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Bungalow Court Preservation
City Council
September 8, 2014
Bungalow Courts
Planning & Community Development Department
Gartz Court, 743 N. Pasadena Avenue
Mary Louise Court, 599 N. Mentor Avenue
Harnetiaux Court, 48 N. Catalina Avenue
Cornish Manor Court, 500 S. El Molino Avenue
Historic Designation Status Summary
Planning & Community Development Department
• Councilmember Tornek recently raised a
concern about historic bungalow courts that
may be threatened with demolition due to
development pressures
• Staff conducted preliminary research
116 total remaining in City
44 with historic designation
36 eligible for designation
22 ineligible for designation due to alterations
14 require further research due to construction after
Existing Protections
Planning & Community Development Department
• 44 Designated Courts:
> Certificate of Appropriateness is required for major and minor
> Review authority can deny application if inappropriate.
• 36 Eligible but Undesignated Courts:
> Certificate of Appropriateness required for major projects only.
> Review authority can delay application for up to 180 days if
> If demolition proposed in conjunction with a new development
project, CEQA requirements may be sufficient disincentive to
ensure protection.
• 22 Ineligible Courts & 14 Requiring Further Study:
> No protection required (not historically significant)
Potential Threats to 36 Eligible but
Undesignated Courts
Planning & Community Development Department
• Demolition
> 11 courts are developed below the allowable density by 5 or more units –
could be considered threatened.
• Serial Alterations
> Minor projects (replacement windows/doors, minor additions, changes to
the setting, etc.) are exempt from Certificate of Appropriateness.
• Deterioration/Neglect
> Some courts have high levels of deterioration on the exterior.
> Education is needed to inform property owners of economic incentives
available for historic properties.
• Potential Condominium Conversions
> Condominium conversions could assist with preservation; however,
compliance with current parking requirements would be an issue.
Condominium conversions could potentially have the effect of eliminating
affordable housing.
Possible Strategies for Further Study
Planning & Community Development Department
• Conduct further study of 22 ineligible bungalow courts and 14
requiring further study.
• Conduct outreach to property owners to encourage
designation of eligible courts.
• Establish limitation on the number of building permits that
may be issued for minor projects affecting historic resources
within a given time period.
• Conduce educational outreach to inform property owners of
economic incentives available for historic properties.
• Revive previous effort to modify parking requirements for
bungalow court condominium conversions (after consulting
with Housing to ensure that affordable housing stock would
not be impacted).
Staff Recommendation
Planning & Community Development Department
• Staff recommends that the City Council
receive the report and direct staff to bring the
issue of bungalow court preservation to the
Historic Preservation Commission and
Planning Commission to develop a strategy
and recommendations for further protection of
historic bungalow courts.
Bungalow Court Preservation
Discussion/Direction from Council

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