DCPS enzymes in latices of different families

Pharmaceutical Biology
Group of Matthias F. Melzig
Institute of Pharmacy, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Natural products from plants and
Traditional European Herbal Medicine
Natural product pharmacology
Elaboration of monographs for
the European Pharmacopoeia
Inhibitors of enzymes (amylases, proteases,
lipases, elastase, etc.)
Development of new analytical
methods for the standardization
of drugs from plant origin
Saponins as enhancers for targeted toxins
Proteases from plants as PAR activators
Natural products affecting TLR‘s
Isolation and characterization of
natural products
collaboration with the Botanical Garden Berlin/ DCPS
enzymes in latices of different families
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of
tumor-promoting and skin irritating
diterpene esters in homeopathic mother
tinctures by HPLC and MS
PhD student Joscha Kummer
[email protected]
Investigation of proteases in plant latices
PhD student
Martin Flemmig
[email protected]
Investigation of plant latex proteins by
electrophoretic methods
PhD student
Sonja Sytwala
[email protected]
Secondary plant products as inhibitors of
pancreatic digestive enzymes
PhD Student Tina Buchholz
[email protected]
Analysis of lectins and triterpenes
PhD student Katharina Mulsow
[email protected]
Investigation of Agrostin from Agrostemma
githago L.
PhD student Joachim Schrot
[email protected]
Investigation of the influence of natural
compounds on the innate immune system
PhD student Patrick Schopohl
[email protected]

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