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Society & Aerospace Technology Technical Committee
Society & Aerospace Technology TC
Spring Teleconference
Teleconference Call-In
5:00 PM Eastern Time
Jarret M. Lafleur
Access Code:
Bradley A. Steinfeldt
(866) 740-1260
(303) 248-0285
March 21, 2013
Chair, [email protected]
Vice Chair, [email protected]
Christopher M. Hearsey
Secretary, [email protected]
Call to Order
News and Information
Project Updates from Members
Action Requests
Featured Presentation – Mr. Chi L. Mai
News and Information
• Conference Information
Space 2013 Update – Som Dutta and Brad Steinfeldt
SciTech 2014 Update – Chris Hearsey
Aviation 2014 UAS Session Update – Chi Mai
Space 2014 – Volunteer Needed
• Other SATTC and ETM News
New SATTC Members
AIAA YP Forum Experience
TFPC Interaction – Sarah Arnac
AIAA BOD Elections and Award Nominations
Slide contributed by Som Dutta and Brad Steinfeldt
SATTC @ Space 2013
• September 10-12, 2013 – San Diego, CA
• Part of the Space History, Society, and Policy track
 SAT TC lead: Som Dutta ([email protected])
 SAT TC working with History and Legal TC’s also
• Submission History
 23 total abstracts submitted – higher total from last year
 3 paper sessions (12 papers total), up to 4 panel sessions, and poster session
• Space History, Society, and Policy Student Paper Competition
 Coordinator: Brad Steinfeldt ([email protected])
 Encourage students to get engaged with the track and associated TCs
– Monetary prize ($750 supplied by ETM group)/certificate/luncheon recognition
 4 total submissions this year + 1 submission from last year
– Two entries are SAT TC focused
 Need TC member help in judging final manuscripts (July 30 – August 23)
– Need multiple judges per manuscript (= 5+ volunteers)
• SATTC will be meeting in conjunction with Space 2013 (exact
date/time TBD)
SATTC @ SciTech 2014
• January 13-17, 2014 – National Harbor, MD
• SATTC responsible for Society & Aerospace Technology track
• Important Dates:
 Abstract Submission Deadline: Late May 2013 (UNOFFICIAL)
 Final Paper Deadline: Dec. 16, 2013
• SATTC (re-)submitted inputs for the SciTech Call for Papers in
Feb. 2013.
• SATTC will be meeting in conjunction with SciTech 2014 (exact
date/time TBD)
News and Information
• Conference Information
Space 2013 Update – Som Dutta and Brad Steinfeldt
SciTech 2014 Update – Chris Hearsey
Aviation 2014 UAS Session Update – Chi Mai
Space 2014 – Volunteer Needed
• Other SATTC and ETM News
New SATTC Members
AIAA YP Forum Experience
TFPC Interaction – Sarah Arnac
AIAA BOD Elections and Award Nominations
For 2013: 7 New Members
3 Non-Renewed Members
29 Members
(Limit: 35)
New SATTC Members
Sarah Arnac
Philip Baldwin
Undergraduate Student, Purdue University
Undergraduate Student, Purdue University
Interests: Flight Testing, Aircraft Design
Other Experience: NASA DFRC, Purdue AIAA
Chapter President
Interests: Design Engineering, Unmanned Systems
Other Experience: TORIC Engineering, AIAA DBF
Competitions, Purdue AIAA Chapter VP
Matthew Kuester
Nicole Mendoza
Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University
Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University
Interests: Acoustics, Wind Tunnel Testing, Low &
High Speed Aerodynamics
Other Experience: Texas A&M Boundary Layer
Transition Team, Aerodynamics Guest Lecturer,
NASA Aeronautics Graduate Fellowship
Interests: Fluid Dynamics, High Speed Air
Breathing Propulsion
Other Experience: Boeing, Solar Turbines,
Ian Perry
Nate Robinson, P.E.
J.D. Student, University of Mississippi
Associate Director, UTEP CSETR
Interests: Aerospace Law, Export Controls,
Development of Outer Space, International Law
Other Experience: Journal of Space Law Student
Editor, 2013 Manfred Lachs (Space Law) Moot Court
Team Oralist
Interests: Aerospace, Automotive and Utility
Engineering, Economics, Workforce Development
Other Experience: NASA Science, Engineering,
Mathematics & Aerospace Academy (Director),
University of Texas (Instructor), NASA WSTF
Annie Wargetz
M.S. Student, University of North Dakota
Interests: Human Spaceflight, Space History
Other Experience: UND Human Spaceflight Lab,
Reynolds and Reynolds, UND Observatory,
Astrosociology Research Institute
AIAA YP Forum Experience
• TAC Workshop in 2012 highlighted disturbing long-term trends in AIAA
membership and conference attendance
 Young professionals (YPs) comprise just 17% of AIAA membership
 YPs are poorly retained
• The AIAA YP Forum Experience is an initiative to engage YPs
who have just entered the workforce in an enhanced and
personalized conference experience that encourages a continued,
long-term interaction with AIAA.
• Proposal to achieve this involves three components:
 One-time defraying of the cost to attend Forum attendance through reduced
registration costs
 Kickoff event
 Pairing of the YP with a technical expert, who will help show the YP the
ropes of AIAA and Forums
• SATTC is in discussions with the YPC to move this idea forward.
TFPC Interaction
• In Feb. 2013, the SATTC was contacted by Lynn Unrau
(Cessna Aircraft), chair of the Transformational Flight
Program Committee (TFPC)
 TFPC is composed of professionals with an interest in
advanced, transformational future aerospace concepts.
 TFPC membership is aviation-centric
 Major focus: How transformational concepts (e.g., point-to-point
air transportation, personal air vehicles, autonomous airplanes)
can bring future benefits to society.
• TFPC had teleconference on Tuesday, March 19
• Sarah Arnac (SATTC/TFPC Liaison) attended.
BOD Elections, Award, and Fellow Nominations
• Board of Directors Elections (Vote before April 8, 2013)
 Typically only 15-20% of the members vote (only 4,500-6,000 members)
 Offices:
President Elect
VP-Elect, Technical Activities
VP-Elect, Member Services
Director: at-Large, International, Information Systems Group, Propulsion and Energy
Group, Region 4, Region 5, Region 7
• Award Nominations
 (deadlines
are continuous)
• Associate Fellow and Fellow Nominations
 Associate Fellow: nominations due 4/15, references due 5/15
 Fellow: nominations due 6/15, references due 6/15
Project Updates
• Aerospace Technology Impact Initiative (Justice)
• ComicCon (Christian)
• Aerospace Tech. Pocket Guide and Presentation
(Grant, Restrepo)
Slide contributed by Steve Justice
Aerospace Technology Impact Initiative
• Vision – Quantify the societal impact of aerospace
technology on the “general quality of life” and in
particular, how AIAA members contribute to that
• Goal - Gather information from the various groups
within AIAA to generate “success stories” of aerospace
technology impact with a focus on the contributions of
the AIAA and its members.
• Strategy – Create an award to help incentivize the
membership to provide that information.
Slide contributed by John Christian
AIAA SAT TC Booth at Pittsburgh ComicCon
• The AIAA SAT TC will have a booth at the 2013 Pittsburgh
ComicCon to be held 27-29 September 2013.
• The SAT TC will work with AIAA to prepare booth materials this
spring. We are also open to materials from TC members that are
appropriate for distribution to a non-technical audience.
• We hope to have the first draft of the Society & Aerospace
Technology Pocket Guide available for distribution at the booth.
• Anyone interested in attending the ComicCon to help run the
booth should contact John Christian at
[email protected]
AIAA SAT TC Booth at Pittsburgh ComicCon
Volunteers Needed
• Ops Team
 2 additional volunteers to man the booth with John
• Swag Team
 1 volunteer to coordinate with AIAA staff to solicit giveaway
swag from interested Corporate Members
 1 volunteer to solicit AIAA Committees (TCs, PCs, Public Policy
and Education Standing Committees) for distributable products
 1-2 volunteers to obtain/coordinate NASA Spinoff books and
NASA House/City interactive kiosk and/or giveaways
 1-2 volunteers to brainstorm and produce additional creative
Action Requests
• Fall Newsletter: Send articles to Som Dutta
([email protected])
• Som Dutta
Recipient of the National Space Club’s Goddard
Memorial Scholarship for his development of
advanced estimation techniques with application to
entry, descent, and landing system performance and
vehicle design
• Sarah Arnac
Recipient of a NASA Group Achievement Award for
exemplary performance in the successful execution of
challenging ground operations and flight maneuvers
for the Mars Science Laboratory radar system
Let us know if you receive an award or have a
career or personal achievement!
Featured Presentation
TAMU NAL, Research, and SAT TC
Chi Mai
Texas A&M University
[email protected]
Chi is a Ph.D. Student and Graduate Research Assistant in the Texas A&M National
Aerothermochemistry Laboratory (TAMU NAL). He is also a recipient of the prestigious DOD
SMART Scholarship.
Chi has been a Member and the Webmaster of the SATTC since 2009.
See separate slide set.
Review of Action Items
Know a student or professional who would
make a good addition to our TC?
Nomination instructions available at:
Note: Next teleconference will be May 2 at 1700
Eastern. Stay tuned for call-in details.

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