The Do`s and Don`ts to Creating a Successful Budget

Sport Club Leadership Series Number One
University of North Georgia
 Budgeting
 Budget
Request Form
 Budget
Request Presentation
◦ Important between officers and members because it helps
affirm the mutual commitment to achieve club goals
◦ Must communicate clearly with Sport Club Administrator on
all budgetary needs/concerns
Budget is ultimately the plan for the operations of the club
Many decisions are involved
Old plans and goals must be assessed
New plans and goals must be implemented
Determined what resources are available and what
resources will be needed
◦ Once budget is finalized it is the plan for the operation
of the club
◦ Expenses and revenues must be monitored closely to
determine whether the club is on target and meeting
their goals
◦ Without being monitored, the club cannot realize that it
is not on target until it is too late to make adjustments
◦ Did the club meet monetary goals?
◦ Was the budget spent effectively?
◦ Was the budget spent with club’s best interest in mind?
A budget that is created at the beginning of
each year.
This will give your club a chance to reflect,
analyze, and determine a very DETAILED list
of the club’s financial needs for the upcoming
This will also help your club with future
Sport Clubs that wish to apply for a budget allocation
for the current academic year must submit a Budget
Request Form no later than September 6, 2013 at
Budget packets turned in after the above deadline will
not be accepted and your club will not receive a
budget for the current academic year.
Your completed budget form should be emailed to
either [email protected] or
[email protected]
The Budget Request Form is required and must be
filled out completely.
Any additional information may be included provided
it pertains to information requested in the packet.
The following recognized expenses are those in
which money can be used from the allocated budget
your club receives via the Recreational Sports
Department (SGA):
◦ Team Equipment
◦ Team Entry Fees
◦ Facility Rentals
◦ Governing Bodies/Association/Conference/League
◦ Officials/Judges Dues
If your club asks for it, be prepared to spend it!
Give us your true request, but BE REALISTIC in your
All clubs who submit a Budget Request are required
to make a presentation to the Sport Club Council,
members of the Recreational Sports Department,
and the Sport Club Administrator.
Each club will present their budget at the Budget
Presentation Meetings. These meetings will be held
on Tuesday, September 10th from 7:00pm-9:00pm
and on Thursday, September 12th from 7:00pm9:00pm. Presentations will be held in the Rec
Center classroom and will be presented at random.
Failure to attend ALL Budget Presentation Meetings
will result in your club not receiving allocated
funds for the current academic year.
Each presentation should last at minimum 6
minutes but must not exceed 12 minutes.
You will need to bring in three hard copies of
your budget.
The budget presentation should discuss 6 areas:
◦ General overview of the club
◦ Past year: highlights, accomplishments, amount
◦ Current year: goals
◦ Fundraising: plans to raise money
◦ Breakdown of requested funds for current year
◦ Total amount requested for current year
Club Information Tab
◦ Club Officers: Only President and Treasurer.
◦ Membership: Differentiate between Association and
Governing Body.
2012-2013 Itemized Summary:
◦ Facility Rental: See budget form.
◦ Officials/Judges Fee: See budget form.
◦ Coaches Stipends: See budget form.

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