Point and Line Focusing Receiver
Laltu Chandra
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
[email protected]
Concentrated solar thermal technologies
 Line Focusing (Flux concentration: up to 100 suns)
 Parabolic Trough Concentrator based
 Linear Fresnel Reflector based
 Point Focusing (Flux concentration: 1000 or more suns)
 Dish concentrator based
 Heliostat based
 1 sun = 1kW/m2
 Higher flux concentration  higher temperature
Line Focusing Technologies
Parabolic trough
(Direct solar steam Technology, PSA Spain
Receiver tube and support
Diameter of absorber tube = 70mm
Diameter of receiver tube = 115 mm
Length of absorber tube between support brackets = 4m
Overall length could be 1000s of meters
Linear Fresnel Reflector
Linear Cavity Receiver
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Reflector Unit
Reflector material
Global reflectivity
Elastically curved glass mirror
3 mm thick Solar grade low iron glass – mirror from SaintGobain Glass, Germany
92.5% (In 3º Cone)
93.5 % in standard conditions,
8 nos
measured to ISO 9050, AM
Point Focusing Technologies
Dish concentrator
Heliostat based
central solar tower
PS10 (DSG) 
Tubular and Volumetric Receiver
Principle of volumetric air receiver [Hoffschmidt et al. (2003)]
Types of Volumetric Receivers :
a) Closed volumetric receiver
b) Open volumetric receiver
Closed and open volumetric air receivers
Closed air receiver
Open air receiver
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