ACE-IT Program Presentation

Coquitlam SD43
Frank Gigliotti
Jen Wong
Doug MacLean
What is an ACE IT
Career Program?
Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training
Collection of specialized courses that allows a student the
opportunity to get the technical theory and practical skills
necessary to gain Level 1 certification in a trade
Usually set up as 4 courses in Semester 2
(with a few exceptions)
A great way to graduate high school with the same trade
qualifications as someone finishing first year college
Why take ACE IT
in High School?
Acquire a specialized skill set
Make yourself more hirable
Gain “Level 1” certification while still in grade 12 (or 11)
Coquitlam School District pays your “tuition”!
By taking it now, and letting us pay, you save $1,000s
After graduation, you can now begin your “Level 2”
Auto Service Tech
I really like challenge of working on engines,
especially when someone comes in and says
“my car is making this funny sound”…
”Mechanic” means a person who repairs, adjusts and
replaces mechanical and electrical parts of automobiles
and light trucks (under 5,500 kg) in a retail automotive
Semester 2 (Feb – June)
4 blocks of Auto
@ Centennial
Completed Auto 11 and 12 (C+);
Eng/Com 12; Appr. Math 11 (B) or
Found. Math 11; “L” drivers license;
some computer knowledge and literacy
I am always making family desserts, my
favourites are lemon meringue pies and
fancy cupcakes…
Bakers prepare doughs, batters and other
ingredients and then produce items such as bread,
buns, cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goods.
They are employed in a variety of food
establishments but the vast majority of work takes
place in retail settings such as supermarkets,
specialty bakeries, restaurants and hotels.
Semester 1 (Aug 6 – Jan 29)
1:00pm – 7:15pm
Monday - Thursday = classes
Friday = work exp in a bakery
@ VCC (downtown Vancouver)
English 11; Food Safe Level 1
Cabinet Maker
I enjoy working with my hands, especially
when we got to help remodel our family’s
“Joiners” build, repair and re-style wooden
furniture, cabinets, fixtures and other products..
Using architectural drawings, Joiners often
operate woodworking machines to cut and form
parts, which they then assemble into finished
products. Some specialize in custom-made
furniture. Preparation of costs estimates is often a
key skill and responsibility.
Semester 2 (Feb – June)
4 blocks of Woodworking
@ Charles Best
Wood 11(B); Appr. Math 11 (C+);
Eng/Com 11; Recommended: Drafting 11
I am so looking forward to helping build
our summer cabin…
Carpenters assemble and erect forms for concrete,
wood and metal frame construction and use plans
and instruments to prepare for excavating and
On smaller projects, they direct concrete
placement, and install exterior and interior finish
materials such as siding, doors, windows and
Semester 2 (Feb – June)
4 blocks of Carpentry
Carpenters also install floor beams, lay subflooring, erect walls and roof systems, and fit and
install trim items.
Kwantlen College (4 weeks in June)
@ Terry Fox and
Appr. Math 11 and physical ability to do the job;
Recommended: Carpentry 11 and Drafting 11
Planning and cooking all the meals for the
family reunion was so much fun…
“Cook” means a person who performs all phases of
kitchen activities including the preparation and
presentation of vegetables, soups, sauces, meat,
fish and poultry, cold kitchen items; desserts,
baking, pastry
Basic menu planning/costing as well as knowledge
of safety, sanitation and food storage, and who has
a knowledge of human and customer relations.
Semester 2 (Feb – June)
4 blocks of Cook Training
@ Gleneagle, Riverside or Centennial
Recommended: already taken a Foods & Nutrition or
Cook Training course
Electricity has always fascinated me –
I want to be the person who makes all the
power work…
An Electrician's work involves assembling,
installing, commissioning, testing, maintaining,
servicing and operating electrical systems and
Also needs a good understanding of the many
applications of electricity, and must ensure that
building codes and other safety requirements are
All Year (Sept – June)
2 blocks of each semester
(usually periods 1 & 2 in both)
@ Charles Best
Appr. Math 10 (C+) or Found. Math 10 (C) or
Pre-Calc 10 (C); once in students will take
Physics 11 and Found. Math 11 or Pre-Calc 11
I have an eye for what looks good and really
enjoy the hands-on transformation,
especially in terms of colour, detail and
”Hairdresser" means a person who engages in the
occupation of cutting, dressing, curling, waving,
permanently waving, cleansing, bleaching or
similar work on the hair of a person.
All Year (Sept – June)
7 blocks of Hairdressing
@ Gleneagle
Completion of grade 11 preferred
Metal Fabricator
I like building things that require precision and
attention to detail…
Metal Fabricators build, assemble and repair
products made of steel or other metals for use in a
wide variety of manufacturing and construction
Metal Fabricators can work for sheet metal
fabrication and welding shops, and for
manufacturers of structural steel, boilers, plate
workers, heavy machinery and transportation
Semester 2 (Feb – early July)
7:00am – 1:30pm for 23 weeks
@ BCIT (Burnaby)
Completion of grade 11;
[for Math 10 (if Appr. Math 10, then need C+
or BCIT Pre-Test]
Since I was young, I have always enjoyed
working on small engines and trying to fix
anything that was broken…
Millwrights install, repair, overhaul and maintain
machinery and heavy mechanical equipment, such
as conveyor systems in diverse settings including
repair shops, plants, construction sites, mines,
logging operations, ski hills and most production
and manufacturing facilities.
Semester 2 (Feb – July)
7:00am – 1:30pm for 23 weeks
@ BCIT (Burnaby)
Completion of grade 11
[Appr. Math 10 (C+) or Found. Math 10 (C) or
Pre-Calc 10 (C) or BCIT Pre-Test];
Eng/Com 12
Motorcycle Mechanic
& Power Equip. Tech.
Up at our cabin we have a quad, a couple dirt
bikes, a few chainsaws and a generator…
I can finally learn how to fix all of them!
Motorcycle Mechanic & Power Equipment Technician
means a person who diagnoses, repairs, adjusts and
replaces engines, drive trains, suspension and
electrical systems on small to medium sized power
Semester 2 (Feb – June)
7:30am – 2:00pm for 20 weeks
@ BCIT (Burnaby)
Completion of grade 11
[Appr. Math 10 (C+) or Found. Math 10 (C) or
Pre-Calc 10 (C) or BCIT Pre-Test];
Eng/Com 12
I like using colours, textures and finishes to
make room and buildings look good.
”Painter and Decorators” apply paint, wallpaper,
fabric and other finishes to interior and exterior
surfaces of buildings and other structures.
They also repair cracks and holes in walls and
prepare work surfaces by scraping, sanding,
sand-blasting, hydro-blasting and steam-cleaning.
This is not an “interior designing” program.
“Summer” (mid-June – late July)
7:00am – 2:00pm for 6 weeks
@ Finishing Trades Institute
(just over Patullo Bridge, Surrey)
Completion of grade 10
I like working with systems and seeing
them all work together… I can visualize
how a whole house’s water system
Plumbers install, alter and repair the systems that
keep our water and waste disposal systems
running, and that provide many of the basic
amenities we rely on day-to-day.
They read and interpret blueprints and project
specifications. Plumbers also select the type and
size of pipe required for a project and measure,
shape and join pipes according to the appropriate
“Summer” (mid-June – late July)
7:00am – 2:00pm for 6 weeks
@ UA PCI School
(Annacis Island, New Westminster)
Usually grade 12 students;
Appr. Math 11 (C+)
What if I am interested,
what do I do?
Talk to you school counselor…
they have all the brochures and information..
they can also see if you have the right pre-requisites and if
the courses can be adjusted for your timetable
Talk to a district contact…
Frank Gigliotti, Brett McLean or Doug MacLean can help set
you up with more information, an application package,
and/or a tour of the school’s facilities… and more
Complete an application package…
usually done during course selection time, but some
programs are always receptive to new applicants right up
until they start… so definitely ask!
Frank Gigliotti
Career Coordinator
[email protected]
Brett McLean
SSA Coordinator
[email protected]
Doug MacLean
SSA Facilitator
[email protected]

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