Life of Gotama Buddha

Life of Gotama Buddha
A unique Being, an extraordinary Man arises in this world
for the benefit of the many,
for the happiness of the many,
out of compassion for the world,
for the good, benefit, and happiness of gods and men.
It is the Tathagata, the Exalted, Fully Enlightened One.
- Anguttara Nikaya PT. 1, XII P.22.
Time - Full moon day of May, in the year 623 B.C.
Place of birth - Lumbini Park at Kapilavatthu, India borders of present Nepal.
Father - King Suddhodana of the aristocratic Sakya clan
Mother - Queen Maha Maya. She died seven days after his birth.
Queen sister - Maha Pajapati Gotami, adopted and nursed him.
Prince - Siddhattha - means wish fulfilled – Buddha to-be (Bodhisatta)
Our Lord Buddha, in one life time in the past was named Sumedha. He gave
away the wealth inherited and said: “My parents and grand-parents knew
only how to amass wealth but did not know to take it away beyond death. I
shall now give away my property in alms so that the merit of the deeds may
follow me after death”
Sumedha Hermit made Verbal
In one life time as Ascetic Hermit Sumedha at the time of Buddha Dipankara he
offered his body Sumedha spread himself out upon the mud with his face
downwards, his body serving as a bridge so that the Buddha could tread on. He made
his verbal aspiration to become a Buddha at some future time. From that time to the
time of becoming Gotama Buddha took him four-Asankheyya and 1,00,000 world
cycles .(twenty-four Buddha’s preceded him.)
He completed Ten Perfections and
awaits in Tusita Heaven
After fulfilling the ten perfections (parami’s) for four incalculable aeons and one hudred
thousand world cycles, he awaited his time in Tusita heaven for his rebirth in the human world
as Gotama Buddha. Gods gathered around him and requested him to descend to the human
world as it is suitable time for him to appear in the world.
Bodhisatta Conception
In her dream, The
Queen Maha Maya in
her dream – saw the
Devas of the Four Kings
took her to the Himalaya
to wash her in the lake
Anotatta Lake, and
bathed her to remove
every human stain.
They then adorned her
divine cloth divine
garments. The white
elephant then enter her
womb to begin the
Bodhisatta conception.
Queen Maha Maya Dream
Bodhisatta – Prince Siddhatta
On the full moon day in May
(Vesak) she had permission to
return to her family on the way
at the pleasure grove of sal trees,
called Lumbini Grove, she
delivered the Bodhisatta.
Four Brahmas came to receive
him. Bodhisatta was born in
Lumbini Pleasure Garden 623
B.C, India
Prince Siddhatta and Princess
Yasodaya wedding
The Prince Siddhatta & Princess
Yasodara Marriage
Exhibiting his
skill as Prince
to win the hand
of her cousin.
The Prince
married his
Yasodaya in a
grand wedding
The Four Signs
At 29 years he went to the park and saw the Four Signs, an old man, a sick
man, a dead man and a monk. His mind turned ardently to retiring from the
world. He said to himself, "It behooves me to go forth on the Great
Renunciation this very day". At that moment he received the news that his son
Rahula was born.
Siddhatta’s Renunciation
The Prince left the Palace ,his wife and son and went forth in quest of the
deathless Dhamma to escape from the cycle of births and rebirths
Bodhisatta Cuts Off his Hair to
become a Monk
The Prince before entering the forest, cuts off his hair and took a vow. "If I am to
become a Buddha, let it stay in the sky; but if not, let it fall to the ground". And
Sakka, the King of the gods, received it in a golden casket, and enshrined it in
Sulamani Cedi in the heaven of Thirty-three.
He Rejected King Bimisara’s Offer
Now the ascetic prince collected his alms begins his quest for the deathless. There, Bimbisara,
the King, approached the Future Buddha, and being pleased with his princely demeanor and
appearance, offered him all his kingly glory. "Great King", replied the Future Buddha, "I do
not seek for the gratification of my sensual luxuries I have retired from the world for the sake
of the supreme and absolute enlightenment of Buddha.
Six Years of Austerity Practice
After acquiring the mundane knowledge of supernatural power from his Brahmin
teachers Alara Kalarma and Uddaka Ramaputta he left them and practices
austerity for six years. He was on his quest for enlightenment as Buddha.
Giving up Austerity Practice
returned to eating normal Food.
After six years of austerity
practice, he returned to taking
food to replenish his energy.
On the full moon day of the
month Vesakha (April-May),
our Future Buddha at age 35,
was sitting under the banyan
Sujata caught sight him took
him for a tree God, her
benefactor, she offered him
milk-porridge in a golden
bowl. It was Brahmin tradition
to worship tree God in those
He was under attacks from Mara
After the meal, went into
deep absorption (jhanas)
meditation with full
Mara daughters came by
to seduce him. Mara
launched several attacks
but lost.
Our Buddha conquered
them and attained
Attained Enlightenment as
Supreme Buddha
Victorious over Mara’s Attacks to spoil his
quest for Enlightenment. He finally attained his
enlightenment. He acquired:
The knowledge of previous existences;
The divine eye - see the beings of all thirty-one
Complete emancipation.
Wednesday the full moon day of Vesakha
(April-May) at dawn.
Our Buddha was fulfilling his ten perfections
through Buddha’s: Dipankara, Kondana,
Anomadassi, Paduma, Narada, Padumuttara,
Sumedha, Sujata, Piyadassi, Atthadassi
,Dhammadassi, Siddhattaa, Tissa, Phussa,
Vapassi, Sikkhi, Vessabhu, Kakusandha,
Konagamana, Kassapa .
(Twenty four Buddhas for a period of four
asankheyya and 1,00,000 world cycles before he
became a supreme Buddha.)
Theravada worship only 28 Buddhas and no
other arahats for mundane benefits. His
dispensation will endure for 5,000 years
Buddha Instructed the Two
Brothers – Saputta & Balikka
Not long after his attainment, the Blessed One
sat cross- legged at the foot of the Rajayatana
tree. At that time two brothers Tapussa and
Bhallika, from Okkalavillage called Ukkala
were on a trading journey near by. A deity
related to them in a past existence informed the
two brothers and directed them to the Buddha.
The two brothers approached the Buddha
and offered the cakes. They were the foremost
lay disciples in this Buddha sasana and
addressed the Buddha “may the Blessed One
receive us as disciples for life”. The Bless one
offered them in return eight strands of hairs to
be enshrined in Cetiya now known as
Shwedagon in Myanmar, where his teaching
would flourish in some future time after it
disappeared in India.
Foods from the Two Brothers and bowls from
Devas of the four Kings were offered.
Buddha Hair Relics Enshrined
Saputta and Balikka with the help of King Okkalapa built a Cetiya to enshrine
the Eight strands of Buddha’s Hair Relics at Shwedagon Sandawshin Pagoda,
Brahma Sampati Invited Buddha to
Buddha thought that beings are
like lotus flowers, some come
up to the surface and some
became food for the fishes. To
whom should I deliver the
dhamma that I just discovered?
The Four Noble Truths of
suffering: a. the truth of
suffering; the truth of the cause
of suffering; the truth of ending
the suffering; and the truth of
the path leading to the end of
appeared before Him and
invited Him to preach the
Preached to the Five Ascetics
Buddha at the Deer Park in Benares, delivered the – the First Four Noble Truths and the first Sermon to the
five ascetics: Ven. Kondanna, Ven. Assaji, Ven. Bhaddiya, Ven. Vappa, Ven. Mahanama: His
dispensation would endure for 5,000 years. The path leading us to end the cycle of births and rebirths in this
Samsara. Delivered his first sermon in Migadaya at Isipatana, near Benares (Varanasi) India. (In 588
a. The Four Noble Truths,
b. The Noble Eightfold Path.
Noble Eightfold Path
to Nibbana
samma-ditthi--Right View
samma-sankappa--Right Thinking
samma-vaca--Right Speech
samma-kammanta--Right Action
samma-ajiva--Right Livelilihood
samma-vayama--Right Effort
samma-sati--Right Mindfulness
Samma-samadhi – Right concentration
Buddhist Five Precepts
The Pali version of Fives Precepts
panatipata veramanisikkhapadamsamadiyami.
Adinnadana veramanisikkhapadamsamadiyami
Kamesumicchacara veramanisikkhapadamsamadiyami.
Musavada veramanisikkhapadamsamadiyami.
Suramerayamajja pama datthana veramanisikkhapadamsamadiyami.
English version:
I pledge to observe abstaining from killing living beings.
I pledge to observe abstaining from taking what is not given.
I pledge to observe abstaining from committing sexual misconduct
I pledge to observe abstaining from telling lies
I pledge to observe abstaining from taking any intoxicant.
Yasa Attained the Arahatship
Yasa the son of lady Sujata first met the Buddha and was ordained as Bhikkhu and
after listening to the Buddha’s discourse attained the arahatship. Emancipation in
this very life.
Buddha Ministry
Buddha assigned sixty arahats to go in all four directions to preach the Dhamma
on his behalf for the happiness and welfare of Gods and men.
Sariputta met Ven. Assaji
Sariputta and Moggallana were the two Buddha Chief Disciples. The two undertook
training under Sanjaya as wandering ascetics. One day Sariputta met the
Venerable Assaji (one of the five foremost disciples) going alms round at
Rajagaha. Ven. Asaji introduced Sariputta to Buddha. Sariputta and Mogallana met
our Lord Buddha and soon were ordained and become his chief Disciples –
Shin Saripuitta and Shin Moggallana
Buddha Performed Twin Miracles
Buddha returned to Kapilavatu to
see his father and his family. To
subdue his proud relatives he
perform twin miracles – fire and
water streaming from both sides
of his body.
The sky then became overcast
with clouds and poured down a
shower of rain and only those who
wished to be wet became wet.
They marveled at this miracle and
showed greater respect towards
the Buddha and pay their
obeisance to our Lord Buddha
Aunt Pajapati Gotami request to
Establish Bhikkhuni Order
Our Lord Buddha step-mother Pajapati Gotami requests our Lord Buddha for
permission to establish Bhikkhuni order under his guidance. Mahapajapati
Gotami and his former wife Yasodaya were ordained as Bhikkhuni and both
attained arahatship. Buddha heritage has both male and female sanghas in the
His son Rahula Asked for his
His son Rahula asked for inheritance from his father, who then took him back to
the monastery and ordained him as Samanera and later became an arahat.
Yasodaya, his former wife, too became an arahat after ordination as Bhikkhuni.
Buddha’s Female Supporters
Yasodara – His wife– as Sumita –
aspired 24 Buddhas ago to support our
Lord Boddha as his soul mate before
Dipankara Buddha.
Maha Maya – aspired to be his
mother many aeons ago
MahaPajamati Gotami-foster
mother-aspired to establish Order of
Bhikkhuni in his dispensation, 100,000
world cycle ago.
Khema Theri – aspired to be his chief
disciple 100,000 world cycle ago.
Uppalavanna Theri – aspired to be
his chief disciple 100,000 world cycle
Sumita aspired to be his soul mate when
Buddha was Sumedha ascetic
Preaching Abhidhamma in
Tavatimsa Heaven
Our Lord Buddha went to Tavatimsa heaven to deliver the Abhidhamma and
Pathanna to Gods (Devas and Brahmas) presided over by his former mother Maha
Maya, now a male Deva by the name of Matu Deva Putta Deva. Abhidhamma is
the higher learning in Buddhism,
Chief Female Disicples – Khema &
Khema Theri was formerly Bimbisara queen. Later she was ordained and entered
the order of Bhikkhuni Sangha. She attained arahatship and became the first chief
female disciple of our Lord Buddha. The second chief female disciple was
Uppalavanna Theri. In one life time she was born to the world from flower and in this life
her skin resembled that of blue lotus flower.
Buddha Ministering the Sicks
At the Monastery, he cared for the sick Bhikkhu’s. .Immediately the Blessed One
sent the Venerable Ananda to fetch water and Himself poured water while the
Venerable Ananda scrubbed and cleaned the sick. The Buddha and the Venerable
Ananda thus did their duty of ministering to the sick
Buddha Paritta Suttas
Ven. Ananda reciting “Ratana sutta Paritta” at the city of Vesali to relieve the
citizens from pestilence and famine. To this day, many in Theravada countries recite this
sutta to eradicate pestilence and famine.
Buddha also had composed “Bojjhanga Sutta Paritta” to relieve and eradicate severe
Offering of Alms Food to Buddha
and Samghas
It is the Buddhist Theravada Tradition to offer alms food to the Buddha and sanghas
and make this salutation of our devoted offers as shown in picture so they could
proceed to partake the alms food.
Buddha’s Chief Disciples
Male Disciples (Thera’s) Bhikkhu
Ven. Kondanna –Thera
Ven. Saiputta - Thera
Ven. Moggalanna - Thera
Ven. Maha Kassapa Ven. Anuruddha - Thera
Senior most Thera
Possessing great wisdom – Chief Disciple
possessing great supernatural power
keeping austere practice
possessing the divine eye.
Female Disciples (Theri’s) Bhikkhuni
Mahapajapatigotami Theri
Khema Theri Uppalavanna Theri’Patacara – Theri
Nanda – Theri
Senior most Bhikkhuni
possessing great wisdom – chief disciple
possessing supernatural power-chief disciple
expert in vinnaya rules
great in jhanas
The Law of Dependent Origination
Dependent on Conditioning Activities arises (Relinking) Consciousness (vinnana).
Dependent on (Relinking) Consciousness arise Mind and Matter (nama-rupa).
Dependent on Mind and Matter arise the Six Spheres of Sense (salayatana).
Dependent on the Six Spheres of Sense arises Contact (phassa).
Dependent on Contact arises Feeling (vedana).
Dependent on Feeling arises Craving (tanha).
Dependent on Craving arises Grasping (upadana).
Dependent on Grasping arises Becoming (bhava).
Dependent on Becoming arises Birth (jati).
Dependent on Birth arise Decay (jara), Death (marana), Sorrow (soka),
Lamentation (parideva), Pain (dukkha) Grief (domanassa), and Despair
Buddha Sasana Heritage
Buddha has left the following fellow workers to carry
on his dispensation to last for 5,000 years:
Bhikkhu - Monk
Bhikkhuni – female Monk
Samanera – Novice
Samaneri – (female novice)
Sikkhaman – female
Upasaka - (male devotee)
Upasika - (female lay devotee)
True Emancipation - Nibbana
Buddha’s Victory Trumpet
'Thro' many a birth in existence wandered I,
Seeking, but not finding, the builder of this house.
Sorrowful is repeated birth.
O housebuilder, thou art seen. Thou shalt build no
house again.
All thy rafters are broken. Thy ridge-pole is shattered.
Mind attains the Unconditioned.
Achieved is the End of Craving.
Famous Rich Lay Disciples
Anathapindaka – Rich Male
lay disciple – attained Sotapanna
reborn in Deva world
Visakha – Rich female disciple.
Attained Sotapanna reborn in
Deva world.
Lay folks could attain:
Sotapanna – stream winner
Sekadagami – once returner
Anagami – non-returner
Pouring Water of Libation
Tradition - Pouring the water of libation,
following the offering dedicated to the
Started when King Bimbisara after
making his offering to the Buddha, in the
name of his ancestors reborn as Petas
(hungry ghost)
He pour the water of libation to share
merits with them.
The tradition continues until today.
Buddha preached - Buddha preached the
Tirokutta Sutta
Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu
*Well done, Well done, Well done”
Buddha Parinibbana
He passed away by attaining Jhanas in their various stages progressively.
This took place. on Tuesday Wesak Full Moon Day of May, in His 80th
year, 543 B.C.
Parinibbana - Final Release from birth and death of the Buddha.
Buddha Ministry ;asted 45 years
Buddha Stupas (Pagodas)
Buddha body was cremated and relics
distributed to build Cetiya – Stupas in
reverence to Buddha.
People worthy of Stupa:
Buddhas (Tathagatas)
Ariya disciples, and
Universal Monarchs.
Three Types of Stupas
Sariradhatu cetiya - relics are
enshrined are known as;
Uddissa cetiya - stupas and figures
made in the likeness and the stupas
Paribhoga cetiya - where personal
effects like robes, bowls, etc.are
Mettreyya Buddha in 10,000,000
years from now
Duration of Gotama Dispensation
The Dispensation will last for 5,000 years
Our current life span is 100 years
Some 2,400 years the world will end
Buddha Relics will gathered and form a Miracle
Image to deliver Dhamma to Devas and
Some 10,000,000 Years later Mettreyya Buddha
will appear in India, Benares (Ketumati City)
Mettreyya will be born in a Brahmin family and
the Life span will then be 100,000 years

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