Purpose of the system:
• The Primary use of this radar is to aid pilot in
avoiding thunderstorms and associated
• The RDR1400C color vision weather radar
system also has the capability for surface
mapping and to receive signals from beacon
• The Primary system components of weather
Radar system are
• Receiver – Transmitter unit,
• Radar Control panel,
• Antenna Drive & Antenna Array and
• Navigation concentrator.
• There are two modes of operation :
• 1. Normal mode of operation (Operation via
Radar control panel)
• 2. Back up mode of operation (Operation via
Function selector:
• OFF ---- Removes system power.
• SBY ----system is operationally ready, no display
(Standby mode).
• TST ----Displays a test pattern without
transmitting, identified by ‘TEST’ and ‘RT FAULT’.
• ON -----Systems transmits in normal operation
• 60 Narrows antenna scan from 120 deg to 60
deg. Putting back the switch to ‘ON’
• position widens the antenna scan to 120 deg.
Antenna Controls:
• TILT Adjusts antenna tilt angle.
• STAB OFF System transmits without antenna
stabilization; ‘STB OFF’ displayed. This
function is used in event of AHRS failure in
• Stabilization Range: ± 30 degs combined
pitch, roll & tilt.
Primary mode selectors:
• Wx ----- Selects weather mode, the primary mode of
operation. The ‘Wx’ appears at the bottom left of the
• WxA -----Selects weather alert mode. The ‘ WxA’
appears at the bottom left of the display.
• “TGT ALRT” flashes at the top left of the display, if red
return exists within 25 miles beyond the display range.
• SRCH ---- Activates Search1 mode, sea clutter rejection
(20 miles range or less) or Search 2 mode, short range
precision mapping (20 mile range or less) or Search3
mode, normal surface mapping. ‘SR1/SR2/SR3’ appears
at the bottom left of the display.
Gain Controls:
• SRCH GAIN : This rotary knob adjusts radar
receiver gain when search mode is selected on
control panel. Search gain value shall be
displayed below the ‘SRCH GAIN’ title.

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