Flash Wireless
1 Step
• Become your own customer, no matter
what PERIOD……only if you want
success quickly.
• Recommend a second phone for Carry,
Demo, and Display on different network.
• This is one of your best recruiting tools.
• Yes that means break your contract if you
have to.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Have phones on hand If possible 80%
better chance of getting customer
• Be in a Wi-Fi area, most phones activate
over Wi-Fi. ( Starbucks, House, etc.)
• Customer needs to have account # from
previous provider and 4 digit pin code to
transfer number. Tell them a head of time
to have ready makes ordering faster.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Get familiar where to find MEID numbers
of phones, instructions will tell you but
this helps if you know where to find.
• Most Android devices are underneath
battery ( Droids, HTC, Samsung Galaxy,
• Apple products like IPhone are under
settings in phone
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Make sure phone is charged
• Have Flash Customer service number
handy in case you need help
• Customer must have an email address. If
they don’t, get one for them for free thru
Gmail etc..
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Get familiar with plans on both networks
• Flash (s) is Sprint, Flash is Verizon.
• Best resource to learn fast is FAQ’s on
Flash online store. This is under tools
and resources tab. This is a must read if
you want to get excellent at this service.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Most people like to be able to Boyd –
(bring your own device) you can check
which phones are compatible with flash
wireless by selecting transfer device on
online store to see if phone works.
• Suggest that you get familiar with which
phones work on both networks. Details
are found by clicking on transfer device
and lists possible phones.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Flash wireless - Verizon devices support
3G, a little bit more limited on devices
right now but will grow in the future.
• Flash wireless (s) Sprint has 3G, 4G, and
4G LTE Device support. Has a much
more desirable phones like (iPhone 5,
note 2, Galaxy 2,3,and 4’s etc.)
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Both networks usually don’t support the
brand spankin new phones that release in
first year. But no big deal because most
people do not want to spend $800 on a
new phone or get into contract for 2
years with $450 Early termination fees.
• Keep it simple most people like $100 to
$200 dollar phones in good shape.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• If they want insurance on phone, there
are many companies online that offer
insurance for phones. Let them figure
that out on there own.
• Flash wireless (s) does offer contract
phones with 2 year agreements at
reduced costs, but will require credit
checks and terms.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Remember best advantage of Flash
wireless is No contracts, no credit
checks, month by month billing, no early
termination fees, unlimited data plans, its
easy, and the pricing plans are amazing
• Also best part , we get paid on the life of
the customer forever as long as they are
paying there bill  $$$$$$$$$$!!
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Both networks offer equipment online
with no contact, but must pay for up front
on checkout and only can be done if
getting a new service.
• Both networks you can bring your
number with you from your previous
carrier or get a new number if you
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Flash wireless (s) offers international
plans. Flash Verizon does not. There is a
solution for this with the ACN Companion
App but will train on that later.
• Flash Verizon offers a mobile hotspot that
can be added to smartphones that carry
this capability, provides Wi-Fi to other
devices. (Functions like an air card or a
Flash Wireless Verizon
Key Points
• Flash wireless which is Verizon, offers
Unlimited $32 voice only, $35 Voice and
Text, $67 Voice, Text, and Data
• Big advantage and selling point is
unlimited data, most people share and
always run out and go over. Most
providers charge $10 a GB for ever GB
over. Average people use 3 – 5 GB a
Flash Wireless (s) Sprint
Key Points
• Flash wireless (s) which is Sprint, offers
Unlimited $32 voice only, $35 Voice and
Text, $47 Voice, Text, and Data.
• If you have a smartphone on either
network you do not have to have the
unlimited plan or data plan. Big
advantage over other providers because
its cheap on the 32 and 35 plan and can
use a smartphone with Wi-Fi capability.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Remember pricing plans include tax. Huge
advantage over other providers. Can
count on a fixed bill and no fine print.
• Flex wallet billing is attached to every
account when customers sign up. At sign
up Flash gives customers a free $10 credit
and is used for services like directory
assistance, international roaming and
rates, etc.
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Flex wallet is awesome because it
provides Flash wireless a way to have all
the same benefits as the other providers if
you use those features. Read about
benefits in FAQ’s.
• All billing is done thru credit card, debit
card, or customers can use a prepaid
Flash Wireless
Key Points
• Customers accounts are managed online
and they can log into to
update info and manage account.
• Remember you can upgrade and change
devices at any time, go to your
flashwireless account and select switch
device. Put in new Esn / Meid number.
Very easy, Takes about 3 to 5 minutes.
Flash Wireless (Sign up Process)
2 Step
• Determine which provider customer
• Go to your online store and click on shop
now for that provider. (Remember Flash
is Verizon, Flash (s) is Sprint.
• If you are bringing your own device
BYOD then click on transfer device for
that provider
Flash Wireless (Sign up Process)
2 Step
• If BYOD the system will ask you for the
MEID number, there is also handful of
phones like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy 4,
etc., that also ask you for the icc id
number which is located in same area.
• Once device is checked and approved
you will go to next page and pick plan.
Flash Wireless (Sign up Process)
2 Step
• After you pick plan next page you can
add international plan if it is Flash (s)
• This Page is also where Flash wireless
adds a one time activation fee of $29.99.
• Next page you can check number transfer
or acquire a new number that is
assigned. If transfer put in number to
Flash Wireless (Sign up Process)
2 Step
• After order summary page, on the next
page if you transferred your number this
is where you will need the previous
account number and 4 digit pin code
from previous provider. If this is not
correct, order will be placed but number
will not port until this is fixed.
• If it needs fixed they will get email telling
them to call in, meanwhile existing phone
will still work. So all good.
Flash Wireless (Sign up Process)
2 Step
• Next page is Billing and Shipping
• Also this is where you enter your email
and also create password for online login
to your account.
• Last page is payment information and a
box to agree to terms and conditions
which Customer Must Do
Themselves. (Important)
Flash Wireless
3rd Step
• If everything is good the system will give
you a confirmation code. Write this down
for future reference if needed.
• Customer will then receive 2 emails.
• First one is receipt for order placed.
• Second one will be for activation
Flash Wireless
3rd Step
• The 2nd email can take up to 72 hours to
receive for activation instructions. Most
of the time it comes within a few hours or
right away.
• All details on how to activate phone will
be provided.
• Under Tools and Resources tab on Flash
wireless online store you can print
instructions for all phones at any time.
Flash Wireless
3rd Step
• *Specifically with Flash (s) Sprint network
phones, since most phones activate by
Wi-Fi, have customer keep both phones
with them at all times because sometimes
the number ports if they are in a Wi-Fi
area and there working phone will shut
• Most Flash phones Verizon activate with
a code only.
Flash Wireless
• Gather information from potential
customers thru the customer survey form
or by asking them.
• What network do they have?, What do
they pay?, How many phones on plan?,
Do they have unlimited Data?, Are they in
contract with current provider or how
many months are left?
Flash Wireless
• Even if they are in a contract, a lot of
times even with their ETF fees we can
save them a lot of money over a few
months which can offset by switching to
Flash wireless. Customer has 6 months
to pay off ETF fees from previous
• You can have 3 accounts with up to 5
phones on each account per household
Flash Wireless
• Don’t forget Strive for Five. If you have
Flash wireless service and acquire 5
customers including customers that can
be in your own home, your service is up
to free each month. Right there could be
a savings of $720 a year just on your own
• Also look for monthly promotions for
Flash wireless. ( $50 free Gift Card )
Flash Wireless
• Flash wireless is an ACN Core service
which means you will make more money
residually on these customers and for the
life of the customer.
• Become a Flashaholic, There is only
potentially 5.5 billion customers
potentially available 

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