By: Rohan Chatterjee
Outline of this Presentation
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
What to Anticipate
Tool Safety
How to Mitigate and Prevent Dangers
How to Respond to Hazards
First Aid
Pit Safety
What Do you think…
Personal Protection Equipment is?
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
PPE is Equipment that helps you stay safe while
Examples are:
- Safety Glasses
- Rubber/Cloth Gloves (if necessary)
- Closed-toe shoes
- Hair Band (if hair is longer than Shoulders)
- Jeans (not shorts or flammable material. Check
the Label)
What Do you think…
Some Dangers in the build site are?
What to Anticipate
Sudden actions from the robot
Battery leakage
Sharp corners
Sharp objects on the Ground
Circuit overloads
Heavy materials
Eye Injuries
Tool Safety – Do’s And Don’ts
DO Have adult supervision with any power tool
DON’T Fool around with tools or near them
DO Wear gloves when there are sparks
DON’T Leave a machine running unattended
DO Wear a headband when hair is long
DON’T Cut metal pieces with a wood blade
DO Wear glasses ALL THE TIME
DON’T Leave the safety glasses on your
DO Replace Dull Blades
DON’T Wear baggy clothing
DO Know how to use the tool
DON’T Use the drill at an angle
What you avoid when being safe
Deep Cuts
Loss of digit
Broken parts of your body
Eye Injuries
What Do you think…
You can do to stop or mitigate dangers?
How to Mitigate and Prevent Dangers
Wear PPE
Follow all the rules
Use caution when handling batteries
Listen to your instructors
Be Attentive
Know the tool
What Do you think…
You can do to respond to hazards?
How to Respond to Hazards
Depending on the type of hazard:
- On Fire- Stop, drop, roll
- Burn- wash with water IMMEADIATELY
- Acid burn- wash with water IMMEADIATELY
- Cut/ small injury- apply first aid ASAP
- Huge Cut (stich-worthy)- Call 911, apply pressure
- For any thing that is not small or you cannot fix,
CALL 911
First Aid
• Things getting into the eye- wash them
thoroughly for 15-20 minutes
• Small cuts- bandages only until it stops
• Getting “bumped”- apply ice to the hit spot
• Cut from a dirty thing- use alcohol swab then
use bandage
What Do you think…
Pit Safety is?
• Proper Clothing
• Safety Glasses
• Sneakers
No Crowding Because:
If Robot does this:
What Do you think…
About Travel?
Stick Together
Stay With Team at all times-never leave group
Try to Stick with some friends, don’t be alone
NEVER wander off
If you get...
iPhone 7
Don’t Panic
Try to stay where you are
Call a team member/mentor/captain/advisor

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