World War II Scrapbook Danielle and Lauren

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941
2,345 military personnel and 57 civilians
were killed.
President Roosevelt documented this day
as a "date that will live in infamy."
December 7, 1941: Photograph of the
On this Sunday, I went to church and then me and
some friends were going to go to this swell new joint .
We heard about the attack over the car radio and were
all so shocked and spooked, we turned around and
went home.
December 7, 1941: Star Bulletin publishing story of the attack
on Pearl Harbor.
December 8, 1941, The News and Observer publishes that Japan declares war on the U.S.
Declare War
December 8, 1941-United States declared war on Japan.
December 11, 1941 -Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S.
December 8, 1941, President Roosevelt signed a declaration of war against Japan.
My Husband:
Jacob Stanley
Dear Jacob,
I miss you so much. The days are long but I’m
doing my best to keep up and help with the war
effort here at home. Sometimes I’m afraid
something might have happened to you and look
forward to every letter I receive from you. I hope
this letter doesn’t take months to get to you like
the last one did. Food rations are down and prices
are high but I’m lucky its just me here at home to
pay for. Your family is just swell and they miss
you. Come home safe so we can get all decked out
and be-bop all night long.
Love Your Baby,
Enlisted in 1943
Sent to Rome Italy and served 24 months as
Sergeant Classification Specialist
4 months as S-SGT Personnel Sergeant
He was honorably discharged in1946
Poster advertising rationing for the war effort.
World War II Draft Notice
Battle of the Coral Sea
In May 1942, a largely
American naval group
engaged a superior
Japanese fleet in the Coral
Sea, northeast of
The five-day battle cost both
sides more than half their
It was the first naval combat
carried out entirely by
May 13th 1942: Political Cartoon showing Uncle Sam placing crosses
for the major carriers that went down.
When I read about the deadly naval battles using aircrafts I became even more
worried for my dearest friend Gertrude. She wasn’t allowed to fight in combat
but anything could happen.
Battle of Midway
June 4, 1942
War planes surprised
Japans carriers at a
vulnerable time while
they were refueling
planes and loading them
with bombs.
David Johnson
Dear Mrs. Stanley,
June 5, 1942
I’m so excited to be writing you.
Seems like just yesterday I told you I
was shipping out. Tell your current
students that a previous student of
yours was just yesterday fighting the
Japanese near Midway Island. Under
the command of Joseph Rochefort, we
sank all four Japanese carriers and
took down hundreds of planes. I hope
this letter reaches you.
Your Favorite Student,
Letter from student David Johnson
USS Yorktown hit by Japanese aerial torpedo, June 4, 1942
June 6, 1944 – American troops invaded German defenses on the beaches of Normandy, and
British and American soldiers parachuted behind enemy lines.
Despite heavy casualties, within a week a half million men had come ashore and by July 2 million
June 6, 1944: American Troops attacking at Normandy
June 7, 1944: The New York Times: Allied Armies
Land in France.
Anti-Semitism in the News
Anti-Semitism is used to describe discrimination or hostility, often violent,
directed at Jews.
November 11, 1938: The Houston Post: Nazi Germany
Threatens to Exterminate Jews
The New York Times: November 11, 1938, Nazis Burn Jewish
shops and temples
Jews were forced to wear the star of David on them so everyone would know
they were Jewish.
Along with the American public, I was shocked and disgusted at the crimes against
humanity that had been occurring in Europe.
Starving prisoners who were liberated
May 5, 1945.
The Jewish
holocaust in
Germany killed
67% of the
Child survivors of the
Holocaust filmed during
the liberation of
Auschwitz concentration
camp by the Red Army.
January, 1945
Jewish prisoner being shot into a mass grave in 1942.
Some Americans were putting their heads in the sand
and ignoring the evils that were taking place.
That Hitler is bad business. I almost chucked
up when I first heard of how he was rubbing out
all those Jews in such gruesome ways.
Time Magazine May 7, 1945
By the war’s end, about 350,000 American women had volunteered for military
service. Officials agreed to use women in almost all areas except combat.
Airfield control tower operators
My Best Friend
Gertrude Tompkins
Gertrude disappeared in the
Los Angeles area in1944, in
her powerful P-51-D
Mustang. She was the last
missing member of the
Women Air force Service
Pilots (WASP), a paramilitary group that flew and
delivered combat aircrafts
around the country.
I myself contributed to the war effort frequently
by knitting scarves and socks and rolling
bandages for the Red Cross.
Dear Alice,
I miss you and everyone back
home so much. Hope all is well. I
just returned from flying an
aircraft from Europe to the states.
Each day is becoming a blur and I
can’t wait to be safe at home. I
plan on coming back sometime
next year. You'll have to take me
to the movies right away and find
me a dreamboat of a guy.
Gertrude’s badge.
1943 Poster. Females were taken out of regular traditional jobs and took up the jobs males
normally did.
President Roosevelt died
on April 12, 1945
President Truman was
sworn in as President
Newspaper publishing President Roosevelt’s death
President Truman at 1945 UN Conference
Battle of Iwo Jima
One of the bloodiest battles
In November 1944 American
bombers began to pound
Iwo Jima from the air.
In mid-February 1945,
marines stormed the
beaches. After three days
of combat, the marines
had barely advanced.
America suffered an
estimated 25,000
A photo of servicemen raising the United States flag on Mt. Surabachi
symbolizes the struggles and sacrifices of American troops during
World War II.
A month later, I learned that my beloved student David
was one of the many who lost their lives at Iwo Jima. I
like so many other Americans will never forget what
those men risked for our country.
August 6, 1945: The United States drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Aug. 9th.
Photo of “Little Boy”
“Little Boy” on Hiroshima
I knew that this was
the dawn of an
entirely new era of
Photo of “Fat Man”
Much of Hiroshima was destroyed. Three days
later Nagasaki was bombed. On August 14th, the
government of Japan accepted the American
terms for surrender. It was signed on
September 2nd 1945.
The long and destructive World War II has
finally come to an end.
“Fat Man” on Nagasaki
Victory in Japan Day
Me and the girls all celebrated down at the dive
and had a little fling with some choice men.
Newspaper reads “Japan gives up”
1945: The war is over.
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