Presentation of the clinic

RECALL Program
Swiss Ecodent dental clinic offers full range of
dental services, supported by a professional team with
international experience, cutting-edge facilities and
comfortable environment.
The medical team comprises professionals with
expertise in Dental Implantology and Prosthetis, Surgery,
Endodontic, prevention, cosmetic products
Periodontology. All the activities of Swiss Ecodent Clinic
shall respect the Swiss principle, emphasis being places
on quality of service, safety and discretion, primary
attention being directed towards ensuring a high level
quality of hygiene.
Opened in September 2011 in
Bucharest, Romania, Swiss Ecodent is
coordinated by Dr. Dr. Christian
Marmandiu, Master of Oral
Implantology and doctor in SurgeryImplantology. Dr. Marmandiu , Ph.d.
and Master in Oral Implantology, has
performed many surgeries in his over
20 years of experience and inserted
over 10,000 implants. His professional
skills and knowledge are internationally
recognized in
Switzerland, Germany and USA.
Consultation within the Swiss Ecodent Clinic requires a
thorough examination and conceive of a plan of treatment,
according the starting date and your requirements.
In case of complex treatments, there will be a
multidisciplinary advice, so that therapeutic solutions can be
selected and completed by physicians specializing in the
specific areas.
Any check-up starts with a full Prophylactic
session, that includes plaque removal, professional
brushing, air-flow.
Subsequently, regular check-ups shall be done
from six to six months. Our team will be in charge of
contacting you regarding regular monitoring through
our free Recall.
Dental Hygiene /
Specialized doctors in Dental Prosthetics and Aesthetics
work with the most advanced laboratories in the country and
beyond. At request, you can choose to add laboratory from
Zurich, Switzerland, which we recommend based on over 10
years of experience.
These laboratories are specialized on modern
technologies such as ceramic works on zirconium structure,
made by computer technology CAD/CAM (Computer Aided
Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing). Inlay, onlay and full
crowns made of ceramics, with a particular aesthetic, can also be
carried out.
Dental Prosthetics /
Odonto-therapy deals with the treatment of hard
dental substance, cavities, diseases and defects, up to
complications that can affect also other structures.
Our professionals offer you modern treatments
and aesthetic restorations, based on biocompatible
materials and advanced techniques.
Branch of dentistry that deals with the mechanical
treatment of the radicular canal and the canal obturation,
after treating.
Our clinic ‘s modern equipment starts with the "apex
finder" and goes all the way to the endodontic microscope.
Laser in Endodontics is successfully applied by our doctors
with excellent results.
Endodontics /
Zeiss Microscope
Dental laser is one of our the top facilities. It is successfully
used in numerous therapeutic treatments performed by our
Any tipe of Surgery
- In Implantology: Peri-implantitis, Operculectomy, incisions etc.
- Endodontics: canal treatments;
- Thrush treatment: significantly reduces pain and forces healing
- Periodontology: flap surgeries.
- Dental Bleaching.
Dental Laser
Swiss Ecodent Clinic offers a wide range of
periodontal treatment, beginning with prevention,
gingivitis treatment and marginal periodontitis,
and reaching subgingival curettage and flap
surgery, bone addition and Emdogain application.
Laser helps making incisions and removing
inflamed tissue.
Swiss Ecodent Clinic is specialized in oral Surgery and Implantology,
confirmed by our surgeon’s experience of over 20 years in Germany and
The dental implant is an item resembling a set screw, made entirely
from titan, which is inserted in the bone through a surgical intervention,
where it will osseointegrate, in a time period from three to six months.
The dental implants that we use are Straumann (Switzerland) and
MIS (Israel), companies with experienced, advanced and innovative
technologies. You’ll receive a consultation with a specialized doctor, on the
basis of which we will have you made a treatment plan according to your
Surgery –
Swiss Ecodent Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge digital
radiology KODAK. Radiation dose is 60% lower than usual, X-Rays
have very good resolution. Working time is reduced to a few
seconds, the image being showed instantly to the laptops set in
each and every consulting room. Radiological images are easily
stored, submitted into digital format and can be listed using
Digital Dental Radiology
Address: 2A S.V. Rahmaninov Street, District 2
Bucharest, Romania, Zip Code 020198
Phone/Fax: +40.21.9394 / +
Contact person
Ariana-Isabella Marmandiu
Executive Director
Mobile phone: +40.722.205.688
Mail: [email protected]

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