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HRS Project
Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry
Manager Approval
Spring 2012
(Employee Self-Service)
What is HRS?
• UW System's Human Resource System (HRS)
• An integrated system for all human resources, benefits
and payroll operations for UW System
• Went live on April 18, 2011
• TL/AM – Time & Labor / Absence Management
• Full implementation of Employee & Manager Self
Service 2012/2013
Who are Unclassified?
• Faculty
• Academic Staff
• Limited Appointments
Leave Reporting
• Multiple appointments
• Within the same Institution/Campus a separate leave
report for each appointment will be located on your
portal for each appointment.
• In different Institutions/Campuses, you may or may not
be live with Employee Self Service so please review your
portal and contact appropriate campus if necessary.
Establish a Work Week Schedule
Colleague Coverage
• Effective with the beginning of the Spring 2008
semester, teaching responsibilities not met because of
an absence specified in UWS 19.01, Wis. Adm. Code,
must be reported as leave, regardless of whether a
qualified instructor covers the aforementioned
• Teaching responsibilities include class time preparation,
actual classroom instruction, and scheduled office hours
to students for educational guidance.
Reporting Time Away
• ```````
Legal Holiday Reporting
• Legal Holiday hours will be loaded for all Unclassified
employees based on FTE
• Legal Holiday hours will be loaded via a
batch/automated process
• Balances will adjust if change in FTE
Less than Full Time Unclassified
• If you are a less than full time Unclassified
employee, your time is reported in actual time in
increments of quarter hours.
Unclassified ESS
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Absence Management
Reporting Absences
• Each division/department will continue to use its
current method of “requesting” an absence
• HRS’ ‘Request Absence’ screens are used the
same as “reporting absences” on your leave sheet
and should be updated as they are taken for best
work practices.
Login to My UW system
• Located on For Faculty and Staff > My UW System
“Reporting” Absences
• Click on ‘Enter Absence’ in the ‘TIME AND ABSENCE’ box
• No more paper leave statements! (Except for past missing ones.)
Reporting Absences – Half Day Example
• Enter Start Date
• Select appropriate Absence Name:
• Screen will change based on type of absence taken
Completed “Request Absence”
for a Half Day leave
1. Start Date
2. Absence Name
3. End Date
4. Entry Type
(Select Hours Per Day)
5. Hours Per Day
6. Enter Number of Hours
7. Click “Calculate End
Date or Duration”
8. Click “Submit”
Reporting Absences – Full Day Example
Reporting Absences – One Week Example
Absence Management:
Reporting No Absences
No Leave Taken
• Start Date: The Start date is the first day of the pay period.
• A Basis (12 month employee) set to the first day of the month.
• C Basis (9 month employee) follow your campus calendar for the first day of
your payroll month:
• If new to the position this month, enter your first day (Hire/Transfer Date).
(Hint: Use calendar button to select date)
Absence Name: Click the drop-down and select No Leave Taken.
End Date: Enter the same date as the Start Date.
Original Start Date – leave BLANK
Click the Submit button.
Absence Name: No Leave Taken (UNC)
• Select “No Leave Taken (UNC)”
Complete Form and Submit
Absence Management:
Supervisor/ Chair/Manager
MSS Absence Approval
• Sign into ‘My UW System’. my.wisconsin.edu to enter
your Portal site
• Login using user name and password
• Locate the ‘Manager Time and Approval’ box.
• A list of employees with absences ready for approval will
be seen by clicking on the ‘Absence’ tab.
• Only employees who have entered absences will be
• Click on ‘Approve Absence’.
Manager Time and Approval
Reported Absence Approval
• This will bring you to the ‘Absence Requests’ screen.
• The list of employees and requests changes based on the “*Show
Requests by Status” selected. Default status is ‘Pending’
• All Staff (Classified/Unclassified) appear
• To review and approve an absence request, click on the
employee’s name. This opens a “Request Details” page.
• Click on the appropriate action to take on this request (Approve,
Deny, or Push Back).
• Approve – Verify the employee has enough leave time available
• Deny – Not to be used at this time
• Push Back – Used when the date/time/type requested does not match prior
approved request
“Absence Request” Page
“Request Details” Page
Employee – Verification & Push Back
Employee – Verify Absence Approvals
• Check for Absence approvals at My UW System
• Verify all absences have been ‘Approved’
• Rework shows an Absence was “Push Back”
Handle a “Push Back”
• Click Enter Absence
• Towards the bottom is View Absence Request History
• Click the Edit button to the far right on the absence that
says “Push Back”
Edit the Absence
• Change what was incorrect and resubmit
Employee Best Practices
• Enter Absences as taken – After the fact!
• Enter ALL absences entered and approved by supervisor
by the 5th of the next month
• Be sure to post a “No Leave Taken” using the first day of
the pay period
• All “leave reports” must be submitted or sick leave will be
• Take your time and be patient
• NOTIFY HR of any/all Supervisory changes!
• Contact your Payroll Coordinator before you record any
leave without pay transactions.
Supervisors Approval Best Practices
Approve Absences as submitted (weekly)
Approve ALL absences by the 5th of the next month
Approve Absences after the fact only!
Work with employees to correct errors
Approvals are necessary so employees’ leave is correct
Take your time and be patient
NOTIFY your Payroll Coordinator of any/all Supervisory
When to Request Assistance from:
Audrey Beckwith, Payroll Coordinator COOP-Extension
Sreekumari Nair, Payroll Coordinator - all other Divisions.
• Missing an Employee? If you are unable to see one of
your employees, email your HR Manager.
• Not Sure on Approval? If you are unsure about anything
regarding absence approval, please email your Payroll
Resources Available to You
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General Information about Self-Service
UW-Extension – Payroll & Benefits Training website
Resources Available to You
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