TL Bingo - Languages at Northgate High, Dereham

Teacher Instructions
Target Language Bingo
1. You will probably print out and laminate the bingo grid (in colour). You could do it
2. You can adapt the 4 coloured category sheets to suit your group or up the ante.
They will need printing out and displaying so the pupils know what each colour
stands for. Make sure the background colour prints!
3. The teacher decides if a pupil has done enough to get a circle on the board. For
example, whether a sentence is needed or whether they are allowed to repeat
something someone else has already said (probably not).
4. When a pupil gets a circle, it has to be the right colour for the use of French. The
pupil can pick which circle and write their name/initials on it in rubbableoutable
pen (or teacher types into the text box if on screen).
5. When there are 4 circles in a line, all 4 pupils on the line get a merit.
6. Several lines are possible, but you can’t occupy a circle someone else has already
got unless the teacher decides to restart the whole game.
V Everett – Northgate High School, Dereham
Use French
to be
friendly or
Use French
to ask the
Use French
to talk to
Use French to
give an opinion
or some

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