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What is a job fair?
• Brings employers, schools, and job seekers
together, face to face.
• Purpose is for recruiters to give you
information regarding job opportunities and
to distribute information on their company
• Other names for a job fair; Career Fair, Career
Expo, and On-Line Job Fair
Should I go?
• View the job fair website, read about attending
• Determine if any companies match your career
interests and if you match their needs
• Even if there is only one fit, you have a reason to
• Know that the employment world is not divided
by major or college but rather industry
Before the Job Fair
• Register on line in advance to save time Employer often review their website to see who
registered and view resumes in advance
• Research companies of interest and prepare
questions about the company
• Develop your interviewing skills
• Prepare copies of your resume for distribution.
You may want different resumes for different
• Develop your “elevator speech”
Prepare Answers to FAQs
• What do you know about our company?
• Why do you want to work for us?
• What motivates you to do a good job?
• Tell me about your proudest accomplishment?
Prepare your Sales Pitch
• Give your name
• Mention your profession, occupation or the
job you’re looking for
• State your experience, skills and abilities
• Practice
• Shake the recruiter’s hand, look him/her in
the eye, and smile
• Be professional, enthusiastic, and courteous
• Show a little humor. Let your personality
shine through.
• Think of your conversation as a mini
interview – that is what it is
• Be shy or stiff
• Ramble, fidget, or slouch
• Say anything negative about yourself, your
former company, boss, or coworkers
• Chew gum, eat, or sip beverage at the
recruiting booth
Dress to Impress
• Professional dress that is relaxed and
neat is the best
• Dress for the job
• Managers wear business suits
• Office/clerical should wear dress clothes
• Trades should wear casual neat clothes
• Practice good hygiene
Some Don’ts for Women
• No tight fitting or short clothing
• No sleeveless shirts or blouses
• Avoid open toed shoes, high boots, and stiletto
• No printed stockings
• Avoid large earrings, numerous rings/earrings,
and bracelets
• No non-traditional jewelry such as nose rings,
eyebrow rings, and lip rings
Some Don’ts for Men
No clothes with holes
No bright vibrant colors or patterns
Avoid boots
No non-traditional jewelry such as nose rings,
eyebrow rings, and lip rings
• Don’t overuse your cologne
Day of the Job Fair
Arrive early
Get map/list of employers and plan your visits
Organize your resumes and thoughts
Review your introduction
Put on your best smile and
begin your quest
Sell Yourself
• Practice handshake
• Prepare introduction; include name, job you
are interested in, summary of your
qualifications, and how you fit in that
• Offer USP (Unique Selling Point) what sets you
apart from the rest
• Prepare for questions from recruiters
• Leave a lasting impression
• Interviewing workshop here at Career Link
Questions To Ask
How soon do you plan to fill the position?
Describe the ideal person for the job
What do you like most about the company?
What training is offered?
What is the next step in
interviewing for the position?
Questions Not to Ask
Tell me about your company
Am I hired?
Position requirements
Follow Up
• Thank you note or email
• Follow recruiters instructions on the next step
• Look on company web site for job posting to
see if job is still available
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