Taking those pins and putting them
into action. All for a good cause!
By Kelby Peachey
Social Media Chair - National Arthritis Walk Volunteer Committee
Denver Arthritis Walk Co-Chair
Peachey's Pack Team Captain | Twitter/Facebook: @PeachyPains
• What is Pinterest?
– a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things
you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.
– People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things -- wedding
inspiration, favorite T-shirts, DJ equipment. You name it, people are
pinning it.
Why Pinterest?
• Over 10 million registered users, most of
whom are women.
• Mashable calls Pinterest 2012′s hottest
startup. But what about a Pinterest Party?
• We marvel at why we never thought of some
things, speculate on how people make others ,
and ponder why we’ll never actually get
everything we pin.
Once you start, you can’t stop…
But let’s put all that pinning into
action and for a great cause!!
Host a Pinterest Fundraising Party
How to host a Pinterest Party
Keep the attendance list small. Just enough woman to be able to sit around your
dining room table.
Who to invite: anyone who knows Pinterest, posts ideas on Pinterest, or just likes
to craft! Its also an opportunity to make new friends, so invite a variety of girls
who may not know each other!
Ask the guests to bring three things:
All of the supplies that they will need to create a project/DIY that they have "pinned" on
Pinterest. Be sure to inform them that they need to complete their project within the party
time allotted!
A dish created from a recipe they found on Pinterest and that they have pinned (it can be an
appetizer, meal, dessert, snack, drink, whatever).
$10-$20 donation in support of the Arthritis Foundation (Please indicate all monies
collected are a donation and considered a deduction)
Make a Pinterest Party board so that everyone can contribute ideas on what they
will be crafting at the party and what food they will be bringing.
You supply all the basic supplies like: scissors, glue, paper, or anything you may
have in your crafting drawer.
Add some cute decor, fun music, and you got yourself a party!
Pinterest Party Board
• Back to school
• Organization
• Fashion
– Nails, outfits, hair
Summer activities
Bridal Shower
Wedding Extravaganza
Baby Shower
Backyard Recipe
Other Pinterest Party Ideas
• As a group
• Virtual
• Once a month
Group Party
– Everyone participate and do the same project/DIY
– If you host this kind of party, you would be
responsible of getting all the materials for the
group project/DIY. This allows each girl to have
everything she needs to get down to business and
a place around the table.
– Make sure to ask your guests to bring some
money to contribute towards the cost. However,
your goal is to raise money for the Arthritis
Foundation! Keep it simple and easy!!
Ideas for a Group Party
• This is a great way to get your team together!
• Create a fun team spirit around a theme of
your team through
– T-shirts
– Hats
– Shoes
– The possibilities are endless. Just search through
What if your friends and family live out of town? No problem!!
• Hosting a virtual party takes care of this.
• Designate the day of your virtual party and invite your
friends and family.
• Have them pin their project/DIY on the Pinterest Party
• Tell them to donate through your Team Walk Page!
• Have them take pictures of their completed project and
send it to you.
• Share your photos on other Social Media sites (Facebook,
Twitter, etc)
• Bonus: Host a real party at the same time as a virtual party!
Once a month
• If you see yourself doing this more often, then do it
once a month!
• Switch it around to other girlfriends houses.
• Switch it up and try a virtual party or a group
Be sure too…
• Take a lot of photos!! This is an opportunity to
show the world
– What wonderful girlfriends you have!
– How crafty they are!
– That you can actually complete a Pin on Pinterest
– That you did all of these crafts for a wonderful
– Share on all social media sites!
• Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Social Media Interaction
• After the party, be sure to share on all social media sites.
Here’s some example wording
– Thanks for attending my Pinterest Fundraising Party in support
of the Arthritis Foundation (link page) @friend name @friend
name and @friend name! We raised $X!!! I’m now ___% closer
to my goal.
– That Pinterest Fundraising Party was awesome! We raised over
$X in support of the Arthritis Foundation (link page)!! Pictures
coming soon!! If you would like to donate, you may do so here
(add link to your team donation page!)
• Create a photo album on Facebook and call it “Pinterest
Fundraising Party”. Post all the pictures of the party, tag all
of your guests in the photos, and add a link to your
Pinterest Party Board.
The beauty of it!
1. When the party is over, each girl goes home
with several completed project/DIY.
2. But, more importantly, several new friends.
3. The true beauty of the party is less in the
crafts or the food (although that part is
definitely fun) but more about the
opportunity to meet new people, hear their
stories and raise money for a great cause!!!
• We heard a lot of, “I pinned this recipe, too, and I was
wondering how it would turn out!” mixed in with “Oh
my goodness! This so good!”

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