Texting: Do*s & Don*ts

Part V: Texting: Do’s & Dont’s
Texting is a major form
of communication
through cell phones,
but it can be
dangerous if not done
legally and
Texting while driving is ILLEGAL for people 21 years old or younger:
Mo. Ann. Stat. § 304.820 (West):
1. Except as otherwise provided in this section, no
person twenty-one years of age or
younger operating a moving motor vehicle upon the highways of this state
shall, by means of a hand-held electronic wireless communications device,
send, read, or write a text message or electronic message.
2. The provisions of subsection 1 of this section shall not apply to a person operating:
(1) An authorized emergency vehicle; or
(2) A moving motor vehicle while using a hand-held electronic wireless
communications device to:
(a) Report illegal activity;
(b) Summon medical or other emergency help;
(c) Prevent injury to a person or property; or
(d) Relay information between a transit or for-hire operator and that
operator's dispatcher, in which the device is permanently affixed to the vehicle.
If you get caught texting while driving, you will get a ticket and have to go to
court. If convicted, you will get points on your license. Points on your license
add up and could cause your license to be suspended. If you drive with a
suspended license, you could get arrested and put in jail.
Any of these three categories of texting, and
many others, can have major consequences.
Possible Consequences of Inappropriate
Bad Reputation
Isolation/Outcast from
The way others view you may
change because of things you
sent via text.
People may not want to be
your friend anymore.
Unwanted Attention
People may approach you
wanting you to send more
inappropriate messages.
Possible Consequences of Inappropriate
Embarrassment & Humiliation.
After possible isolation.
You may not know who has seen
your inappropriate
communications .
The person you originally sent
the communication to may have
betrayed you and sent it to
others .
• Emotional wounds may reopen later.
• Reputations could be
permanently damaged.
• Character could be effected.
Your ability to participate in:
School functions;
• College of your choice;
• Getting a job; or
• Running for a position.
Possible Consequences of Inappropriate
Your text messages can be used against you in a court of law…
If you use text messages to carry out
an illegal activity, the messages can be
used against you. For example, in
New York (People v. Limage), a man
was charged with the crime of 2nd
degree harassment for sending 6
messages in 17 hours to a woman
stating he was outside her home and
she was going to end up in the
If you have photos of yourself or
friends doing something illegal, those
can be used against you or your
friends if you are charged with a
THINK! Before you text…
Never create or send a text, picture, or video that
you would not want the whole world (including your
parents!) to see!!
Jesse Logan was a teenager who sent a nude photo
of herself to her boyfriend. The boyfriend sent the
photo to others, who sent them to even more
people. She was harassed by fellow students and
eventually took her own life.
• Your
cell phone communications are not 100%
• Your cell phone could be lost or stolen and get
in to the wrong hands.
• You have no control over communications once
they have been sent from your phone.
• If you have the internet on your phone, the
same internet guidelines apply as if you were
on a computer.

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