Management
and UAS Integration
Intelligent Systems TC
Topics to Address in the Breakout Sessions
What are the Technical Challenges?
What are the Research Gaps?
How should we overcome roadblocks?
What actions should be taken?
Intelligent Systems TC
• We welcome your participation
• We need your intellectual DNA
• We need you to be focused…to help us
• This workshop may become a recurring event
• Please enjoy the workshop and provide
feedback on what we can do to improve it
Intelligent Systems TC
Agenda - Intelligent Systems Roadmap Workshop
Day 1
0800-0830 Registration
0830-0845 Opening Remark - Workshop Chair
0845-0945 Plenary - Ms. Kris Kearns
0945-1045 Intelligent Systems Roadmap Presentation
Roadmap Background
Introduction for Breakout Sessions
Adaptive and Non-Deterministic Systems
Applications - Air Traffic Management and UAS Integration
1045-1100 Coffee Break
1100-1200 Breakout meetings - Vision for Intelligent Systems
1200-1330 Lunch
Plenary - Dr. Kevin Wise
1330-1500 Breakout Sessions - Technical Challenges for Implementation
1500-1515 Coffee Break
1515-1640 Breakout meetings - Technical Approaches to Address Challenges/Roadblocks
1640-1700 Closing Remark & Logistics for the next day
Evening ISTC meeting
Intelligent Systems TC
Agenda - Intelligent Systems Roadmap Workshop
Day 2
· 0830-0930 Plenary - Dr. Kalmanje Krishnakumar
· 0930-0945 Coffee Break
· 0945-1200 Discussion of Intelligent Systems Roadmap - "Where will Intelligent Systems be in 5, 10,
20 years?"
· 1200-1215 Workshop Summary and Closing Remark - Workshop Chair
· Afternoon tour of Air Force Museum

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