Tourettes Syndrome T.S. - EDUC220

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Brittany Malta
Georges Gilles de la Tourette
French neurologist who discovered Tourette Syndrome after writing a
paper on nine people with abnormal tics
What is Tourette Syndrome?
 Inherited neurological disease
 Involuntary movements
 Uncontrollable vocalizations
 Approx. 100,000 Americans have full blown Tourettes
 1 in 200 show symptoms of it
 Facial tics
 Blinking
 Nose twitching
 Grimaces
 Motor tics
 Head jerking
 Neck stretching
 Foot stomping
 Strange sounds
 Grunts
 Yelping
 Shouting
Additional issues with T.S.
Diagnoses and Treatment
 Description of the tic and family history
 Must be present for a year
 Treatment can be delayed because the symptoms are
easily confused with other diseases
 Most symptoms aren’t severe enough to need
Adapting your classroom for
students with TS
Remember even though their tics may be disruptive they
can’t control them, don’t react with anger !
 Visual motor integration problems
 Write down every other math problem
 Tape their report instead of writing it
 Allow them to write on the tests
 Language problems
 Give oral directions one or two steps at a time
 Have them repeat the directions back to you
 If they get stuck in a loop doing work give them something
else to do
 Attention problems
 Keep them away from windows or any movements
 Put them in a “quiet” work place
 Alternate short periods of work and breaks
Famous People with T.S.
 Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
 British poet, essayist, and lexicographer
 Wrote the “Dictionary of the English Language”
 Jim Eisenreich (1959- )
 Retired major league baseball player
 1997 world series champions – Florida Marlins
 Tim Howard (1979- )
 Goal keeper for Manchester United
 Played in the 2000 olympics
 The best thing you can do is to love them and show
them understanding, they can’t control what is going
on with their bodies
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This digest was adapted with permission from the Tourette Syndrome
Association, Inc

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