Kenya IT and Outsoucing Society

KITOS Vision
A credible and engaging
industry body with a global
To be a strong ITES industry body that
advocates for an enabling environment,
develops capacity of the sector and
builds partnerships that position Kenya as
a credible and engaging body with a
global perspective.
KITOS exists to fulfill the following
 Advocate for policies that support and development
ITES/BPO sector growth
 Create awareness of Kenya as an ITES and Outsourcing
destination that will result in new venture creation, and FDI
 Develop and sustain a strong Public-Private-Partnership
 Influence and shape policy initiatives which impact the
industry, through education of government, media,
special interest groups and the public;
 Develop and implement strong industry standards
KITOS exists to fulfill the following
 Encourage and develop a strong and vibrant domestic ITES and
outsourcing industry
 Encourage and develop entrepreneurship and innovation in the
 Be a one-stop-shop for information on ITES and outsourcing
 Create linkages with international associations and accredited
organizations to promote the ITES/BPO industry
 Be a thought leader in identifying, planning for and reacting to
issues affecting Kenyan IT & Outsourcing companies
Summary of
Activities by
Policy Advocacy
 In collaboration with KAM, working on
interventions to make amendments to the current
procurement regulations.
 In particular, lobbying for:
 Policy permitting and encouraging the outsourcing by
Government and Parastatals of various IT and IT enabled
services including but not limited to digitization, Records
and Information Management, Data Storage, Call
Centers, Transcription etc.
 Policy requiring all international companies providing ICT
services partner with a local Kenyan company to ensure
skill transfer and long term sector growth
Locally manufactured software
 Policy permitting and encouraging the use of
locally produced & manufactured software &
technology by the Government of Kenya, County
Governments and various parastatals.
 Request preferential treatment thus encourage
growth of nascent local technology industry
Improving the Regulatory
 Lobbying for preference for local companies with
beneficial Kenyan ownership in the public
procurement of ICT infrastructure and ICT services
including software development, licensing, BPO
and Data Storage and Management Services.
 Target of 50% of all Government ICT procurement
The County Opportunities
 KITOS participated in the County ICT Secretaries
Meetings dubbed “Devolving ICT for the County
 The goal of the quarterly summits is to create a platform
for ongoing consultation, collaboration, capacity
building and knowledge sharing between the
government and the ICT sector and together hasten
implementation of ICT projects to world-class standards
BPO/ITES Working Group, Office of the
Prime Minister at Office of the Prime

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