OTC PMC after school program

ONGWEDIVA Town Council
Sam Nujoma Multi-Purpose
After school program for Orphans
and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
Back ground of the programme
• This is an after school programme with funding from the
community in the form of food, clothes, books and toys.
• To register, the children must be resident of Ongwediva and
nearby villages, attending school and not register with another
OVC programme.
• Originally 800 children were registered and 115 have been
accepted and participated in the programme.
• Children attend on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm
until 5pm.
• They receive assistance with home work, help with reading and
spelling, educational games , video and a meal before going home.
• The holiday programs are organised for them to attend other extra
curricular workshops in life skills and information technology
What have we achieved so far
• Children learning to excel in their education, rising above their
vulnerable status and becoming productive members of Namibian
• We have completed 3 workshops for caregivers on awareness session,
psychosocial support and on the care and hygiene.
• Done sessions on HIV/AIDS to OVC.
• Give the training of window of hope to both volunteers and the
• 40% increase in the number of OVC and support group served by the
• Twenty eight (28) youth aged 8+ trained in computer skills.
• Twelve youth aged 10+ trained in applied paper technology.
• Started with a vegetable garden to serve the OVC.
Plans for the next year 2006
• To shoot a documental video for OVC to
depict their life style.
• Create an OVC gallery (art work)
• Educate 30% of the children in the
computer skills.
• Develop life skill clubs within the
• To address the needs of the OVC we need the
combined effort from the government, private
sectors and civil society.Together we have a better
chance to implement a focused and sustainable
initiatives to improve the quality of the lives of
these unfortunate children.
• Community members (traditional leaders, business
communities and churches ) should come together
in order to help these children in need.

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