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Quick Reference Guide
SaaS Pilot Tips for Success
Getting Started with SaaS
You can now quote, order, and provision SaaS WebEx in CCW.
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For more information: SaaS ATP Program
Tips and Links
1. SaaS Ordering Guide
2. Quote & Order
a. Create Quote / Order. Use the following hidden SKUs for SaaS WebEx:
3. Provisioning
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WebEx Employee Count
WebEx Active User
WebEx Named User
WebEx Ports
No changes may not be made in CCW once an Order has been submitted.
Add “SaaS” to your Quote name, enabling you to identify SaaS Quotes more easily.
Add only one ATO per Order.
There are no Standalone Orders.
For MEA (product and SaaS Offers) Orders, contact your Cisco AM / PDM.
a. Within CCW, Domain Name List URL, Site URL, and Admin Email must be in the same domain.
b. Changes can be made to an Order in CCW after it is provisioned through the Change
Subscription process.
c. Order Billing Contact and Provisioning Email Contact will receive notification when the site is
Cisco Confidential
SaaS Pilot Tips for Success
Quick Reference Guide
4. Pricing & Discounts
a. OIP is enabled for Deal Registration
b. For Non-standard Discounts and Offers, contact your Cisco AM / PDM.
5. Change Subscription
a. Manage your End Customer Subscription:
4. Tax
a. New Tax Certificates required, per state, for CiscoWebEx LLC.
6. Q1 Billing & Invoices
7. Training
a. SaaS Capabilities Training @ Private Partner Community (limited Partner access):
b. CCW Training @ Partner Central:
d. Cisco SaaS ATP role-based training - can be accessed through SaaS ATP program or
Partner Education Connection
e. WebEx 11 Product training - scheduled by the PDM
8. Support
a. CCW Support:
b. Provisioning Support : [email protected]
c. Billing Support: [email protected]
November 2013
© 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Remit To and Cisco Contact are changed for SaaS Offers.
Summary Invoice with link for usage details (hard copy).
PDF version will be sent to SFTP with usage details.
Negative lines will now generate a Credit Memo which will be cross referenced with the
e. Delayed usage will be billed within two billing cycles.
f. Delayed usage will display on the Invoice with a date outside of the billing period.
g. Usage details will display the correct billing period.
h. There will not be individual line items for each instance of delayed usage.
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