The Diamond Girls

The Diamond Girls
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Hope you enjoy!
• My favourite book is The Diamond
Girls.The book was written by Jacqueline
Wilson. The brilliant illustrations were
done by Nick Sharrat.
• Watch this PowerPoint to find out more.
the characters
The main characters in this book are
Info on characters
Rochelle is in love with a boy named Ryan.
Jude has learned Kung fu fighting.
Martine is pregnant.
Dixie has a toy parrot called Bluebell.
Sundance is actually a girl not a boy.
Mary is very clean and tidy.
Bruce gets sore backs a LOT!
Mum has just given birth to Sundance.
The plot
• The family move house and Bruce is the driver of the
van.Bruce ends up staying with them as mum is
pregnant.Mum says Sundance is a boy even though it
is a girl.She won’t let anyone see the baby.Bruce
teaches Jude Kung fu and she uses it on the boys a
lot in the estate. Rochelle goes on a date with a boy
called Ryan at Mcdonalds.Dixie meets a friends over
the wall called Mary.
• There is a lot of conflict in the book.There is an
argument between mum and Martine because
Martine doesn't want to leave Tony, her boyfriend.
• There is also conflict between everyone. This
argument was who would carry the furniture up the
stairs. In the end it was Jude, Bruce and Dixie. That is
when Bruce hurt his back.
Sad parts
• At the end it was very sad as Dixie ends
up in hospital as Mary jumped out of her
window and landed on top of Dixie.
What happened to Dixie that made her
end up in hospital was that Dixie was

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