101 L14 Eastern Orthodoxy & Islam

Part I: Eastern Orthodox Church
• Church of the Seven Ecumenical
• Iconography & Liturgy
• Differences between Eastern
Orthodoxy & Roman Catholicism
Map of Eastern Empire
Eastern Churches
• Eastern Orthodox Churches
• Non-Chalcedonian Churches:
separated from the Orthodox
Church in the 6th c.
• The Assyrian Church of the
East: isolated from the
Orthodox Church in the fifth c
Iconoclastic controversy
• 787 Seventh ecumenical council met
at Nicaea
• Issue: the use of icons (religious
images) to depict God
• Main objections:
– Icons are idols
– Infinite God cannot be depicted
• Decision of the council: incarnation
justifies the use of icon
Kasimir Malevich. Complex Presentiment: HalfFigure in a Yellow Shirt
Differences between Eastern Orthodoxy &
Roman Catholicism
• Cultural differences
• Final schism in 1054
• Doctrinal differences:
– Pope or council? (papal primacy & infallibility)
– Addition to the creed (filioque)
– Two new dogmas about Mary
• Immaculate Conception & Bodily Assumption)
Part II: Islam
• Early History of Islam
• Five pillars of Islam
• Christianity & Islam
570 AD Birth of Muhammad
610 Muhammad begins his prophetic mission.
622 Muhammad’s flight to Medina (hijra)
632 Muhammad’s death
7th- 10th c Spread of the Islamic Civilization
1096-1291 Crusades
1453 Fall of Constantinople
Muslim Empire in 656
Islamic Expansion after the death of Muhammad
Christianity & Islam
• Common ground:
– Belief in one God who is
just & good
• Main differences:
– Islam’s rejection of Jesus’
divinity & Trinity
– Islam’s claim that Koran
replaces the Bible
Mosque of Omar.
Holy Wars: past & present
• Judaism: conquest of
• Islam: conquest of Mecca
• Christianity: crusades
Meanings of Holy War
 Spiritual warfare
Apocalyptic battle
Physical extermination of infidels

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