Accounts Payable FD-201 - Montana State University

Accounts Payable
November 6, 2014
Getting Started
• Approved systems for generating BPAs are:
• Benefits – vendor info interfaces with Banner
– Catbooks/Agbooks
• Benefits – comprehensive system, does more than just
To learn more about APEX contact Christina x3653
To learn more about Catbooks contact [email protected]
Putting a BPA together
• Like a book
• Two staples at top border
• Loose or small receipts, taped to 8.5”x11” sheet
of paper
• Do not print on recycled paper (paper with print
already on it)
• No two-sided printing
To help us from having to flip pages back and forth and
around and around; to help with filing; to avoid confusion;
to make document imaging easier.
What info should I include on my BPA?
• Your contact information – Name, email, office phone number
• Vendor name and address – make sure what prints on your BPA is accurate!
Vendor address should match “remit to” address on invoice. CatBooks users - make
sure you’re checking and updating CatBooks vendor information
• If the payment is being sent to an MSU department, include the PO Box. Room and
buildings are not recognized as mailing addresses by the Post Office
Remit Info – this is for the vendor & prints on the check stub/remit summary:
• Department Name
• Account number – from the vendor
• Invoice number
• Invoice date
• Invoice Amount
Additional Info – this is for you:
• DPO number, contracted services detail, other information that is important to the
department’s records, but not necessarily the vendor
Authorized Signature – we can’t pay from an unsigned BPA
What info should I include with my BPA?
Other relevant forms
• These things are not invoices:
• Work Orders
• Statements
Travel forms
Purchasing forms
Hospitality Approval forms
Most recent version from the IRS is dated August 2013.
• Quotes
• Missing Receipt Forms
(Missing receipt forms are ONLY okay with Pcard
reports and even then we don’t love them )
The form is available on our website at
If you have a W-9 saved out to your desktop, please
make sure it is the most recent version
What info should I include with my BPA?
• Please provide enough information so that we
can process your payments promptly.
• All hospitality, regardless of cost, needs an
explanation of the business purpose and
• Non-employee travel expense reimbursements
• Variances between invoice and BPA totals
Checking Vendor Information
Checking Vendor Information
Checking Vendor Information
Checking Vendor Information
Has my payment been processed?
Other Important AP Information
• Foreign Wire Transfers
– Wire Transfer form:
– Attach this form to all BPA paperwork
– List currency as it is listed on invoice. If invoice is in
Euros, BPA should have Euro amount
– Special instructions should include: remit info for
vendor, account number, invoice number – to help
vendor apply payment correctly
– If wiring US Dollars, please include separate line on BPA
with index and account 62802 for $20 processing fee
Other Important AP Information
• Gift Cards (UBS is developing policy)
– Risky; no different than cash
• Must be tracked (do not purchase gift cards for prize baskets
that are not trackable; i.e. Welcome Back picnic)
• Must be stored in a secure location
• Only purchase the amount immediately needed
– Backup documentation for BPA/Pcard reports
• Treat like an advance
• Business purpose for gift cards (research study, prize, etc.)
• List of recipients, including their signature/initials
acknowledging receipt of card
• Identify recipients who are MSU employees
Other Important AP Information
• Paying employees for services, participant support,
awards, etc.
– The IRS ‘red-flags’ taxpayers receiving both a W-2 and
1099 from the same place (MSU)
– Most payments to employees, other than
reimbursements, will be processed through Payroll
• AP will contact the department if their BPA is forwarded to
Payroll for processing
• Note that Payroll will alter your expense account code to a
payroll expense account code (61127, 61124, etc.)
• Tax and benefit expenses for payments processed through
Payroll will follow normal payroll logic
P-card application form
Please remember to complete ALL fields on the form and DO NOT modify
We need to know:
• 0 + Entire GID number
• Entire PO Box address
• Phone number with area code
(for US Bank to contact in case of fraud)
• Org number
P-cards – things to remember
• Review all your indexes for activity in 62886
 process corrections promptly
• Fraudulent charges – leave in 62886, credit will post here
• Add consistent, meaningful descriptions
 Example: NACUBO-M Smith Dallas TX Sept 2014
• For out of state/country travel – traveler should notify US Bank
• Travel justifications
 Include one copy behind report page for each traveler/trip,
we don’t need a copy with each receipt. Save a tree.
P-cards – things to remember
For suspected fraud
 Cardholder (not departmental accountant) should call US Bank
directly to verify charges
 Departmental accountant should make sure Cardholder knows:
 PO Box
 Phone number
 Per purchase spending limit
 Last 4 digits of GID (in place of SSN)
These are questions US Bank will ask as security questions
P-cards – things to remember
Card Expiration Dates
 If card expires Nov 2014, it is valid through Nov 30, 2014
 Replacement cards will be sent to UBS during the first week of
the month
 UBS will contact cardholder when new card is ready for pickup
 Replacement cards are available at the Cashiers Window on
the first floor of MT Hall – with valid ID
Bonus – Costco!!
Use Costco Purchase Order (CPO) process for all charges
larger than $75
CPO should be signed by Departmental accountant prior to visit to Costco
Receipts must be turned into UBS within 24 hours of purchase
(with Hospitality Approval if needed)
Please use appropriate account codes
Not everything goes to 62290
Remember batteries are considered e-waste and should be coded to 62245
Beverages (when not specifically for an event/meeting) should be coded to 62278
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