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Rosanne Ramraj
5th period
What should you major in?
• If you’d like to pursue a career in Pediatrics, you
should major in Biology, Chemistry, a Biology
collateral, or a Chemistry collateral.
• Schooling is very significant and you should make at least a “B” average in
these majors.
Years of schooling
• 4 years of college
• 4 years of Medical School
• 3 years of Pediatric Residency
• ***** Undergraduate schooling is your 4 years
in college. Prerequisites for medical school
should be completed as well. (chemistry, biology,
physics, etc.)
How would you practice pediatrics?
• I would like to work at a children’s hospital, and I prefer
not to have my own business.
• Hospitals such as, Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital,
Shand’s Children’s Hospital, and Nemours Children’s
Clinic Hospital.
Working Environment
• The working environment for a pediatrician consists of nurses,
parents, infants, children from ages two through eighteen, and other
• It is important to be able to communicate with children and parents
very well to have a great impression on the quality of your work and
Training and Certification
• Pediatricians are board certified by the American Board
of Pediatrics (ABP). They must take a written board
examination before completing residency to get board
certification. If they choose to specialize in another
branch of pediatrics, they must be board certified by an
appropriate organization.
Benefits of Pediatrics
Basic hospital, surgical, and medical insurance
Maternity Leave
Dental Assistance Plan
Group Life Insurance
Sick-Leave Plan for short term disability
Long-Term Disability
Travel Insurance
Vacation Benefits
Tuition Benefits
• The annual starting salary for a pediatrician is $68,000.00
• Depending on the area you specialize in, the outcome of your annual
salary will differ.
• They do not get paid by hour, but annually and if they practice
privately, then they may get paid by the patient.
• The region, amount of schooling, specializing field, and how many
years of practice you’ve had depends on what your salary will be.
Pediatrics Associations
American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatric Academic Societies
Academic Pediatric Association
These associations help further knowledge and development in the
field of pediatrics. Such, as studies in medicines, how to help
infants, and children more in staying healthy. Also, learning more
about the specialization of pediatrics.
Medical schools
• University of Florida College of Medicine
• University of South Florida College of Medicine
• University of Miami School of Medicine
• Florida State University College of Medicine
These are medical schools only listed in
Why did I choose this career?
• I chose to pursue a career in Pediatrics, because I’ve
always wanted to be involved in the medical field, and I
love to be around children.
• I also love science and math.
• I think the profession best suits me, because I can do it
for the rest of my life.
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