After several Town Councillors received complaints about the general state of the
facilities at the London Road Cemetery Chapel the subject was raised at Council
and it was resolved to carry out the following work:
Repair the Chapel ceiling to ensure that pieces of plaster did not fall onto
the heads of the general public seated below.
Repair and enhance the Bier.
The picture on the left of this slide shows how the bier looked previously. It was
thought that the Bier had developed a slight rockiness. This has been fixed. At the
suggestion of Councillor Lione the Bier’s surface has also been made flush to
prevent an infant’s coffin from accidentally tipping up. Eve and Ranshaw’s kindly
offered to make a new cover for the Bier and the picture on the right shows how
beautiful this now looks.
The picture on the left shows how the altar looked before the chapel’s renovation.
The surface of the Altar was badly marked and there were horribly dirty and old
browny/orangy curtains in place. Now, as the picture on the right shows the Altar
looks magnificent. Eve and Ranshaw’s also made new curtains and a runner for the
Altar top which match the Bier cover.
Old Floor
As you can see, this is a picture of the old flooring. The old floor featured the
rather fetching tube station platform effect and worn out coconut matting. The
floor was in a very sorry state of repair.
New Floor
The new floor covering features new two-tone heavy duty cord carpet. The different
colours help users of the Chapel to differentiate between the main floor of the chapel
and the step up to the Altar and lectern. Please also note that a new heavy duty door
mat has been fitted in the door to prevent as much dirt as is possible from entering the
This slide shows the inexpensive but highly effective radiator that the Town
Clerk purchased for the Chapel. This is switched on first thing in the morning
prior to any funeral where the Chapel is to be used and is left on throughout the
service. Prior to this the Chapel was completely unheated.
This slide shows a view of what is left of the two trees which were overhanging
London Road. These have now been cut down and removed.

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