Ralph Ellison 2014-2015
Spirit Week and
Spirit Week Dress Down
Full Week Passes are $4
Individual Day Passes are $1
Sold during lunch in large
cafeteria or after school in Room
Dress Down Do’s
Monday: Sports Day
On this day, students are required to wear
anything related to sports teams.
Dress Down Do’s
Tuesday: Rep Ellison Day
On this day, students are required to wear both orange and
blue. If you are wearing jeans, you must wear an orange or
blue shirt!
Jeans alone will NOT count as your blue!
This includes any Ellison gear or sports jerseys.
Dress Down Do’s
Wednesday: Twin Day
Dress Down Do’s
Thursday: Print Day
On this day, students are required to wear any
types of prints or patterns whether it is cheetah,
zebra, polka dots, plaid, stripes, etc.
Dress Down Do’s
Friday: Rep Your Advisory Day
On this day, each advisory has to come
up with what they want to wear.
It can be colors, themes, etc.
Dress Down Don’ts
You CANNOT wear the following
items! No exceptions. Students
wearing the following items will be
asked to change, will lose all dress
down privileges, AND will spend the
day in ISS.
Dress Down Don’ts
You CANNOT wear sleeveless, tube tops,
or spaghetti strap shirts, low cut shirts, shirts
that show any piece of your belly or torso,
ripped shirts, open back shirt, shirts with
inappropriate writing or symbols,
We should not see your shoulders, breasts, belly, torso
skin, back, etc. If you raise your arms and your shirt
goes up, you NEED to change or you will spend the
day in ISS.
Dress Down Don’ts
You CANNOT wear see-through leggings,
thin leggings, thin or tight yoga pants etc. If
you wear THICK COTTON full length leggings,
YOU MUST COVER your entire butt with
loose-fitting LONG shirt (not one that you just
pull down) loose-fitting shorts or a skirt. We’re
allowing leggings this year ONLY because we
believe you can follow these simple rules.
Dress Down Don’ts
You CANNOT wear open toed
shoes, slippers, flip flops, or sandals
(even if you have socks on).
This includes house slippers, Jordan, Adidas, or Nike
sandals, etc. You cannot wear them with or without your
Dress Down Don’ts
You CANNOT wear anything
that represents any sort of gang,
crew, set, block, etc.
Dress Down Don’ts
If you have any doubt that you CANNOT
wear something, play it safe and DO NOT wear it.
Notice: We get stricter every year because of the
decisions you make during dress down. The more
you try to get away with things, the more rules for
future events.
Again, if students decide not to
follow the dress code, they will be
sent to ISS or may be revoked of
their dress down privileges
WITHOUT a refund.

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