Opening Remarks-Prof. Awatef Hamed ()

Center for Intelligent Propulsion & Advanced
Life Management
Ohio Research Scholar Program (ORSP)
Sponsor: Ohio Third Frontier
Led By: University of Cincinnati
Center Director: Dr. Awatef Hamed
Email: [email protected], Tel: (513) 556-3553
Total Funds from OTF: $27.5M; Required Matching Fund:
Endowment : $12.5 M to UC ($7.5M), UD ($2.5M) and OSU ($2.5M)
Recruitments and Capital fund: $15M
research teams and recruitment packages
center operation: $0.2M
Proposals reviewed by: National Academy of Sciences
Center for Intelligent Propulsion Research Scholars
Dr. Heinz Robota
UDRI (2009)
Dr. Datta Gaitonde
OSU (Sept. 2010)
Dr. Jong Guen Lee
UC (Jan. 2011)
Dr. Awatef Hamed
Center Director
Dr. Francesco Simonetti
UC (Mar. 2011)
Center for Intelligent Propulsion
Dr. San-Mou Jeng
Dr. Paul Orkwis
Dr. Peter B. Nagy
Dr. Mark Turner
Dr. Ephraim Gutmark
Dr. Asif Syed
Dr. David Munday
Center Objectives & Technical Areas
Center Objectives:
• To conduct leading edge multidisciplinary research to sustain the
State of Ohio undisputed leadership position in aircraft engine
manufacturing and development.
• To assist Ohio economic development and job creation
Research Scholars’ Technical Areas:
Components Prognosis &Life Management (Francesco Simonetti, UC)
Advanced Low Emissions Combustion (Jong Guen Lee, UC)
Thermal Management of Power & Propulsion Systems (open at UC)
Advanced Propulsion Systems Integration (Datta Gaitonde, OSU)
Alternate Fuels and Low Emission Combustion (Heinz Robota, UD),
Benchmarked Areas of Excellence & Funding Sources
• Aero acoustics
• Gas Turbine Combustion
• Turbine Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer
• Non Destructive Materials Characterization
• Erosion of Gas Turbine Components
Ephraim Gutmark
[email protected]
GE (Aviation, Global Research, Power)
• Reduction of commercial and military jet noise
(4 joint patents)
• Developing new afterburners concepts (1 joint patent)
• Constant volume/pressure gain combustors (1 joint patent)
• New methods for boiler cleaning (1 joint patent)
• Turbine blades heat management and aerodynamics
The Boeing Company
• Shape Memory Alloys for vertical takeoff (V-22)
• Heat transfer from advanced aerodynamic airfoils
• Shock and flow separation control at high speeds (1 joint patent)
Honeywell International, Inc.
• Extension of surge margin in turbochargers
Halliburton Company
• Innovative hydrodynamics for oil drilling and production (1 joint patent)
• Prevention of thermoacoustic in power generation combustors (35 joint patents)
Goodrich Aerospace
• Multiple Lean-Direct Inject burners in high pressure combustors
• Low emissions, efficient and stable “Flameless” combustion (1 joint patent)
Asif Syed
[email protected]
Duct Acoustics and Acoustic Liner Design
GE Aviation
• Acoustic characteristics of advanced high temperature
materials for thermal and acoustic insulation
Middle River Aircraft Systems (GE Aviation)
• Development of double layer acoustic liners for aircraft
engine nacelles (acoustic suppression)
Cornerstone Research Group/NASA
• The effects of drainage slots (in the honeycomb) on the
acoustic suppression performance
Hexcel Corporation
• New product development based on honeycomb
Combustion Research Laboratory
San-Mou Jeng and Jong Guen Lee
([email protected])
([email protected])
GE (Aviation, Global Research, Power) and Parker Hannifin Gas Turbine Fuel Systems
• Combustion and Spray
• Characterization of spray at high-pressures
• Reacting and non-reacting aerodynamics
• Multi-swirl cup swirler-swirler interactions
• Advanced multi-point Lean Direct Fuel Injection
• Cokings in fuel nozzle and fuel line
• Combustion dynamics measurements to assist model development
• NOx emissions from a perfectly premixed combustor
Turbine Fuel
• Fuel/air
in micro-mixing
device using acetone-PLIF
• Development of (a) high altitude relight facility and ignition study, (b) Flame
radiation emission probe (fiber-optic) for high pressure combustion chamber, and (3)
Fuel vapor concentration probe using Infrared Extinction Technique
• Fire Safety and Thermal Management
• FAA fire certifications and engineering tests
• Fire resistant properties of advanced composite material
• Spray cooling systems
Gas Turbine Simulation Lab (GTSL)
Paul Orkwis and Mark G. Turner
[email protected] [email protected]
GE Aviation, AFRL, NASA, Siemens Energy, Cornerstone Research
• Capabilities
• Hardware: 1000+ cores in parallel cluster in protected network,
high memory workstations, 3D visualization, GPUs
Solvers: XDG, Tacoma, Overflow, Fine/Turbo, FDL3DI, CFX,
Post Processing: Tecplot, NPLOT3D, Asgard, Fieldview
Grid Generation: Pointwise, Numeca Autogrid &IGG
Turbomachinery Design: meanline, axisymmetric, 3D geometry
Parker Hannifin
Gas Turbine
• Simulation
& FlowFuel
• Compressor tip flows with unsteadiness and multistage apps
• Turbine Aero and Cooling including hub cavity flows and
affects unsteadiness such as hot streak migration
• Turbomachinery Design & Optimization
• Supersonic Inlets & SWBLI, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, LES
• CFD Development
• High Order Discontinuous Galerkin: 10-100 times faster!
• Harmonic Balance
Peter B. Nagy
[email protected]
GE (Aviation, Power)
• Eddy current NDE of IN718 superalloy
• Pulsed eddy current conductivity profilometry
• Ultrasonic NDE of butt joints
Rolls-Royce Corporation
• Nonlinear ultrasonic NDE of diffusion bonded components
• Nonlinear ultrasonic NDE of low-cycle fatigue in engine alloys
Honeywell International, Inc.
• NDE of non-voided hard alpha inclusions in titanium alloys
• Residual stress profiling in nickel-base super alloys
Bombardier Aerospace
• Fatigue crack detection and sizing in Learjet engine beam structure
General Motors Corporation
• NDE of weld penetration on catalytic converters
Whemco Foundry
• Eddy current NDE of microstructural variations
High Temperature Erosion Laboratory
Propulsion Simulation Laboratory
Awatef Hamed
([email protected])
NASA, GE Aviation, Rolls Royce, BRYCOAT Inc, Expatial
Erosion of Turbomachinery Blades and Thermal Barrier Coatings
• Experimental investigation & simulations of blades and coatings
erosion by particle impacts at high velocities and temperatures
GE Aviation
Thermal Management
• Optimization of aircraft environmental control systems
• Subsystem modeling of the Adaptive Power Thermal Management
System (APTMS) for 5th Gen. military aircraft
Flow Control in Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions
• Computational simulations of bleed hole row interactions with
shock/turbulent boundary layer interactions
• Development of flow expansion physics bleed models for supersonic
inlet design
UC Center Hill Campus
5997 Center Hill Rd
UC College of Engineering & Applied Science
School of Aerospace Systems
– Gas Turbine Simulation Lab
– High Temperature Erosion Lab
– Gas Turbine Combustion Lab
– Combustion Research Lab
School of Dynamic Systems
– Laboratory for In Vivo Radiological
– SAE student car engine evaluation
School of Advanced Structures
– Large Scale Research/Test Lab
US EPA: Water Research Group
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Prime Sponsors of supported research
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